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Alphanumeric Series Questions PDF: Reasoning Ability is an Important section. With the increasing complexity of questions, it becomes hard for one to give it the cold shoulder. The only way to make the grade in this particular section in the forthcoming banking exams like IBPS PO / Clerk is to practice continuously with all your heart and soul
Alphanumeric (sometimes shortened to alphameric) is a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters. In some cases, it may include upper and lower case letters, punctuation marks, and symbols (such as @, &, and *,). Questions based on alphanumeric series are commonly asked in various competitive exams.

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What is an Alphanumeric Series?

As the name suggests, Alpha-numeric, a series that is formed by combining both alphabets and numbers is called an alphanumeric series. Questions from this topic are mostly asked in the preliminary phase of all Government exams.
The questions from this topic are easy to solve, and candidates can expect at least 1-3 questions from this topic to be asked in the exam.

Tips & Tricks To Solve Alphanumeric Questions

There are a variety of types in which questions may be asked for the alphanumerical series. These include:
Missing Series: Where a series of alphabets and numbers may be given a particular pattern and candidates may be asked to fill in the blank space with the required element

Alphabet-Number-Symbol: These questions may also be asked in a format where a series with alphabets, numbers,s and different types of symbols (like &, *, $, etc.) may be given, and questions may be asked based on them

Only Alphabetic Series: Series with either missing element or questions with sub-parts may be asked which comprise only English Alphabets and no numbers, set in a specific pattern

Only Numerical Series: Series comprising only numbers, set in a specific pattern may be asked the exam. Questions based on this type may be asked in the form of rearrangement of numbers or digits with the number in ascending, descending, or any other order.

Important Facts Of Alphabet Test:

1. Position number of letters in English
2. Position number of letters in English alphabets in reverse
3. We know A, E, I, O and U are vowels of the English alphabet and remaining letters are consonants of English
4. A → 4 M (A to M) letters are called the first half of English
5. N → 4 Z (N to Z) letters are called the second half of English
6. To the left means Z → A (Z to A)
7. To the right means A → Z (A to Z)
8. From A → Z (A to Z) letters are called left to right of English
9. From Z → A (Z to A) letters are called right to left of English alphabets.

Types Of Question-Based On Alphabet Test

There are four types of questions based on the Alphabet test:

Type- I Arrangement According To The Dictionary
Arranging words in alphabetical order implies ‘to arrange them in the order as they appear in a dictionary’. For this arrangement, first, we shall consider the first letter of each word. Arrange the words in the order in which these letters come in the English alphabets.

Type 2 Alpha-Numeric Sequence
In these types of questions, a jumbled sequence of some letters, numbers and symbols are given. Sometimes only English alphabets from A to Z are given.

Type 3 Letter-Word ProblemsIn these types of problems, a certain word is given and candidates are required to answer asked, how many letters in the word is as far away from the beginning of the word as, it is from the beginning of the English alphabet. Sometimes, a certain word is given and then asked how many letters remain same in its position if they arrange in alphabetical order. Sometimes, a certain word is given and asked, if vowel and consonants constitute

Type 4 Rule Detection
In these types of problems or questions, a certain rule is given in questions and candidates are asked. choose
the correct alternatives that follow this given rule.

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