Machine Input-output Practice Set PDF For All Government Exams

Reasoning Machine Input-output Practice Set- Dream Big Institution

 Machine Input-output Practice Set PDF For All Competitive Exams 

One of the most scoring questions in any Banking exam is Input-Output. These questions look tough and often take up huge chunks of your valuable time in solving. With the SBI PO prelim paper brought down to 1-hour duration, it is of vital importance that these questions be solved quickly. Learning short tricks to handle these types of questions will significantly boost your reasoning score.

Be warned, this method looks tougher than it is. You will need to sit down with a pen and paper to understand this one. But it is truly an easy method. Once you grasp it, you can cut down your time spent on input-output questions to less than a quarter of what you used to. If earlier you spent 8-10 minutes trying to solve 5 input-output questions, you can now solve them in 2 minutes! Isn’t that amazing? So all we ask for is patience while you read on.


Machine input or Input Output is a question type, where the candidate is given some kind of word and number arrangement. With each subsequent operation, the arrangement of the words and numbers changes. These operations are performed until a final arrangement is reached or is performed in the loop


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Machine Input-output Practice Set PDF For All Government Exams
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