How To Prepare English For SBI PO Exam | Tips & Tricks For English Language Section of SBI PO 2019

How To Prepare English For SBI PO Exam | Tips & Tricks For English Language Section of SBI PO 2019
How To Prepare English For SBI PO Exam: The English Language section of bank exams is believed to be an easy and scoring section. However, the difficulty level of this section has increased over the years. Questions asked in this section might seem tricky and confusing at times. So, one needs to have a proper plan to study for this section. With SBI PO exam at the door, if you are wondering how to prepare English for SBI PO exam, you are at the right place.
The English Language section is common to both Prelims and Mains of SBI PO exam. Since you need to score minimum qualifying marks in each section of both Prelims and Mains, you can neither ignore this section nor keep it for the last moment thinking that it is an easy section. This section is definitely easy compared to the Quantitative Aptitude section and Reasoning Ability section. But without proper preparation, you will not be able to score well in this section. Also, clearing the SBI PO cutoff alone is not enough for Mains as the marks you secure in the SBI PO Main exam will be considered for compiling the final merit list. The Main exam also has a Descriptive Test of English Language. So, you must prepare seriously for the English Language section of SBI PO exam.

How To Prepare English For SBI PO Exam 2018

Before getting into the details of how to prepare English for SBI PO exam 2018, let’s see what kind of questions are asked in the English Language section (objective) and their weightage.
Broadly, questions asked in the objective test of English Language are based on the following four types:

How To Prepare English For SBI PO Exam: Types Of Questions Asked In English Section
English Grammar Various types of questions which are based on the rules of English Grammar are asked:

1. Cloze Test,

2. Error Spotting,

3. Fill in the Blanks,

4. Sentence Correction, etc.

5-10 questions
Comprehension Test This can be either story-based or fact based, wherein a passage will be given and then questions will be asked based on that. 5-10 questions
Vocabulary Questions asked could be of different types, such as

1. Antonyms

2. Synonyms

3. Cloze Test

4. Error Spotting

5-10 questions
Verbal Ability Here questions on Para Jumbles are asked, that is, Rearrangement of sentences 0-5 questions

Let us now look into how to prepare English for SBI PO for each of these categories.

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How To Prepare English For SBI PO: English Grammar

Questions related to the application of English grammar needs one to have proper knowledge of the rules of grammar. This, basically, means you need to have knowledge of basic, high-school level English grammar. So, study in the following manner:

Brush up the various topics that come under English grammar. Make sure you understand and remember the rules:

1. Parts of Speech – Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection

2. Subject-Verb Agreement

3. Active and Passive Voice

4. Direct and Indirect Speech

5. Tenses

6. Articles – a, an, the

7. Singular-Plural

8. Degrees of Comparison

9. Phrases and Idioms

Go through the sufficient number of examples to understand how the grammatical rules are applied.
Read English books and newspapers and make a conscious effort to understand the application of grammatical rules of the English language.
Practice a sufficient number of questions of each type for each topic.

How To Prepare English For SBI PO: Comprehension Test

This needs one to have good reading speed and the ability to process what they have read. Otherwise, answering the questions will be very difficult. So, prepare for this kind of questions in the following manner:

To be able to read faster, you need to cultivate reading habits. Reading English newspapers will be extremely beneficial to you. Also, read fictions, i.e. English novels and stories.
As you read, develop the skill to understand what it is trying to convey in your first reading itself.
Practice both story-based and fact-based comprehension tests in a time bound manner.

How To Prepare English For SBI PO Exam: Vocabulary

Questions asked related to vocabulary could be a bit confusing. So, you need to have a really strong vocabulary in order to get all the questions correct.

As you read English books and newspapers, jot down the new words you come across.
Learn the meaning and usage of these words.
You can also us Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis to build your vocabulary. You can also use flash cards for this purpose.
Practice questions related to a vocabulary of all types to test your knowledge.

How To Prepare English For SBI PO Exam: Verbal Ability

As mentioned above, questions asked are usually Para Jumbles wherein four to six sentences will be given to you. You have to rearrange them in proper order so that it makes sense.

While reading English books and newspapers, see how the different sentences in a paragraph are connected and the flow of the content.
Practice a few Para Jumbles-related questions every day.
Having a strong vocabulary will help you in answering these questions as you will get a better idea of the context.

How To Prepare English For SBI PO Exam: Descriptive Test

The English Language – Descriptive Test is there only in the SBI PO Main exam. This section has two questions – Essay and Letter Writing. Prepare for this section in the following manner:

Read about the latest social, political, economic, and cultural issues.
Be aware of the different formats of letter writing.
Along with reading, develop writing habits. You need to have a proper style and flow of writing letters and essays and this can be achieved only with practice.
Focus more on official and business letters.

How To Prepare English For SBI PO Exam: General Tips For English Language Section

Here are a few general tips to excel in the English Language section of banking exams:

  1. Read and write on a regular basis.
  2. Make sure you do not spend too much time to answer a certain type of questions like Para Jumbles and Comprehension test. Practice in a time-bound manner and improve your time management.
  3. Take SBI PO full mock tests on a regular basis. This will give you a clear idea about how good you are at dealing with the entire paper. You will also find out how your performance in one section can affect your performance in some other section and learn how to take the exam in the best possible way.


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