Cloze Test Questions PDF For SBI and LIC AAO Exams

Cloze Test Questions


Cloze Test Questions PDF For SBI and LIC AAO Exams

A Cloze Test or Cloze Reading Test is an exercise where the candidates are provided with a passage which has certain words missing from it. It follows logically that to ace such an assessment, you must have a strong command over English Language, Grammar and Good Vocabulary

To Solve Cloze Test The Student Required a Knowledge of Little Bit Grammar Rules
a chapter like Noun Adjective Proposition Conjunction etc.
Along with Grammar, The Student should have Knowledge of Vocabulary
Cloze Test is a Game of Vocabulary. Cloze Test Check Your Vocab Power

 Here are a few helpful Cloze test tips and tricks which will help you score better in Exams like LIC AAO, IBPS PO, SBI exams, etc.

  • Step 1: Read the Passage Carefully. 
    Step 2: Identify Tone and Sentence Pattern. …
    Step 3: Select Word Type. …
    Step 4: Eliminate the Obvious Options. …
    Step 5: Read after Filling Options [Crucial]


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One of the most dreaded section for the students is the English Language. And out of various topics from this section, Cloze Test is one of the trickiest. But this topic has high weight and with certain tips, strategies, and flair of Grammar Knowledge, you can lock full marks on this topic. Thus, here we are Providing You Best Cloze Test which Helps You To score maximum marks in English section

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Cloze Test Questions PDF For SBI and LIC AAO Exams

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 A Cloze Test Passage is basically a reading comprehension where a certain set of words are missing. A cloze test passage has a defined structure, logical pattern and chronological order which helps in maintaining a unified tone throughout. In order to solve cloze test passage questions, proficiency in the English Language is a must. An exam candidate must possess both vocabularies as well as impeccable grammatical skills to solve these questions with ease. Exams like LIC AAO, IBPS PO and SBI Exams lay an extreme amount of emphasis on Cloze Test Questions. There are a few cloze test tips and tricks on how to prepare for cloze test passage questions.


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