Questions Asked in SSC CGL Exam 2021: 13th – 20th August All Shift: [All Questions]

Questions asked in SSC CGL Exam 2021: SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) is considered to be one of the biggest examinations to be conducted for graduate students in India. SSC conducts SSC CGL every year to recruit staff for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and in its Subordinate Offices. It is a great opportunity for the candidates looking forward to the reputed organization.

SSC CGL TIER I is conducting the exam from 13th August 2021 to 24th August 2021. The SSC CGL Tier 1 all-shift questions will give you an insight into the topic carrying maximum marks. Candidates appearing in the upcoming shifts can go through the questions and prepare themselves for the shifts.

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Questions Asked in SSC CGL Exam 2021:

24th August All Shift

  • Rangbhoomi Novel is written by?
  • Which Mughal Ruler is known as alamgir?
  • World Leprosy Day is celebrated on?
  • Swamitva Yojna under which ministry?
  • Which is the largest union territory of India wrt area?
  • 16 Yards hit is associated with?
  • Which state does not share a border with Bangladesh?
  • Which award is given in the field of Science and technology?
  • When was the Arjuna award given in sports started?
  • What does A stands for in SAGY scheme?
  • Atranjikhera archeological site is at?
  • Black Fever beacuse of?
  • Water is formed by reaction of which with hydrogen?
  • Which sultanate was ruled by the Sharqi Dynasty?
  • Who is the general secretary of the communist party of India as of Jan 2021?
  • When does Mughal Empire established by Babur?
  • Which article states that India will have one Vice President?
  • Veer Surendra Sai is associated with which state?
  • What is a wave caused by an earthquake called?
  • In Dec 2020 Mizoram Launched Love Brigade to Create Awareness for which of the following?
  • Ruia Gold Cup is related to which sport?
  • distribution of power between center and state is under which article?
  • Who is elected as Vice President of Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU)?
  • CEO of National Health Authority?
  • Synonyms- Leverage

23rd August All Shift

  • Who is the author of “English Teacher”
  • Match of the following of musicians
  • Sound of animals-> odd one out
  • What is the chemical symbol of magnesium?
  • One question from Wavelength.
  • Which of the following disease is not caused by the virus? Ebola, aids
  • “Andal” it is related to which part of India?
  • A tight grip is related to which sport? [tennis, badminton, squash & cricket]
  • Tomb of Shershah Suri is at?
  • Which cities are connected by NH1?
  • Full form of ICAO?
  • Kalbeliya dance is from which state?
  • 1st rank in Happiness Index?
  • Tuhfat-ul-Muwahhidin is written by?
  • Cockroach take a breath from
  • One question from Forest Act
  • One question from Cell elongation
  • One question related to Ashoka

SSC CGL Tier-I Shift 1 Exam Analysis for General Awareness:20th August

This section is important from the scoring perspective. The candidates who prepare for this to score more can get the advantage of scoring more in less time. The questions may be based on static or current affairs. Let us check the questions asked in the 1st shift of 20th August 2021.

Most of the questions were asked from the Current Affairs of January 2021.

  • Which Dynasty was overthrown by Chandragupta?
  • Which tiger reserve was awarded with the international TX.2 award?
  • Minister of Information and Broadcasting?
  • Lezim dance is of which state?
  • Alivardi Khan was Nawab of?
  • When did the battle of Imphal take place?
  • In which field Rajnikanth Devidas Shroff has been given Padma Bhushan 2021?
  • Who has been awarded the Global Goalkeeper Award By the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2019?
  • When was Rajya Sabha Formed?
  • Who has broken Michael Schumacher’s record for most wins in F1 history?
  • Sandalwood found in which type of forest?
  • Who has become the national champion of table tennis for the 9th Consecutive time?
  • Which Malayalam Movie has been nominated for Oscars?
  • What is the boiling point of water?
  • Rajagopalcari belongs to which state?
  • Gender Park is situated in which State?
  • Where is NAKU La Pass located?
  • Most catch by Indian cricketer without wicketkeeper?
  • Climate Change Event 2020 was held in which country?
  • Goa was separated from Daman & Diu comes under which article?
  • One question related to Freshwater scheme
  • Emergency comes under which article?
  • Kolkata Adhiveshan was held in which year?
  • What is the SI unit of electric current?
  • Gonad gland is located in?

18th August All Shift

General Awareness

  • International Paragliding Festival is celebrated in which state?
  • anchar lake is in?
  • jadopatia is which type of art?
  • Which of the following is not a member of the UN?
  • Article 21A is related to?
  • National Award for best electoral Practices 2020 is given to which state?
  • Global Innovation Index 2020 India’s rank?
  • Tripura foundation day is celebrated on?
  • Swasthya Sathi Health Insurance Scheme was started by which state?
  • Who is called Nepolean of India?
  • Who Founded Indian Association in 1876?
  • Present Lok Sabha Speaker?
  • When was Deccan riot Started?
  • One question from Arjuna Award.
  • What is the full form of SAGY?
  • Atranjikhera is located in which state?
  • One question from Vijay Pitaka.
  • One question from Sharqi Dynasty
  • One question from Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Which festival is celebrated in Bashar Region?
  • Which of the following disease are caused by Bacteria?
  • World hypocrisy day is celebrated on which date?
  • Bangladesh state sharing its borders with?
  • Largest Union Territories.
  • Award for Science & Tech
  • What is the SI unit of Substance
  • One question related to Alamgir
  • One question asked from H2O
  • Parsec=?
  • weber/second=?
  • IPR 1956 formed in which sector
  • Swamitva was launched in which year?
  • One question from Kolkata port trust.
  • Bombay Stocks Exchange deals with the gold and —–
  • Formation day of Rajya Sabha
  • Which of the following is not the absorption roots
  • In January 2021 who was the Information and Broadcasting Minister?
  • Which Tiger Reserve has been awarded by TX2
  • Question-related to Vedas
  • Sandalwood trees are grown in which forest
  • When has Japan invaded Imphal?
  • Type of forest was asked
  • What is the collection of hymns in Vedas called?

Quant Questions

  • x^2-5root2x+1=0, then find the value of [x^3+(1/x^3)]/[x^2+1]=?
  • TanR=1/3 then find the value of [secP(cosR+sinP)]/[cosecR(sinR-cosecP)]
  • x+y+z=1, xy+yz+zx=xyz=-4, then find the value of x^3+y^3+z^3=?
  • 6/4 of [3-4/6*(13-10)]-2*15/6*6]
  • (5x^2-(1/x))^3, find its constant term?
  • tanA=root5, fint [cosec^2A+sec^2A]/cosec^2A-sec^2A]=?

17th August All Shift

General Awareness

  • What is the scientific name of Mango?
  • Who is the chairman of the Central film Industry?
  • What is the record of goals in FIFA 2018?
  • Currents Affairs Dec 2020 and January 2021
  • Other name of Ratnakar in ramayana
  • Skoch award given to which ministry?
  • First atomic research center in India?
  • Who translated Mahabarata into Sanskrit?
  • RBI’s Head Quarter is located at?
  • Which of the following didn’t received Padam Vibhusan in 2021?
  • Which is the state animal of Assam?
  • From Economics, utility-related law questions asked
  • Which of the following was not a Loksabha member?
  • Who is the Indian Hockey team Captain
  • Mahavir is related to which religion?
  • Chronological order of Dandi March, Noncorporation Movement, Jalilawala Bagh Movement?
  • Hindi is the official Language of India comes under which article?
  • According to article 170, the Legislative Assembly of a State shall consist of not more than__ and not less than____ members
  • One question from “The Light of Asia” poem
  • Who is the vice chief of defense
  • Who is the present chairman of the Athletics Federation of India?
  • World no 1 badminton player female 2019
  • Who is the chairman of the Asian Cricket Council?
  • FIFA 2022 world cup venue
  • Bhitarkanika National Park is situated in which state?
  • Which of the following is not greenhouse gas?
  • In which article Devnagari has been included

Quant Questions

  • In a triangle ABC, AD is angle Bisector.AC=21,BC=11.BD is 3 cm less than DC. Find AB?
  • Find the volume of the spherical shell if the inner radius is 2 and the outer radius is 3.
  • A takes 160000 Rs from B at 10 % SI for 2 Years. And give it to C For the same time at CI compounded yearly. find Profit of A?
  • find the difference of mean proportion of 1.8 & 3.2 and third proportion of 5 & 3?
  • X^2-root x + 1 = 0 find x^3+X^-3 =?
  • The number of Students in A & B class is 4:7. The average mark of Class A is 65 and the Average of class B is 63. Find Average of all Students.
  • If Sin a = 1/2 , find tan A – cot A/root 3(1+cosecA)
  • The market price of an article is 2720. Discount is 25 % Loss is 15 %. find CP?
  • x^8-433x^4+16=0 then find x+2/x=?
  • The speed of a train is 72Km/ crosses a pole in 20 sec. How much time will it take to cross a platform of 200m?
  • a^+c^2=2(a-8b-2b^2),find a^3+b^3+c^3
  • 94x29y6 is divisible by 72 find 2x+3y,x does not equal to y
  • Distance = 160 KM if A takes 8 hours more to travel than B.If A doubles his speed now he takes 3 hours more to travel than B. Then the speed of B?
  • SP = 640 at 15 % loss on SP what will be 15% profit on CP.
  • 54 root 2 x^3 + 24 root 3 y^3/ (3root 2 x + 2 root 3 y) = Ax^2+ By^2+cxy. Find A^2 -(B^2+C^2)?
  • x+y+z=7 , x^2+y^2+z^2=85 x^3+y^3+z^3 = 912 find root xyz?
  • cot ( A+B) = 1/root 3 , cos (A-b) = root 3 /2. Find 3A – 2B=?

16th August All Shift

General Awareness

  • When was Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana launched?
  • One question from khilafat andolan
  • Who is the speaker of Lok Speaker in January 2021? Ans:Om Birla
  • In IPL Chennai Franchaise is named as what? CSK
  • Karnatak k places diye the,konsi place nhi hai karnatka ki
  • Tripura state day is celebrated on which day?
  • National Paragliding competition was recently held in which state?
  • What is the Common name of Green Algae
  • When did Hindi day celebrate in India?
  • Who was the 1st Vice President of India?
  • Who is the chairmen of Rajysabha?
  • When the Balika diwas is celebrated?
  • Who has written the Book “Amuktamalyada”? Ans: Krishnadevaraya
  • Mataprasad was the Governor of which state?
  • Which article is related to G.S.T.?
  • Which of the following Vitamins is Water Soluble?
  • Who was the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1947?
  • Rickets is because of which vitamin’s deficiency?
  • What is Ottan Thullal?
  • Which of the following disease is caused by Parasite?
  • 10 questions were of moderate level

Quant Questions

  • Quant was calculative
  • Two chords one is 12 cm & other 18 cm, mid point of chords is 3cm. find radius?
  • x^2+1/4x= 53, x^3-8y^3=?
  • 3 DI bar graph
  • 1 bar graph,1 table based
  • Salary DI. Student DI were asked
  • Sin3x-15°=1/2 the value cos^2=15°+Cot^2 X+15°
  • Mother: daughter present ratio is 7:1 and after 5 years ratio is 4:1.What is the difference between ages of both?
  • x+y+z=2 , xy+yz+zx =-11 , x^3+y^3+z^3-3xyz?
  • x^3+y^3 = 405 x+y=9 find xy?
  • In right-angled triangle ABC right angle at B.AB = 12 , BC = 16. A perpendicular BD is drawn from B on Hypotenuse. Find AD?

13th August All Shift

The SSC CHSL Tier 1 all-shift questions will give you an insight into the topic carrying maximum marks. Candidates appearing in the upcoming shifts can go through the questions and prepare themselves for the shifts.

  1. How many arteries are there in the umbilical cord? [2 arteries]
  2. Which ruler started the construction of Konark Sun temple? [King Narasimhadeva]
  3. Tributary of Brahmaputra river known by which name in Bhutan?
  4. Which of the disaster calamities not caused by an external force?
  5. ST/SC reservation comes under which article? [Article 15 (4)]
  6. Hemis national park is in which state? [Jammu and Kashmir]
  7. Rayman Magssay Award Started in? [April 1957]
  8. Hockey championship was won by which state? [Haryana]
  9. Which process used by Autotrophs makes food? [Photosynthesis]
  10. SAIL Authority company is situated in which city? [New Delhi]
  11. What is the formula of wavelength? [λ = v/f ]
  12. Ramanujan award is given in which filed? [Physics]
  13. SAANS Campaign belongs to which state
  14. Who Assassinated William Carson Miley?
  15. Abhinendra Nath Book related question?
  16. Which is the best type of coal?
  17. Who is the Brand Ambassador of Aayushamna Bharat Scheme?
  18. Momentum ir the same units as that of: Impulse
  19. Which IPL team does AB de Villiers play for?: RCB
  20. How many digits are there in RTGS number? : 22
  21. What is the unit of energy?: eV
  22. Which Central Government scheme has been launched for Internet?: PM Ghar Tak Fiber Scheme
  23. When did the second round table conference was held?: 1931
  24. Who was one of the founder of Hindustan Republican Association?: Ram Prasad Bismil
  25. AFSPA extended for 6 more months in which state? : Assam
  26. Planning commission was launched on which year? 1950
  27. Which of the following is not founded by swami Vivekananda? Arya Samaj
  28. Which of the following is awarded Padma Vibhushan?
  29. Who became PM after Morarji Desai? Charan Singh
  30. How many virology institutes are to be set up (budget 2021)?:4
  31. What is the Capital of New Zealand? Wellington
  32. Chandan Yatra is related to which state? Odisha
  33. Siju bird Sanctuary is situated in? Meghalaya
  34. Kitab-ul-Hind book written by? : Al-Biruni
  35. Ravindra nath tagore literacy award 2020 is awarded to? Kamal Jha
  36. Ganeshi Lal is governer of which state? Odisha
  37. One question regarding which gurudwara situated on river bank?
  38. Which is a major copper mine? : Khetri
  39. One Question on Arthika Spandana Yojna:
  40. Winner of Toyota Thailand open?
  41. Who is the writer of Al Baruni?
  42. Which of the following is a part of Kidney?
  43. Which of the following is a member of HSRA?
  44. Who wrote Kitab al hind?
  45. Ganeshi Lal is governor of which state?
  46. What is the national game of Thailand?
  47. How many districts are in MP?
  48. One question related to Dayanand Saraswati
  49. If P=8192, rate=15%, time=5 monthly, then find CI?
  50. If average of first 5 numbers given and last 5 numbers is also given, then find the middle number.
  51. What should be subtracted from 19,28,55,91 so the numbers are in same proportion?
  52. The diameter of a circle is 25 cm and the length of the cord is 21. find the perpendicular distance from center to chord?
  53. Plant kingdom related question.
  54. cot 25 cot 35 cot 45 cot 55 cot 65=?
  55. If x+y=4 , 1/x+1/y = 16/15 find x^3+y^3 = ?
  56. If x+1/x=4 then find x^5 + 1/ x^5 =?
  57. 676xy exactly divided by 3,7,11. Then 3x-5y=?
  58. If side of a rhombus is 13 , one diagonal is 24. find the area of the rhombus?
  59. 8(x+y)^3 – 27 (x-y) ^3 = (5y-x) ( Ax^2 + By^2 + Cxy). Find A+B-C
  60. cosec a / (cosec a + 1) + cosec a/ (cosec a -1) – tan^2a =?
  61. If 15 articles were purchased in rs.140, then 10 articles were sold in rs.60, and 12 articles were sold in Rs. 132. Calculate profit & loss.
  62. cosec a / (cosec a + 1) + cosec a/ (cosec a -1) – tan^2a =?
  63. if 2 cos^2a = 3 sin a then sec^2 a – tan ^2 a + cos ^2 a=?
  64. If an article is sold at 176 after 12 % discount. If no discount is given he earns a profit of 25 %.then find CP?
  65. x+1/x =5 , then find (x^6-5x^3+1)/(x^6+7x^3-1)
  66. x-y=11,1/x-1/y = 11/24, then x^3 – y^3=?
  67. Antonym -> Gradual , Seize
  68. Idiom -> Raise the Bar
  69. Topic of cloze test-> related to Communication
  70. Synonym-> Leisure


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