GA Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Exam

GA Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains 2020: : The Reserve Bank of India has successfully conducted the RBI assistant Mains 2020 Exam today on 22 November 2020. Candidates who appear for the examination must be curious to get an analysis of the exam and an overview of their performance in today’s exam. In this article, we will be discussing the General Awareness questions asked in today’s RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Exam. These questions will help the aspirants to get an overview of the examination and for further preparations for GA sections in other banking exams. Let us first look at this year’s exam pattern of RBI Assistant Mains 2020.

RBI Assistant Exam Pattern 2020

Candidates are given 135 minutes of time duration for this exam with a total of 200 questions. Let us look at the section-wise time limit and number of questions asked in the RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2020

General Awareness Questions in RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Exam:

The General Awareness section carried 40 questions with 1 mark each. Below are some topics on which the questions were asked in the RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Examination today.

  • Budget Theme 
  • CEO of HDFC 
  • TN Krishnan obituary 
  • National civil service day 
  • Pandemonium book was written by? 
  • Origin of Kia motors 
  • Panna biosphere reserve 
  • SBI September profit 
  • Sovereign gold bond 
  • Lewis drives which car? 
  • ICGS C-452 was built by? 
  • How many members are there in the US Senate? 
  • RBI draft guidelines for establishing SROs, Who will form the rules? 
  • Which country does the head of the inter-Parliamentary union belong to? 
  • Full form of DLT 
  • Sean Connery’s Demise 
  • Schedule of Post Payment Bank 
  • Certificates of Deposit Minimum Values 
  • GST Compensation in Budget 
  • Solicitor General is Appointed by? 
  • Special Purpose Vehicle is launched by which Bank? 
  • Who signed MOU with HUL? 
  • Tiger Reserve Related 
  • Nominal Capital 
  • Vigilance Week Theme 


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