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Mixture And Alligation Questions PDF Download: In this article, we have given the Question and Answers for mixtures and allegations. The allegation is an important section of quantitative aptitude for various competitive exams. The allegation is the rule that enables us to find the ratio in which two or more ingredients are at the given price. Candidates who are preparing for the Competitive Examination like SBI, IBPS, SSC, Insurance, Railway, and others can download the Questions and Answer PDF & Make use of it.

Mixture and Alligations Questions PDF for Bank

Mixture and Alligation is the basic concept that will be asked in Quantitative Aptitude. Mixture and Allegation can be defined as the mixing of the milk and water or mixing of any two liquids in a certain ratio. The candidates need strong knowledge about Mixture and Allegations to score good marks in bank exams.

This topic comes in various bank exams like SBI PO, SBI CLERK, IBPS PO, IBPS CLERK, IBPS RRB PO, IBPS RRB CLERK, and other bank exams. Mixture and Allegation is a tricky topic to understand. For better understanding, here we are providing mixture and alligation questions for bank exams. The candidates can utilize this free pdf to improve their knowledge in quants.

There is a chance to make mistakes in this concept. To avoid those, the candidates need to be strong in basic concepts. Here we are providing mixture and alligation questions free pdf to the candidates. From this free pdf, the candidates can improve their knowledge in basic concepts. Not only understanding the topic but also maintaining speed is the main concept to improve their scores in bank exams. The candidates can download this mixture and alligation questions free pdf to increase their scores in the bank exams.

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Mixture and Alligation Questions PDF For All Competitive Exams

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Mixture and Alligation Formula

To solve any numerical ability question, candidates need to know a set of formulas for each topic which make solving the questions easier and time-saving. This, given below are a few formulas that will help candidates with the same and let them solve the mixture and allegation questions more conveniently:

  • The basic formula which is used to find the ratio in which the ingredients are mixed is 
Mixture & Alligation Formula

It is also called the rule of alligation and can also be represented as 

Mixture and Alligation - Rule of Alligation

Type of Mixtures and Alligations Questions

The various types of questions based on the Mixtures and Alligations concept are listed below.

  • Type 1: You will receive the quantity of ingredients and their price, you will be asked to find the average price of the resulting mixture.
  • Type 2: You will receive a desired quantity/price of the mixture as well as the price of the ingredients. You need to know in what ratio/percentage of ingredients to mix to get the desired amount.
  • Type 3: Find the resulting amount when concentrating/diluting the mixture.
  • Type 4: Determine the ratio in which 2 quantities should be mixed so that the resulting mixture can be sold. The mixture can be sold for a profit x%.

Tips and Tricks To Solve Mixtures and Alligations Questions

Time management plays a very important role in the Government exams and candidates cannot afford to lose much time while solving any of the given questions. Thus, a few simple tricks and tips will also prove to be helpful for the candidates to solve the mixture allegation questions easily:

  • The rule of alligation can also be used to solve questions based partnerships, time and work and wages
  • Read a question and try placing the values in the alligation rule mentioned above to solve the question
  • Questions from this topic may sound a bit tricky but are easy to solve if once a candidate get familiar with the concept and the important formulas used
  • You cannot just find the ratio between the quantity of two elements but also the rate at which the article can be sold using the alligation rule

Mixture and Alligation Question asked in Previous Year Exam (Sample Question)

Q.1 A jar had 330-liter mixture of Milk and water in the respective ratio of 2 : 1.60 liters of this mixture is taken out and ‘x’ liter each of milk and water is added to the jar (remaining mixture). The respective ratio between milk and water was 8 :5 respectively. What was the total quantity of both milk and water added to the jar?

a) 90 liter

b) 170 liter

c) 160 liter

d) 120 liter

Answer: d



Total mixture = 330 liter

Ratio of milk and water = 2 : 1


Mixture left in jar after 60 liters taken out = 330 – 60 = 270 liters

Milk = (2/3) × 270 = 180 liter

Water = (1/3) × 270 = 90 liter

Now according to question

(180 + x)/(90 + x) = 8/5

⇒900 + 5x = 720 + 8x

⇒3x = 180

⇒x = 60

∴Quantity that was added = 2 × 60 = 120 liter

Q2. A cistern contains 100 liters of water. 10 liters of water is taken out of it and replaced by the same quantity of soda. This process is repeated one more time. After that 20 liters of the solution is replaced by the same quantity of whiskey. Find the proportion of soda, water, and whiskey in the final mixture?

a) 19 : 71 : 25

b)  38 : 72 : 50

c) 19 : 81 : 25

d)  29 : 71 : 25

Answer: c



A cistern contains 100 liters of water.



Water = 100 lit

After 1st replacement

Water : Soda = 90 : 10 = 9 : 1

After 2nd replacement

Water = 90 – (10 × 9/10) = 81 lit

Soda = 10 – (10 × 1/10) + 10 = 19 lit

After 3rd replacement

Water = 81 – (20 × 81/100)  = 64.8 lit

Soda = 19 – (20 × 19/100)  = 15.2 lit

Whiskey = 20 lit

∴Required ratio = 15.2 : 64.8 : 20

⇒19 : 81 : 25

Q.3) Ratio of Milk and water in Vessel A is 7:4 and same mixture in the ratio of 5:3, 22 liters mixture from vessel A taken out and poured in vessel B new ratio of milk to water is 27:16. If new quantity of mixture in vessel B is equal to initial quantity of mixture in vessel A, then find quantity of Milk after 8 liters of mixture has been taken out from Vessel A?

A) 200/29 liters
B) 546 / 11 liters
C) 120/13 liters
D) 220/19 liters
Answer: b

 Let Ratio of Milk and water in Vessel A is 7x and 4y

Let ratio of milk and water in vessel B is 5y and 3y

Now according to question.

(5y + 22 * 7 / 11) / (3y + 22 * 4 / 11) = 27 / 16

(5y + 14 )/ (3y + 8) = 27 / 16

80y + 224 = 81y + 216

Y = 8

New quantity of mixture in vessel B

= > (8 * 5 + 14) + (8 * 3 + 8)

= > 54 + 32

= > 86

Therefore initial quantity of vessel A = 86 liters

Quantity of milk remaining in Vessel A

86 * 7 / 11 – 8 * 7 / 11

= > 546 / 11 litres

Q4. X and Y two alloys are made by mixing aluminum and magnesium metals in the ratio of 8: 5 and 9:16 respectively. If equal amounts of alloys are melted to form a new alloy Z, what will be the ratio of aluminum and magnesium in Z?

 a) 317:333

b) 316:319

 c) 314:333

 d) 313:317

Answer: a


The ratio of aluminum and magnesium in Z = [8/13+9/25] : [5/13+16/25]

= 317/325 : 333/325

= 317:333

Q5. How many kilograms of sugar of Rs.5.4 per kg should be mixed with 10 kg of sugar of Rs.4.5 per kg, such that there may be gain of 20% by selling the mixture at Rs.5.94 per kg.

a) 10 kg

b) 12 kg

c) 15 kg

d) 8 kg

Answer:  A


Let, the amount of rice of Rs.5.4 per kg = x kg

According to the question,

x × 5.4 + 4.5 × 10 = 5.94 × (10 + x) ÷ 120 × 100

=5.4x + 45 = 4.95 × (10 + x)

=5.4x + 45 = 49.5 + 4.95x

=5.4x – 4.95x = 49.5 – 45

=0.45x = 4.5

=x = 10 kg

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So, we hope that with lots of practice, these steps can help the Aspirants during their Competitive exam preparation to build the Knowledge that is required to solve Mixture and Alligation Questions problems during the Competitive exams.

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