Mensuration Practice Set For IBPS Clerk

Mensuration Practice Sets Dream Big Institution

Mensuration Practice Set For IBPS Clerk 

Mensuration in various Examination

Menstruation questions are the favorite ones for quantitative sections for various SSC, banking or any clerical cadre examinations. The questions of mensuration are easy to tackle if only you understand the tricks to Solve Mensuration Problems. The questions asked are generally of basic level, however, can be really hard if you forget the formulas or misinterpret the questions. Keeping that view we have compiled some techniques to Solve Mensuration Problems in order to ease out your preparation.

How to Use the Tricks to Solve Mensuration Problems

Check whether π=22/7 has been used in the formula for finding out the Particular Area, Curved Surface Area, Total Area, Volume, etc. If it is so, then



Mensuration Chart


Mensuration Practice Set

We are Providing You Full E-Book of Mensuration With Question & Answer Which will help You To Boost Your Practice.
We usually make faces when asked to go through the topic ”MENSURATION”, the sole reason behind this is “THE FORMULAS” but wait what if we had to just understand everything and apply it in practical life ??  

Before heading to the formulas, let’s know the meaning of the word MENSURATION. The word mensuration means measurement, this is a branch of mathematics which helps us in dealing with the study of plane and solid figures, their area, volume, and related parameters.


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