English: Theme Detection Questions For LIC AAO| SBI PO| SBI Clerk| 

English: Theme Detection Questions For LIC AAO| SBI PO| SBI Clerk| 

English: Theme Detection Questions For LIC AAO| SBI PO| SBI Clerk|

Theme detection questions are being asked in recent banking exams, especially in SBI PO, SBI Clerk, LIC AAO. Lengthy passages given in these questions may be seen deterring at first; however, they are actually easy to solve as we do not have to remember any grammar rule to solve them as such questions are related with reading comprehension. The following tips can be kept in mind while solving such questions.

Skip the options one by one

Quickly read the given options one by one and detect the theme of the given option before moving to the second option. It is not advisable to move to the second option without comprehending the theme of the first option as it can lead to confusion. You can even consider writing the theme of each option before moving to the next.

Avoid facts and details and stick to an overall idea

A theme can be comprehended just by analyzing the overall idea and there is no need to go into details such as facts, data, etc. For example, there is no need to read the highlighted words (numbers) in the following example as the numbers have nothing to with the theme, which is focusing on the reasons that India should help Rohingya refugees.
Earlier it was mentioned that around 300,000 Rohingyas entered Bangladesh, however, a report by The National Daily claims over 379,000 Rohingyas have fled Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh. By looking into the situation, India should come forward to help the refugees. The reasons are threefold: maintaining a tradition of generosity, and economic and strategic factors.

Do not get discouraged by seeing difficult vocabulary

Sometimes terms, related to finance or research, are used in such questions which makes understanding of the context difficult. However, in some cases such words do not contribute much to the theme and can be easily avoided as a theme of the context is related to an overall idea and not to individual words.

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