EPFO Assistant Mains 2019 Exam Analysis: 7th November 2019


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Dear Aspirants,

EPFO Assistant Mains 2019 Exam Analysis: 7th November 2019

EPFO Assistant Mains 2019 examination is over. Now it’s time for the much-awaited EPFO Assistant Mains Exam Analysis (7th November 2019). Many students have appeared for this exam today and this brings them to a step closer in their journey of getting a Job in Employees provident fund. Without wasting any moment, let’s get straight to the analysis for which you are all waiting for. Overall the exam was of an Easy-Moderate Level.

EPFO Assistant Mains 2019 exam had 4 sections followed by a descriptive test. There were 150 total questions from sections like – Quantitative Aptitude, English, Reasoning/intelligence, and General/ Economy/ Financial Awareness for a composite duration of 120 minutes. Out of which Reasoning section was to be done in 35 minutes, Quantitative aptitude in 35 minutes, English language in 30 Minutes and GA section in 20 minutes.

Note: 45 minutes were allowed for the descriptive section.

EPFO Assistant Mains 2019 Exam Analysis (Over-All):
Sections Good Attempts
English Language 22-24
Reasoning/Intelligence 34-36
Quantitative Aptitude 31-34
General/ Economy/ Financial Awareness 27-31
TOTAL 113-124

Quantitative Aptitude (Moderate)

This section had 40 questions for 60 marks. The level of Quantitative Aptitude was Easy-Moderate and there were 4 sets of Data Interpretation Questions.
Following were the types of DI:
Caselet DI ( Number of visitor in five different cities)
Pie Chart DI (Data given in percentage)
Tabular DI (Total number of students were given of four schools)
Bar Graph DI (Income and expenditure were given of company of 5 months)
Topic No. of Questions Level
Data Interpretation 20 Moderate
Approximation 5 Easy
Quadratic Equation 5 Easy
Miscellaneous (Train Based, Boat & Stream, CI and SI, Profit & Loss, Time and Work, Partnership, Age Based, Mensuration, etc.) 10 Easy-Moderate
Total 40 Easy-Moderate

English Language (Easy-Moderate)

The level of English Language section was Easy-Moderate. There was one question on vocab in the RC Error Detection was based on an old pattern.


No. of Questions


Reading Comprehension

7 Moderate

Error Detection

4 Easy
Cloze test 5 Easy-Moderate

Sentence Rearrangement

5 Easy-Moderate

Phrase Replacement

4 Easy

Match the column



Idiom and phrase






Reasoning/Intelligence (Easy)

The level of reasoning was Easy-Moderate. A total of 40 questions were asked on this topic. There were 5 sets of puzzle asked in the exam. They were based on the following topics:
  • Parallel Seating Arrangement (North/South, 7 people each side)
  • Floor based puzzle(4 floors, 8 flats)
  • Uncertain number of people ( total person 17 after arrangement)
  • Month Based puzzle (6 month, 6 cities, 6 people)
  • Circular seating arrangement (8 people, some facing center and some outside)
The questions from other topics were:


No. of Questions


Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles




5 Easy

Syllogism (Only few & Direct)

5 Easy
Alphabet Based 2 Easy
Number based 1 Easy
Miscellaneous 1 Easy




General/ Economy/ Financial Awareness (Moderate)

Most of the questions were asked from current affairs. Around 10 questions were asked from Septembers’ Current affairs (approx) and 5 questions from August current affairs (Approx). Approx 4-5 question was asked from banking awareness. 1-2 questions were based on the Economy survey. No single question from static awareness was asked.

Descriptive Test

There was a total of 3 letters (Formal/informal)were given out of which only one letter was to be done by the candidate. Only one topic was given in Precis and comprehension writing (Each) The topics were as follows:
Letter writing:
1- Letter to newspaper editor for Flood Furiod (Formal)
2- Letter to a friend/Brother, asking for the places to visit while you are going to take the test in the city. (Informal)
Note: We will update the third topic of the letter as soon as we get any update from the aspirants who appear for it.
Precis topic:
Online Video Survey and Analysis
It was based on food and nature and there were around 5 questions based on it.

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