High- Level Puzzle For SBI PO 2018

High- Level Puzzle For SBI PO 2018

High-Level Puzzle For SBI PO 2018

There are seven lecturers A, B, C, D, E,   F, G teaching seven different subjects   Physics, Economics, Geography,  Biology, Chemistry, Maths and History.  Their annual salary is divided into three salary Slabs. 3-5 lakh, 6-8 lakh & 10–13  lakh  There are three persons only in the salary slab of 10-13 lakhs. F earns 12  lakh. B and G earn lower than F‟s salary in the same slab. D earns more than only one person who teaches   Economics. 
The person who teaches   Chemistry earns more than the one who teaches Geography and their total annual income is 15 lakh per annum in the same slab. There are two persons only in the salary slab of 3-5 lakhs. The person who teaches History earns lower than F and higher than the one who teaches Biology in the same slab. F  does not teach Physics. The total annual income of G & A and B & E are 17 lakh and 19 lakh respectively. The difference between the annual income of D and C  is 2 lakh.  


1)  As per the given arrangement, F is related to Biology and G is related to  Geography in a certain way. To which of the following is A related to the same way?  A. Maths  
B. History  
C. Physics  
D. Economics  
E. Chemistry  

2)  What is the difference between the  
annual income of the one who teaches  
Biology and the one who teaches  
A. 4 lakh  
B. 3 lakh  
C. 6 lakh  
D. 2 lakh  
E. 5 lakh  

3)  Which combination represents the annual income of a person and the subject

he teaches?  
A. 7 – Chemistry  
B. 10 – History  
C. 3 – Economics  
D. 11 – Biology  
E. 5 – Geography

4)  Who amongst the following earns double of D’s annual income?  
A. E  
B. G  
C. C  
D. A  
E. Other than those given as options  

5) Which of the following represents the sum of the highest annual income in each

A. 25 lakh  
B. 20 lakh  
C. 24 lakh  
D. 23 lakh  
E. Other than those given as options
1) D   2) E   3) C  4) B   5) A

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