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Permutation& Combination

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Permutation& Combination

Permutation and Combination are not that important for the purpose of exam Because Question are rarely asked from This Topic but We have to learn them anyway because Question of probability can’t be solved without learning permutation and combination. So will give you all a little hint about what is permutation and what is a combination

But Before That Just Look at A very Important Concept Without Which You can’t solve a single Question of permutation &combination

And that Factorial Notation.

It’s represented by (!) and it is read as Factorial.

So if I write 5! it will be read as Five Factorial.

And what it means? It means to simply multiply all the numbers in decreasing order till 1.

Like if I write 6! it means 6*5*4*3*2*1 = 720

Or 7! = 7*6*5*4*3*2*1   = 5040

For Fast Calculation, You all must learn the value of factorial till 10.

Just Learn these values

1! = 1

2! = 2

3!= 6

4! = 24

5! = 120

6! = 720

7! = 5040

8! = 40320

9! = 362880

10! = 3628800

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