GA Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Exam


GA Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2022:: The Reserve Bank of India Will conducted the RBI assistant Mains 2022 in May 2022. Candidates who appear for the examination must be curious to get an analysis of the exam and an overview of their performance in today’s exam. In this article, we will be discussing the General Awareness questions asked in today’s RBI Assistant Mains 2022 Exam. These questions will help the aspirants to get an overview of the examination and for further preparations for GA sections in other banking exams. Let us first look at this year’s exam pattern for RBI Assistant Mains 2022. Check RBI Assistant Previous Year Papers

GA Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2022

RBI Assistant Mains Exam Analysis 2022- General Awareness

There were 40 questions asked in the General Awareness section and the questions were of Moderate level. Some of the questions as discussed by the candidates are as follows-

  1. In the European union which country is not included- united kingdom
  2. Ramsar convention signed in 1971
  3. Systematic withdrawal plan related to mutual fund 
  4. Who got the best tableau in central ministry on republic day- the ministry of education and the ministry of civil aviation 
  5. Hurun self-made billionaire  topped by the USA
  6. India rank in steel production
  7. WEF headquarters- Cologny Switzerland 
  8. National Pension Day- 17 December
  9. Whereabout book was written by Jhumpa Lahiri
  10. Dalai book
  11. Index of 8 core industries
  12. In swiss open India’s P.V. Sindhu has defeated Busanan Ongbamrungphan of Thailand
  13. 13. Laureus World Sports Awards nominated other two Indians- Sachin Tendulkar, and Vinesh Phogat
  14. Who got Padma Shri singer- Sonu Nigam
  15. RBI minutes publication time
  16. prana portal- Pfrda
  17. Vodafone promoters fundraised – 4500cr
  18. Mudumalai national park in Tamil Nadu
  19. Tulip largest garden in Asia- Jammu & Kashmir 
  20. OBICUS -Order Books, Inventories, and Capacity Utilisation Survey
  21. One horn Rhino- largest found
  22. By Many a Happy Accident: Recollections of a Life’ has been authored by M Hamid Ansari
  23. Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2021- Bihar
  24. Gilbert F. Houngbo- ILO
  25. e- rupee – statement based developed by person-oriented or purpose oriented
  26. Oldest insurance company- Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society
  27. 27 CPI Index
  28. Dada Saheb Phalke award- best movie- Shershaah
  29. World bank – wildlife conservation bond for one horn rhino for South Africa
  30. who are the Forbes richest women in the world in 2022? Francois Meyers (loreal)
  31. First drone school of India- Gwalior
  32. China man related to which sport- Cricket
  33. National green tribunal headquarters- Delhi
  34. In PPF when one can withdraw their money- 6 years
  35. Civil aviation targets to complete 220 airports by which year- 2025
  36. The stock holding corporation is under – Industrial Finance Corporation of India

RBI Assistant 2022 General Awareness Syllabus

The following topics are assessed under the GA section for the RBI Assistant exam:

  • Monetary Policies
  • Banking & Financial Awareness
  • Economic Terms
  • Current Affairs
  • Static GK
  • Financial and Economic News
  • Government Schemes, Agreements & Deals
  • International Financial Institutions
  • National Institutions

RBI Assistant 2022: General Awareness Analysis

If we dissect the previous years’ question papers, we will see that some topics are given more importance than others in the exam. From the aforementioned list of prescribed topics, we can say that the following three sections are given more importance than the others. 

  1. Financial, Economic and Banking Awareness 
  2. Current affairs (includes news related to Reserve Bank of India)
  3. Static GK

This is not to say that other topics can be ignored during the preparation. Since this is a Banking job exam, it is a given that a good number of questions will be assessed from Financial and Banking Awareness.

RBI Assistant Exam Pattern 2020

Candidates are given 135 minutes of time duration for this exam with a total of 200 questions. Let us look at the section-wise time limit and number of questions asked in the RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2020

General Awareness Questions in RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Exam:

The General Awareness section carried 40 questions with 1 mark each. Below are some topics on which the questions were asked in the RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Examination today.

Here we present the general awareness questions asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2020 exam.

  • Which Company built CGS C-452Z? (Ans- Larsen & Toubro Limited)
  • What is the Net Profit of SBI in September 2020? (Ans: Rs. 4,574.16 crore)
  • The Actor Sir Thomas Sean Connery who passed away recently was from which country? (Ans: Scotland)
  • Location of Machu Picchu (Ans: Peru)
  • What is the Budget 2020 theme? (Ans: ‘Ease of Living’ – central Tenet of Union Budget 2020-21)
  • What is the profession of TN Krishnan who passed away recently? (violinist)
  • When is the Civil Services Day observed? (21st April)
  • What is Nominal Capital?
  • Kia Motors belong to which country? (Ans: South Korea)
  • Who wrote the book Pandemonium: The Great Indian Banking Tragedy? (Tamal Bandyopadhyay)
  • Which Country is the head of IPU (International Parliamentary Union)? (Ans: Portugal)
  • Lewis Hamilton is the driver of which race car company? (Ans: Mercedes)
  • SEBI enhanced the penalty against 3 rating agencies which ICRA, CARE, and India Ratings and Research to Rs 1 crore each for their lapses in giving credit rating to non-convertible debentures of which company? (Ans: IL&FS)
  • Recently, RBI issued draft guidelines for establishing self-regulatory organizations, these will be framing and enforcing rules for? (Ans: Payment Systems Operators)
  • Who appoints the Solicitor General of India? (Ans: President)
  • Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman launched eBkray, an e-auction platform for auctioning of? (Ans: Banking Assets)
  • SBI partnered With which company to offer digital payment & financing solutions for small store owners and distributors for the products? (Ans: Hindustan Unilever Ltd – HUL)
  • Finance Ministry granted 100% income tax exemption for investments to be made in specified infrastructure sectors for Sovereign Wealth Fund of which county? (Ans: Abu Dhabi)
  • Kanha Tiger Reserve is located in which state? (Ans: Madhya Pradesh)
  • Recently which National Park has been declared as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve? (Ans: Panna National Park – Madhya Pradesh)
  • What is the permissible amount of gold that can be held by entities under the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme? (Ans: 20 Kg)
  • One of the Interoperable QR Codes mandated by RBI is UPI & what is the other QR code? (Ans: Bharat QR)
  • Which aircraft was dismantled recently? (Ans: INS Virat)
  • What is the full form of DLT? (Ans: Distributed Ledger Technology)
  • Which company accquired Columbia Asia Hospitals? (Ans: Bengaluru-based hospital chain Manipal Hospitals)
  • What is the minimum Amount to issue Certificate of Deposits (CDs)?  (Ans: Rs.1 Lakhs)
  • What is the number of seats in the US Senate, the upper house of US Parliament? (Ans: 100)
  • Who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HDFC Bank? (Ans: Sashidhar Jagdishan)
  • What is the theme of the Vigilance Awareness week observed 27th October 2020 to 2nd November? (Ans: “Satark Bharat, Samriddh Bharat” | Vigilant India, Prosperous India)
  • Malabar exercise 2020 conducted in which location? (Ans: Bay of Bengal)
  • In which city Indian Museaum is located? (Ans: Kolkata)
  • Where is the HQ of CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology? (Ans: New Delhi)
  • IPPB is registered as payment bank under which schedule of RBI Act, 1934? (Ans: Second schedule)

These are the list of GA questions asked in RBI Assistant mains 2020 exam.

Computer Questions Asked:

Here we present the computer questions asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2020 exam.

  1. Shortcut key of Bold.
  2. A Question on shortcut key Ctrl + F.
  3. Shortcut keys of copy and paste options.
  4. Question on input/output device.
  5. Question on VLSI.
  6. MS Edge-based question.
  7. A Question on OS – Windows 10.
  8. A question on System and App Softwares.
  9. Question on text formatting.
  10. Question on Spam.
  11. Trojan horse-related question.
  12. Subject in email-related question.
  13. Question related to Biometric All.
  14. Question-related to Safe All.
  15. Google Chrome Browser-based question.
  16. A Question on Stegano.
  17. Bootstrap Loader based question.
  18. A question on communication – Half Duplex.
  19. A Question on Protocol.
  20. TT text Transfer based question.
  21. Error Bug based question.
  22. A Question on IPv4 and 6.
  23. A question based on Flash in EEprom .
  24. Instruction unit related question.


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