Mega Government Scheme

Mega Government Scheme


Agenda :

Government approach and top schemes in infrastructure :

The current problem with India is TFP (Total Factor Productivity). We are very good in bits and pieces, but we are very bad in total development in India is so far very patchy (pieces) and huge regional inequality have cropped up everyone was with TFP as a challenge there is a need to synergies. The various aspects of government.
There are Three key areas of it.
 a)  Social Sector.
 b)  Educational and Skilling Sectors.
c)  Infrastructure.
In infrastructure, the government is going to reflect various projects.
1) Railways
2) Roadways
3) waterways
      1)RAILWAYS :
Mega Government Scheme
              Semi High Speed  = Gatiman Express
          1st train and its speed 16 km/hr
 High Speed  = Talco
It is 1st high speed train Mumbai to Ahmadabad, its speed  200 km/hr (max)/160km/hr.
 Bullet Train  =
Speed = 240 km/hr (Max) /200 km/hr (average)
It will come in the year 2024
The fastest train in the world
Japan = Bullet train “SHINKANSEN”
It’s speed of @320 km/hr.
 Scheme No. 1 = Diamond Quadrilateral
1) It is a project of Indian Railway to establish a high-speed Railway in India. As it will connect the 4th metro hence the name is “Diamond Quadrilateral”.
2) It is similar to the Quadrilateral project. The high speed of train Mumbai – Ahmadabad section will be the 1st Bullet train corridor in India.
3) Indian Railway network is the largest network. The current fastest train in India is “Gatiman Express” between Delhi to Agra. The top speed 1.60 km per hour.
Scheme No. 2 = DFC “Dedicated Freight corridor”.
 GSY = Gram Sadak Yojna
      The ministry of Railways set up a company is called as (DFCCIL) = “Dedicated  Freight Corridor Corporation of Indian Limited”. 23 be and profit = $ 3.5 bn. Total there are 6 DFC in India. Out of which 4 are done of the surrounding planning of money for this project is sanction by World Bank. But
limited km of track Nagpur is the Geographical center of India.
2) Roadways :
Mega Government Scheme
 Scheme No.1= Golden Quadrilateral project :
1) A highway network connecting many industrial, agricultural and cultural centers of India.
2) Others Major Cities are connected in this project = Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Bhuvneshwar, Jaipur, Kanpur, Pune, Surat, Guntur, Vishakhapattanam.
3) “Golden Quadrilateral” is the largest network in India.  And 5th largest in the world the total length is 5846 Km. It is managed by NHAI = National Highway Authority of India.
  Scheme No. 2 = “Bharat Mata Project”
       The Project will start from Gujarat then Rajasthan and will cover Punjab then Himalayas State = Uttarakhand,  Himachal Pradesh,  J&K and then will pass through UP, Bihar and then to the North East covering Sikkim, Asam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Mizoram.  50,000 Crore Project of Bharat Mala Project. Approx total length 5000Km.
  Scheme No. 3 = Setu Bharatam (Bridge)
State Highway, National Highway,  Expressway
  High on Highways :
1) Rashtriya Rajmarg Zilha Sanjoyulkta Pariyojna.
= over 5,600Km.
2) Setu Bharatam
= 150 Railway over the bridge and 204 Level Crossing.
3) Bharatmala
= 5,500Km stretch connecting border States.
4) Religious Circuit
= 200Km Project.
5) Road to Hinterland
= 2000Km project Linking.
3) Waterways :
Mega Government Scheme
        There are 5 industrial Corridors in India.
1) DMIC = Delhi – Mumbai industrial Corridor 2)AKIC = Amritsar – Kolkata industrial Corridors.
3) BMIC = Bangalore – Mumbai industrial corridors.
4) VCIC = Vishakhapattanam – Chennai industrial corridors.
5) CBIC = Chennai – Bangalore industrial corridors.
         The 100 smart cities project is contextualized along with industrial corridors.
   National Inland Waterways:
  NW-1 : Ganga = Total length = 1620km
  NW-2 : Bhramhaputra = Total Length = 891km
  NW-3 : West Coast Canal = Total Length = 205km
  NW-4 : Godavari Krishna canal = Total Length = 1078km.
  NW-5 : Bhramhani Delta Canal =  Total length = 588km
  NW-6 : Barak = 121km.
  Benefits of Sagarmala
1) Coastal shipping volume to grow by 5 times that is from 330 to 420 MN metric tones per anum.
2) It will create 1crore new Job out of which 40 Lakh. Direct Government jobs. It will boost merchandise export through easy logistics.


3) It will hell to save 35,000Cr. Annually. It will add 110 Billion Dollars in the income of our exports.

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