Important Preparation Tips for Bank PO Interview


To help candidates at every stage of the bank exam, we bring you some Bank interview tips. Before we dive into the ways to ace the Bank PO interview, These Tips Useful For Bank PO Exams like IBPS PO, RRB PO, SBI PO & other Banking Sector Exams, let us check out some salient features of the interview:

Important Preparation Tips for Bank PO Interview

  • The interview board consists of 4-5 members, including eminent bankers and a psychologist.
  • There is no fixed time for which an Interview session can last, but mostly Interview sessions typically last for 15-20 minutes, and during this time, the candidate may have to answer at least 15 questions.
  • The questions are based on your profile, such as education, employment history, hobbies, noteworthy achievements, and temperament.
  • Some panels may include topics such as banking awareness, culture, and current affairs.
  • These will come in handy during the run-up to the interview as well as during the interview itself. This test is designed to check a candidates’ temperament as well as interpersonal skills.

Here are the key areas that the Bank PO interview panel will focus on:

  • Knowledge about Banking and Current Affairs related to it.
  • Educational qualifications and background.
  • Situational awareness and ability perform under pressure.
  • Leadership ability and behavioural traits.
  • Temperament and mindset, cultural fit to the banking industry
  • Confidence and communication skills.
  • The way that a candidate dresses will make the first impression on the panel. Hence, it is very important to dress comfortably and formally.
  • The choice of clothes should be appropriate for the weather and the workplace. Formal western wear is recommended for both men and women.
  • However, women also have the option of wearing traditional formal wear for the interview.

The following are a few tips for the last day before the interview for Bank PO.

  • Get some good quality sleep. It is very important to be fresh and energetic on the interview day as depending on the position of the candidate in the list of interviewees; they may have to wait for a long time before their interview starts.
  • Brush up on Current Affairs, business and institutional news before the day of the interview. This would allow you to be confident about answering most of the questions related to general awareness.
  • Read your bio-data thoroughly so as not to miss anything. Interviewers would ask a lot of questions about your credentials, so be prepared to answer them truthfully and convincingly.
  • Please keep all your documents in one folder and carry it for the interview. The document verification process is conducted concurrently, and it is important to have them on hand as the institute does not allow those without documents to attend the interview.
  • If possible, arrange transportation to the Centre well in advance. It is not advisable to be late for the interview as it creates a negative impression on the board.

Tips for the Day of Interview

  • Presentation is the main thing on the day of the interview. Candidate’s body language, dressing, and introduction play an important role there. Here are some important tips for the candidate to have these all things and perform confidently:-
  •  Dress properly, if possible wear formal. Avoid too many accessories, ornaments, jewellery etc.
  •  Reach the place of interview on time. Make sure you get to know the place a day before the interview to avoid wastage of time and can get enough time to relax.
  •  Bring important documents which are required at the time of interview. Keep 3-5 copies of all the documents with you.
  • As soon as you reach the place, avoid all the tension and stress about low marks you got in written, having no experience etc. because the interviewer will be looking for the ability in you to stay with them and work efficiently. And on the basis of the performance in the interview, you will get good marks and clear it.
  •  Ask permission before you enter the room with a smiling and confident face and wish them. Sit down only when they allow. Make yourself comfortable. Sit with your head straight or a little slant towards the interviewer.
  •  Listen calmly whatever the interviewer says or ask and answer confidently. Make sure that you are making an eye contact with the interviewer. Talk very calmly with a smile. A Smile doesn’t mean that you laugh unwantedly. You should use hand gestures while talking because it shows that you are confident about what you are explaining.
  •  Follow the Golden Rule – Just be yourself. There is no need to act. Because being natural will help you to talk freely.
  •  Your voice should be pleasant, clear and audible to them. Audibility in your voice proves your confidence.
  •  If you could make it, use your humorous side while talking. This will help the interviewer to analyze your personality traits. But if it’s not coming naturally, don’t try to force it on.

Here are a few activities to avoid on interview day:

  • Avoid smoking, chewing gum or using strong perfumes on the interview day. These are considered tardiness by the bank industry.
  • Do not be rude or impatient as this is a services industry interview. Politeness is valued in banks.
  • Do not jump to conclusions and answer questions without thinking. While encountering cross-questioning by the panel, avoid being defensive or interrupting them.
  • Do not answer any questions you are not sure of straight away. Instead, let the panel know that you are not sure of the answer and if they ask for your views then, answer the question to the best of your knowledge.
  • The Bank PO Interview is the last stage of the Bank PO exam process. The candidates who clear this stage will be recruited in one of the most reputed public sector banks in India.

All the Best For Your Interview..!


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