Advanced Reading Comprehension Questions for Bank SSC Exams

Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading Comprehensions form a crucial part of verbal section in any competitive examination. The purpose of this section is to check your reading skills and understanding. RC passages are based on a wide variety of topics and fields of study. Further, these passages are accompanied by different types of questions.
In this series of articles, you will learn about different kind of RC questions along with tips and tricks to enhance your reading skills and comprehension abilities. This section can prove to be highly scoring if you approach it with the right strategy.

Type of Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading Comprehension Question Types

Reading Comprehension is accompanied by a number of different question types. Generally, we can classify the different question types into two broad categories: big-picture questions (based on the whole passage) and specific purpose questions (based on some specific element of the passage). These two categories along with their sub-categories are discussed as follows:

Big Picture Questions:

These questions refer to the broad overview of the passage and check your overall understanding of the passage. These are mostly asked in the following forms:

1. Main Idea Question:
This relates to the central idea/theme of the passage. Eg.
Which of the following most accurately states the main idea of the passage?
Which of the following best states the central idea of the passage?
The gist of the passage is:
Which of the following is the principal topic of the passage?
Summarize the passage in one line.

2. Primary Purpose Question:
This refers to the most important and emphasized point of the passage. Eg.
The primary purpose of this passage is to:
The primary focus of this passage is on which of the following?
The main concern of the passage is to:
In the passage, the author is primarily interested in:
The passage is chiefly concerned with:
This question type can also be asked for a specific paragraph (eg. The primary purpose of paragraph 3 is) instead of the whole passage.

3. Title Question:
By title, we mean the heading that would be most suitable for the passage. The title should be built around the central idea of the passage. Eg.
The aptest title for the passage is:
Select the most suitable title for the passage from the following:

How To Solve Reading Comprehension 5 Golden Tips/Rule

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