List of Scientists and There Invention For All Exams

List of Scientists and There Invention

List of Scientists and There Invention For All Exams RAILWAYS GROUP D/ ALP & TECHNICIAN, SBI CLERK/PO, IBPS, SSC EXAMS

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As we all know that static, as well as current GK, plays a vital role in every competitive exam. Our MME team has already published many General Awareness articles which will help you to crack any competitive Exam like railways Group D/ ALP & TECHNICIAN, SBI Clerk/PO, IBPS, SSC etc. Here we are going to discuss the name of scientists or inventors and their inventions which will help you crack the competitive exams.

List of Important scientists and their inventions:

S. No. Scientist’s/Inventor’s Name Invention
1. A. Celsius Centigrade scale
2. A.L. and J.L. Lumiere Cinema
3. A.L. Breguet Watch
4. Alexander Fleming Penicillin
5. Alexanderson Radio transmitter
6. Alfred Binet I.Q. Test
7. Andre-Marie Ampere Galvanometer
8. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier Revolution in Chemistry
9. Archimedes Specific Gravity
10. Avogadro Avogadro’s Hypothesis
11. B. F. Goodrich Zipper
12. Baird Television
13. Binet Intelligence test
14. Bohr Electron Theory
15. Bohr and Rutherford Atomic Structure
16. Broquett Helicopter
17. Bunsen Spectroscope
18. C. Hugyens Clock (pendulum)
19. C. Sholes Typewriter
20. C.V.Raman Crystal Dynamics
21. C.V.Raman Raman effect
22. Casimir Funk Vitamin B1
23. Cavendish Hydrogen
24. Chadwick Neutron
25. Charles Babbage Computer
26. Charles Babbage Difference engine
27. Charles Darwin Evolution
28. Charles Darwin Evolution (theory)
29. Charles Darwin Origin of Species
30. Chester Carlson zerox machine
31. Conrad Elvehjem Vitamin Niacin
32. Copernicus (1540) Solar System
33. Coulomb Fundamental Laws of Electric Attraction
34. D. T. Smith, E. G. Hendrick Vitamin B2
35. Daimler Automobile
36. Dalton Atomic Theory
37. Dalton Laws of Multiple Proportion
38. Darwin Laws of Natural Selections
39. Darwin Theory of Evolution
39. Dauguerre Photograph
40. Dmitri Mendeleev Periodic Table of Elements
41. Dr. Alan M. Turing Electronic Computer
42. Dr. Lee de Forest Film (with sound)
43. Dr. Richard Gatling Machine Gun
44. Dr. Wallace H. Carothers Nylon
45. Dr. William Stokes, Rene Laennec Stethoscope
46. Dr.Paul Muller D.D.T.
47. E.G. Otis Lift
48. Edison Incandescent Bulb
49. Edison Phonograph
50. Edward Jenner Vaccination
51. Edward Mellanby Vitamin D
52. Edward Teller Bomb
53. Eijkman Beri – Beri
54. Elmer V. McCollum Vitamin B
55. Elmer V. McCollum and M. Davis Vitamin A
56. Emil Fischer Organic Chemistry
57. Enrico Fermi Atomic Physics
58. Ernest Rutherford Structure of the Atom
59. Euclid Geometry
60. Evangelista Torricelli Barometer
61. F.Banting Insulin
62. Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Scale
63. Fahrenheit Mercury Thermometer
64. Faraday Electricity
65. Faraday Induction of Electric Current
66. Faraday Law of Electrolysis
67. Fulton Steam boat
68. G. Bradshaw Scooter
69. G. Marconi Radio
70. Galileo Telescope
71. Galileo Galilei New Science
72. Galileo Gallei Thermometer
73. George Eastman Camera
74. Gregor Mendel Laws of Inheritance
75. Gregor Mandel Laws of Heredity
76 H.W. Seeley Electric iron
77. Hahnemann Homeopathy
78. Harvey Blood Circulation
79. Herbert Evans and Katherine Bishop Vitamin E
80. Hopkins and Funk Vitamins
81. Hsing and Ling-Tsan Clock (mechanical)
82. Isaac Newton Newtonian Revolution
83. J. Froelich Tractor
84. James Harrison, Alexander Catlin Refrigerator
85. James Lind Vitamin C
86 James Watson Structure of DNA
87. James Watt Steam Engine
88. James Watt Steam engine (condenser)
89. Jean Baptiste Lamarck Foundations of Biology
90. Jean Piaget Child Development
91. Johann Phillip Reis, Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha Gray, Amos E. Dolbear, and Thomas Edison Microphone
92. Johannes Gutenberg Printing Press
93. John Dalton Theory of the Atom
94. John Harrison Chronometer
95. John J. Loud Ball-Point Pen
96. John Logie Baird Television (mechanical)
97. John Napier Logarithmic Tables
98. John Napier Logarithms
99. John von Neumann Modern Computer
100. Joseph Aspdin Cement
101. Joseph J. Thomson Electron

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