High Level Puzzle for SBI PO Clerk

High Level Puzzle For SBI PO
Puzzle Set 4 For SBI PO/Clerk Exam 2018

Seven boxes – A, B, C, D, E, F, and G are arranged vertically from top to bottom. They all have different colors – blue, pink, green, orange, red, yellow and white but not necessarily in the same order. Also, they contain different items – Rasgulla, Laddu, Peda,  Nankhatai, Jalebi, Petha, and Burfi but not necessarily in the same order. The box which has rasgulla is at the even-numbered place from top to bottom. E has laddu and F doesn’t have nankhatai. G is kept at the bottom. Rasgulla is in either a blue or red box. 
A has Jalebi but not in the orange-colored box and is not kept vertically adjacent to B. There are 2 boxes between F which is a yellow colored box and the green colored box. D is neither a  green nor red colored box. The orange colored box is kept in the third place from the bottom. B is a white colored box containing Burfi but is not kept with F  which is at an odd-numbered place. Neither petha nor nankhatai is kept in a blue box. B and D boxes are kept vertically adjacent to each other and none of them is an orange colored box. The box which has petha is kept at second place from the top. 


1) How many boxes are there between boxes F and the one which is orange in color? 
A) None 
B) 3 
C) 2 
D) 5 
E) 1 

2) Which box contains Laddu? 
A) A 
B) D 
C) Yellow box 
D) Orange box 
E) None of these 

3)  White box contains which item? 
A) Laddu 
B) Peda 
C) Other than the given options 
D) Burfi 
E) Jalebi 

4) The color of box G is 
A) Red 
B) Yellow 
C) Blue 
D) White 
E) None of these 

5) How many boxes are below blue box? 
A) 2 
B) 3
C) 1 
D) 5 
E) None of these

Answer of Puzzle_Set_4

1) E   2) D   3) D   4) A   5) B

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High Level Puzzle for SBI PO Clerk


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