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List of scientists and their Inventions PDF: Science is an important part of our everyday life, even more than we can notice. From our small mobile gadgets to heavy machines we see around us, from the light bulbs to space explorations, it is all a gift of science and technology. This all technology was not discovered in a single day, It took more than a decade or even more than a century to discover this. I wonder how difficult our life would have been if none of these things was invented

Given below is a list of various Inventions and discoveries along with the name of the Inventor and the year in which it was invented:

List of Scientists and Their Inventions PDF
List of Scientists and Their Inventions

List of Important scientists and their Inventions

S. No. Scientist’s/Inventor’s Name Invention
1.A. CelsiusCentigrade scale
2.A.L. and J.L. LumiereCinema
3.A.L. BreguetWatch
4.Alexander FlemingPenicillin
5.AlexandersonRadio transmitter
6.Alfred BinetI.Q. Test
7.Andre-Marie AmpereGalvanometer
8.Antoine Laurent LavoisierRevolution in Chemistry
9.ArchimedesSpecific Gravity
10.AvogadroAvogadro’s Hypothesis
11.B. F. GoodrichZipper
13.BinetIntelligence test
14.BohrElectron Theory
15.Bohr and RutherfordAtomic Structure
18.C. HugyensClock (pendulum)
19.C. SholesTypewriter
20.C.V.RamanCrystal Dynamics
21.C.V.RamanRaman effect
22.Casimir FunkVitamin B1
25.Charles BabbageComputer
26.Charles BabbageDifference engine
27.Charles DarwinEvolution
28.Charles DarwinEvolution (theory)
29.Charles DarwinOrigin of Species
30.Chester Carlsonxerox machine
31.Conrad ElvehjemVitamin Niacin
32.Copernicus (1540)Solar System
33.CoulombFundamental Laws of Electric Attraction
34.D. T. Smith, E. G. HendrickVitamin B2
36.DaltonAtomic Theory
37.DaltonLaws of Multiple Proportion
38.DarwinLaws of Natural Selections
39.DarwinTheory of Evolution
40.Dmitri MendeleevPeriodic Table of Elements
41.Dr. Alan M. TuringElectronic Computer
42.Dr. Lee de ForestFilm (with sound)
43.Dr. Richard GatlingMachine Gun
44.Dr. Wallace H. CarothersNylon
45.Dr. William Stokes, Rene LaennecStethoscope
46.Dr.Paul MullerD.D.T.
47.E.G. OtisLift
48.EdisonIncandescent Bulb
50.Edward JennerVaccination
51.Edward MellanbyVitamin D
52.Edward TellerBomb
53.EijkmanBeri – Beri
54.Elmer V. McCollumVitamin B
55.Elmer V. McCollum and M. DavisVitamin A
56.Emil FischerOrganic Chemistry
57.Enrico FermiAtomic Physics
58.Ernest RutherfordStructure of the Atom
60.Evangelista TorricelliBarometer
62.FahrenheitFahrenheit Scale
63.FahrenheitMercury Thermometer
65.FaradayInduction of Electric Current
66.FaradayLaw of Electrolysis
68.G. BradshawScooter
69.G. MarconiRadio
71.Galileo GalileiNew Science
72.Galileo GalleiThermometer
73.George EastmanCamera
74.Gregor MendelLaws of Inheritance
75.Gregor MandelLaws of Heredity
76H.W. SeeleyElectric iron
78.HarveyBlood Circulation
79.Herbert Evans and Katherine BishopVitamin E
80.Hopkins and FunkVitamins
81.Hsing and Ling-TsanClock (mechanical)
82.Isaac NewtonNewtonian Revolution
83.J. FroelichTractor
84.James Harrison, Alexander CatlinRefrigerator
85.James LindVitamin C
86James WatsonStructure of DNA
87.James WattSteam Engine
88.James WattSteam engine (condenser)
89.Jean Baptiste LamarckFoundations of Biology
90.Jean PiagetChild Development
91.Johann Phillip Reis, Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha Gray, Amos E. Dolbear, and Thomas EdisonMicrophone
92.Johannes GutenbergPrinting Press
93.John DaltonTheory of the Atom
94.John HarrisonChronometer
95.John J. LoudBall-Point Pen
96.John Logie BairdTelevision (mechanical)
97.John NapierLogarithmic Tables
98.John NapierLogarithms
99.John von NeumannModern Computer
100.Joseph AspdinCement
101.Joseph J. ThomsonElectron

Important inventions in the field of technology

World Wide WebTim Berners and Robert Cailliau1989
Search EngineAlan Emtage1990
Cable modemRouzbeh Yassini
WebcamQuentin straford Fraser and Paul Jardetzky1991
Walkie TalkieDan Noble, Henryk Magnuski et al1940
JAVA James Gosling
Surface Computing Microsoft2007
TCP/IPBob Kahn and Vint Cerf 
EmailRay Tomlinson1971
GoogleLarry Page and Sergey Brin1998
LaptopAdam Osborne1981
C LanguageDennis Ritchie1972
PythonGuido Van Rossum1991
C++Bjarne Stroustrup1983
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg2004
YahooJerry Yang and David Filo1994
Missile Wernher Von Braun1936
GPSIvan A.Getting RogerBradford Parkinson1995
UranusWilliam Herschel1781
UniverseEdwin Hubble
Solar SystemNicolaus  Copernicus16th century
Scientists and Their Inventions PDF | Free Download

Important Inventions made in India

Zero and the number systemAryabhatta458AD
Wool and cottonHarappa’s4-5th millennium BC
Radio/wireless communicationSir Jagdish Chandra Bose1895
Cataract SurgerySushruta5th century B.C
RocketsTipu Sultan1780

List of Scientists and Their Inventions: FAQs

Q.Who discovered the electron?

Ans- J J Thomson discovered the electron in 1897.

Q.Who invented neutron?

Ans- James Chadwick invented neutron in 1932

Q.Who discovered the structure of RNA?

Ans-Alexander Rich discovered the structure of RNA.

Q.When was the binomial nomenclature invented?

Ans- In 1785 the binomial nomenclature was invented by Carl Linnaeus.

Q.Who discovered binomial nomenclature?

Ans- Carl Linnaeus discovered binomial nomenclature in 1785

Q.Who invented the first calculating machine?

Ans- Blaise Pascal invented the first calculating machine in 1642.

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