English Sentence Completion Exercise for SBI PO Exam

SENTENCE Completion

English Sentence Completion Exercise for SBI PO PDF Download

Sentence Completion:
Sentence Completion is a common test item in most competitive exams. A sentence contains one or two blanks (usually), to be filled in using the choices. These questions test your vocabulary and knowledge of the finer distinctions among words. A good vocabulary can be a great help here. But you can use many strategies for these


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English Sentence Completion Exercise for SBI PO Exam

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questions, even without knowing all the choices.

Systems for Sentence Completion:

1. Peruse the Sentence
Utilize the sentence pieces of information by perusing the sentence completely. Two things make an inquiry troublesome: troublesome words and sentence structure. On the off chance that you can’t analyze a sentence to make sense of what fits best, you CANNOT break the inquiry however you know the word implications. We have to legitimately dismantle the sentences and improve our vocabulary.

2. Insights
The insights demonstrate what ought to go into the clear for the sentence to bode well. Here’s a test to find the correct indication: in the event that you change the insight, the decision in the clear MUST be changed. Regularly, you can utilize the clue by putting that word or expression into the clear itself.

3. Pluses and Minuses
When you discover the word pieces of information, demonstrate the sort of word you’re searching for with a + (positive significance) or – (negative) sign. Additionally, to show equivalent words or antonyms, you can utilize these images.

4. Structure Words
Search for words like be that as it may, rather, albeit, in any case, and, while, however, in this way
They uncover the sentence association and the clue clear relationship. They reveal to you what sorts of words to search for as they change the point of view in the sentence.

5. Picture
Before you go to the decisions, think about the conceivable words for the spaces. It will spare you from wrong decisions. In the event that you know generally the KIND of words required, the disposal is a lot less demanding. The word you picture doesn’t need to be extravagant – a general thought is fine.


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