General Awareness Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Mains 2022-23

General Awareness Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Mains 2020

The General Awareness section is one such topic where the candidates try to stretch their overall marks within the time limit. It is a scoring section if the candidates have prepared well. The State bank of India has finally conducted the 1st Shift of the SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2022 on 15 January 2023.

In this examination, the general awareness section consisted of 50 questions for which the candidates were given 35 minutes of duration. According to the candidates who appeared for the SBI Clerk Mains Exam, the general awareness section was of moderate difficulty level. In this article, we will be looking at all the general awareness questions that were asked in the examination so that other banking aspirants can polish their last-minute preparation. So keep reading.

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SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis 2022-23- General Awareness

This section had 50 questions and a time limit of 35 minutes. Overall the level of this section was Moderate. Most of the questions were from current affairs and banking awareness. Questions from the static section were few. The questions has been enlisted below-

All the GA Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2023 are given here with the answers.

1) Chemistry Nobel
2) MPC Dec, Bank rate increased by …
3) Foreign Trade policy extended till…
4) Merchandise export crossed 1st time (400 bn USD)
5) monthly contribution to get 3000 pension under govt scheme**
6) Global Innovation index
Statement based question
7) US cyclone
8) Sberbank country: Russia
9) holcim company country: Switzerland
10) Largest Cement producer: China
11) Base layer NBFC
12) PCA framework includes/ not includes (Customer service / Leverage / Capital / Asset quality )
13) Banking Ombudsman applies to which FIs
14) Richest self made woman hurun
15) Kumbhalgarh state
16) cheetah declared extinct in which year
17) SDR issued by ….IMF
18)  NavIC, C stands for …(Navigation with Indian Constellation)
19) Nobel peace prize 2022: Russia, Ukraine and …( Belarus)
20) PSBs listed on India
21) Indian super league sponsored by: Hero
22) banking fraud using phone call: vishing
23) trustee of PM care fund: Sudha Murthy
24)Global Liveability Index 2022:
Most liveable city
25)which external debt component contracted
26) KLEMS model, k for : capital
27) Eliud Kipchoge, kenyan marathon runner won Olympic 2020, previous Olympic gold in which year
28) pehchano kaun “perestroika” and “glasnost Russian : Mikhai Gorbachev
29) RBI banned recovery Mahindra and Mahindra
30) National Logistic Policy:
31) Windfall tax applied to : Oil companies
32) financial asst to BSNL and MTNL by govt in form of :
33)  In 2050, India is projected to have a populaion of 1.66 billion – way ahead of China’s 1.31 billion.
34) Meghalaya best start up ecosystem by which min : commerce
35) swatch surveyshan most cities of which state
36) sponsor of NARCL: Canara Bank
37) exim bank latter of credit
38) Inflation Expectations Survey of Households: How many cities surveyed
39) RBI appointed R S Gandhi as non-executive chairman of the yes bank for a period of three years
40) RBI, APR include cost of funds, credit cost and operating cost, processing fee, verification charges, maintenance charges, and exclude penalty charges, late payment charges,
41) B2B e Invoice threshold (annual) by CBIC

    General Awareness Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Mains 2021

    Here we’ll provide you the complete list of General/Financial Awareness questions asked in the SBI Clerk Main Exam 2021.

    Some of the questions which were asked in the general awareness section are given below

    SHIFT 2

    • Under the new framework, social venture funds will be renamed to social impact funds under SEBI AIF (Alternate Investment Funds) regulations with a minimum corpus requirement reduced to Rs 5 crore from Rs 20 crore earlier.
    • LLP full form: “limited liability partnership
    • E-Rupay related question
    • Director Payal Kapadia’s won the Oeil d’or (Golden Eye) award for best documentary at the 74th Cannes Film Festival.
    • MOSPA secretary chief statistic of India: Pravin Srivastava.
    • Which of the following bank are in PSBs
    • RBI approves re-appointment of Sandeep Bakhshi as ICICI Bank MD & CEO
    • Thomas Batch which sports-related: Olympic fencer.
    • Olympic Javelin Minimum Weight:  800 grams.
    • ICE full form(fame 2.0):
    • Naomi Osaka of Japan has been named “Sportswoman of the Year” at the 2021 Laureus World Sports Awards.
    • Which of the following company which is not included in Stock Exchange:
    • Tropic of Cancer degree: 23.5 North
    • Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) has collaborated with Karur Vysya Bank.
    • Tokyo Olympic 100 meter running gold: Lamont Marcell Jacobs.
    • MSP for sugarcane how much increase: Rs 25 per quintal hike
    • International Olympic Committee reappointment: Narendra Batra.
    • Which company has issued the highest number of cards as of Nov 2020?
    • Vistara Acquired by TATA son which country airlines: Indian.
    • Mhd Yunus purpose for the noble prize? Micro Finance:
    • Atal Pension Yojana Slap:  Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000, Rs. 3000, Rs. 4000 and Rs. 5000.
    • Oil refinery FDI previous:
    • United nation University Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan.
    • Tea production 2nd number country: India.
    • Argumentative India author: Amritya Sen
    • Renewable Water resource country: Argentina
    • PLI scheme related question:
    • SDG Index North East:
    • IFSC unit start there operation:
    • Budget 2020 Total FPOs:
    • Savdhan Rahe Save rahe campaign related to which: Bajaj Finserv.
    • NewYork City marathon sponsor: TCS
    • Top Country in India FDI:
    • The company not dealing in Term Insurance:
    • Insurance Act related question:
    • Goa Carnival: 26 Feb 2022.
    • Which model govt is planning to implement after success of Tokyo Olympic:
    • What is the national mission for financial inclusion?
    • 2032 Hosted brisbane city which number city of Australia: 3rd
    • First railway zone to full electric in India: West Central Railway.
    • General Insurance Business Act (Nationalisation): 1972
    • World-IFC which housing bank loan: HDFC Ltd
    • China Maglev Train.
    • Sustainable development score.
    • UGC related question.

    SHIFT 1

    Types of questions asked in the General Awareness section are:

    • Oman To Host Inaugural FIH Hockey5s World Cup In 2024.
    • Hemis National Park is a high altitude national park in Ladakh, India
    • India’s Akasa Air: Rakesh Junjunwala
    • Men’s and Women’s hockey team sponsor for next ten years: Odisha
    • Umling La is a mountain pass in Ladakh, India. The elevation of the pass is 19,300 feet.
    • What does p stand for: TOPS stands for Target Olympic Podium Scheme, an initiative of the Indian government.
    • Shiv Nadar resign to which company: HCL Technologies Ltd.
    • Kailash Satyarthi which year noble prize: 2014.
    • Top Ed. Tech Company: Byjus.
    • stale cheque is one that cannot be honoured because the reasonable period is expired.
    • Government share in ITC: 7.93%
    • What company should pay in CSIR: 2%
    • DEAF scheme of RBI, A stands for: Depositor Education and Awareness Fund
    • Equator Prize given by: UNDP
    • Red Cross Day: 8 May
    • FMCG which company is not included?
    • Olympic Slogan: Faster, Higher, Stronger…. Together
    • AI-for all initiative: CBSE and Intel.
    • Magma Fincorp Limited has been rechristened as Poonawalla Fincorp Limited.
    • All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE).
    • Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced Nirvik (Niryat Rin Vikas Yojana) scheme.
    • National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) is a certified Government of India Enterprise under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).
    • At present, the composition of the Economic advisor committee-PM Chairman: Dr Bibek Debroy.
    • Allotment of Shares as Per Companies Act 2013.
    • Gender Budget gave by which state: Andhra Pradesh.
    • Recurve term is related to which sports? Archery.
    • ICICI Bank launches digital service ‘Merchant Stack’.
    • Question-related to PV Sindhu.
    • World Hunger Index 2021.
    • Japan breaks internet speed record with a 319Tbps data transfer.
    • Japanese company SoftBank has invested around $250 million in Ola Electric Mobility.
    • Equator Prize 2021 honors trailblazing Indigenous and local solutions for people and planet.

    More questions update soon…..

    Note – 30+ Questions Asked From Our SBI | IBPS Mains Super Current Affairs Booster

    SBI Clerk Mains SUPER Current Affairs

    Previous Year (GA) Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Main 2020: Shift-1

    In today’s SBI Clerk Main exam, all the GA questions asked were easy to moderate and mostly directly from our GA capsule. The majority of questions were from Current Affairs and only a few were from static GK. The questions were based on Banking, World Organisation, Sports, Schemes, etc.

    Note – 30+ Questions Asked From Our Super Current Affairs Series PDF

    1. Shaurya KGC Card by which Bank | Answer. Hdfc
    2. ACE Credit Card by which Bank | Answer. Axis
    3. Where is the HQ of Federal bank? | Answer. Kerala
    4. 2nd April is celebrated as | Answer. Autism Awareness Day
    5. When is the Charity day celebrated? | Answer.5 September
    6. What is the Share of Central Government in RRB? | Answer. 50%
    7. 10 rules of successful nation is written by | Answer. Ruchir Sharma
    8. Titan Pay is launched by which btank? | Answer. SBI
    9. Who is the new Chairman of TRAI? | Answer. PD Vaghela
    10. One was related to Minimum Paid up capital for Retail Banking undernew umbrella entity (NUE)  | Answer. 500 Cr
    11. Where is the HQ of UNDP? | Answer: New York
    12. One Question was related to PM Kusum Scheme?
    13. Which Bank launched the Insta Click Saving A/C | Answer. BOB
    14. On 8th October, __ Anniversary of Air Force was Observed | Answer: 88th
    15. Company which manages Assets is called | Answer. AMC
    16. Atal Pension Yojana is regulated by | Answer. PFRDA
    17. Home Utsav is observed online or virtually by which Bank | Answer. ICICI
    18. Mudra is the subsidry of which organization| Answer. SIDBI
    19. Who is the current Chairperson of Parliamentary Standing Committee? | Answer. ____
    20. Who is the Current head of Tesla? | Answer. Elon Musk
    21. CBSE tie up with ________ to train teachers and student. Ans- Facebook
    22. One Questions was related to Retail inflation?
    23. Corporation bank merged with which Ban? | Answer. Union Bank of India
    24. Economic Freedom Index 2020 Rank of India | Answer. 105th
    25. How many Deputy Governors of RBI | Answer. 4
    26. Which Ministry represented India in the 2+2 dialogue Between USA & India? | Answer. EAM & Defence
    27. What is the Currency of South Korea? | Answer. Korean won (KRW)
    28. What is the Effective revenue deficit mentioned in the Budget? | Answer.____
    29. IPPB Established in which year? | Answer.2018
    30. Rajat Bhatia is related with which Sports? | Answer.Cricket
    31. 3rd Richest Person in India? | Answer. Azim Premji
    32. 1st White Label ATM launched by? | Answer.TATA
    33. Where is Serum Institute of India located? | Answer.New Delhi
    34. What is the Stake of RIL in Jio Payment bank?Answer. 70%
    35. Shagun Scheme is launched by which Bank? Answer.SBI
    36. Karmyogi scheme is launched for? Answer.Civil Servants
    37. One Question was related with Axis Bank Tie-up?
    38. NSDC agreement with which organization for Skill Training?
    39. One Question was related to Fino Payment Bank?
    40. One Question was related to Harley Davidson production plant in India? Answer. Haryana
    41. Most Valuable Brand in India- HDFC

    General/Financial Awareness (GA) Questions Asked in SBI Clerk Main 2020: Shift-2

    1. Dudhwa National Park
    2. Rani Laxmibai University location
    3. BASEL II guidelines
    4. C used in CFT
    5. Question on SEBI
    6. IPL Edition in South Africa
    7. AMRUT Yojna
    8. Rana Pratap Sagar Dam
    9. Tribal Day
    10. Second Cleanest City above 1 Lakh
    11. Noble prize in Physics
    12. Garb/Dandiya Dance
    13. Summer Olympic in 2024
    14. Budget Total Amount
    15. Capital of Brazil
    16. BOB MD & CEO
    17. Bharat Net Budgetary allocation or How many Grama Panchayat
    18. connected-1lkh grama Panchayat
    19. Stars yojna
    20. Fisharies Export
    21. Bhimrao Ambedkar Airport
    22. Davos in which country
    23. Make my Trip Chairman
    24. Rafel nadal first Granslam
    25. Milk Processing Target
    26. Private Terminal on which airport
    27. CRR Section
    28. CHUNAUTI launch
    29. EASE Project
    30. Book By Karan johar
    31. Positive Pay
    32. SARFAESI Act 2002
    33. P K Mohanthy
    34. RBI Surplus related
    35. Merger Related
    36. Boeing Apache
    37. H R bhardwaj
    38. P2P Platform
    39. FEMA Act
    40. No. of Unemployment population
    41. Question on Chess
    42. 3rd Gulf coutry with Israel
    43. How many SBI Associates merged with SBI


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