Quantitative Aptitude Time & Work Problems Practice Set Pdf

Quantitative Aptitude Time & Work Practice Set- Dream Big Instituton

Quantitative Aptitude Time & Work Problems Practice Set Pdf

Today we have included the Time and Work questions. You should try to do it within 16-17 Minutes. If you fail to complete it in a stipulated time, then try again with full force. These Time and Work questions are very important from exam point of view like IBPS RRB Exam, IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk.

Shortcut Method for Time and Work Problems

Time and Work is an important topic asked in banking and other competitive exams like IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, SSC CGL, IBPS PO, SBI PO, CAT and more. This article is a part of ‘’Shortcut Techniques’’ series. This shortcut method to solve Time and Work problems quickly will help you to save at least 1 minute

Fraction Conversion

An effective trick that will help you to solve Time & Work-based problems is Try to directly remember fraction conversation into the percentage. Check are some examples given in the table below.

Number of days required to complete the work Work that can be done per day Efficiency in Percent
n 1/n (100/n)%
1 1/1 100%
2 1/2 50%
3 1/3 33.33%
4 1/4 25%
5 1/5 20%
6 1/6 16.66%
7 1/7 14.28%
8 1/8 12.5%
9 1/9 11.11%
10 1/10 10%
11 1/11 9.09%

For example, let us suppose that A can do a job in 10 days.

1st method: Fraction Technique

A = 10 days i.e so work done in a day is 1/10th.

2nd Method: Efficiency Technique

Work done by a person in unit time is defined as efficiency in Time and Work Problems

A = 10 days so efficiency of A per day = 100/10 = 10%


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