English Grammar Made Easy E-Book For Bank & Other Exams


English Grammar Made Easy E-Book- Dream Big Institution

English Grammar Made Easy E-Book For Bank & Other Exams

English is an essential part of the curriculum of any competitive examination and this book helps in improving one’s grasp on the language that would give an edge for those sitting to take make or break examination. The book also has sections on topics like Sentence Formation, Basic Grammar, Tenses, Phrases, Punctuation and Synonyms/Antonyms. Once the student is done studying the book, he can check his knowledge by attempting the revision test papers, It also lays a lot of stress on the improvement and advancement of the communication skills. Students can use this book to prepare for NDA, Bank PO, SSC, CCS, MBA, UPSC and other exams.

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Students who want to brush up their English skills can greatly benefit from this book from
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English for IBPS  – How to Prepare for Grammar

Practice learning to speak English the way you write it. In Spoken English, it is easy to commit grammatical errors without notice. Additionally, Speaking English the writing way makes you more conscious and you are better able to find out your own mistakes.

Ensure you are familiar with the parts of speech since they are the basic blocks guaranteeing a proper structure to any sentence.
Also, use sentence diagrams for remembering all the knowledge of grammar you have.

Cover topics such as Tenses, Articles, Prepositions, Subject Verb Agreement, Parallelism, Degrees of Comparison, Sentence Construction, Phrasal Verbs, Pronouns, Adverbs, Non-Finite Verbs, Common Errors, etc.

Read these article for tips on topics in Grammar: (1) 52 Tips for Error Spotting(2) Easy Tips for Grammar(3) General Tips on Tenses (4) On Present Tenses (5) Using Common & Proper Nouns correctly with Articles, (6) Common Errors Made in Degrees of Comparison, (7) Gerunds (8) Difference between “its” and “it’s” (9) Non-Finite Verbs with Examples.
For more practice and checking your preparation level, solve these quizzes of Grammar: Error Spotting Quiz, Fill in the Blanks Quiz, Direct Indirect Speech Quiz.



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