Math Word Problems Questions PDF For SBI PO


 Math Word Problems Questions PDF For SBI PO


Math Word Problems Questions PDF For SBI PO


 Math Word Problems Questions PDF For SBI PO: The State Bank of India (SBI) will conduct the SBI PO 2019 recruitment exam in the month of June. A large number of aspirants are expected to apply for the SBI PO 2019 exam. It is one of the most desired competitive exams in India as it offers a prestigious career option for candidates looking for banking and government sector jobs.


SBI PO Syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude

This section requires you to have a fair knowledge of your high school Mathematics. The section tests both your Mathematical and analytical skill. The topics for this section are listed below:

  • Simplification
    Profit and Loss
    Mixtures and Allegations
    Simple and Compound Interest
    Surds and Indices
    Work and Time
    Time and Distance
    Data Interpretation
    Ratio and Proportion
    Number System
    Sequence and Series
    Permutation and Combination
    Tabular Graph
    Line Graph
    Pie Chart
    Bar Graph
    Radar Graph
    Data Sufficiency


Solving Math Word Problems

Solving word problems can be both a challenging and rewarding activity (like many things that are challenging!). They help students to see math in the real world and they encourage and give a reason for them to learn the underlying concepts and operations.

Below are some tips and techniques that can help with solving word problems.

  • Read the question carefully. Depending on the complexity and length of the problem, it may require at least one re-reading.
  • Take your time. This is perhaps easier to say that it is to do, especially if you are taking a test or being assessed against the clock. Nevertheless, time is taken to fully understand a problem can be made up by more quickly solve it.
  • Highlight keywords, language, and phrases. Underline or use a highlighter pen. Take notes in the margin.
  • Ignore irrelevant information. Sometimes information that does not relate directly to the problem is included. Score out such information so it does not cause confusion.
  • Complete all the steps. In some multi-step word problems, there can be a temptation to stop before all the steps are complete. For example, with “ much is left?” type questions, the hard part is finding how much has been used, and since it takes so long to work this out, the final subtraction from the original total step can be forgotten.
  • Write your answer in full. For example, if the question is “How many runs did John score?”; answer “John scored 8 runs.” Do not just write “8”.
  • Show your working. This will help when you check your answer and, even if you get the final solution wrong, you might get credit for your correct steps and calculations.
  • Check to see if your answer makes sense. Ask yourself whether your answer should be bigger or smaller than the number you started with? Check that it is.



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Math Word Problems Questions PDF For SBI PO

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