Ratio and Proportion Practice Questions For All Exams

Ratio & Proportiona

Ratio and Proportion Practice Questions For All Exams

Ratio and proportion hold a special place in competitive exams. The questions from this topic is a very common occurrence. It is important to have enough practice for these questions to answer them in the exam. Here below are the ratios and proportion practice questions.

Properties of Ratio

Ratio and Proportion

Properties of Proportion

Ratio and Proportion Practice Questions For All Exams


Ratio can be simply said as fractions.  A number which is written as a fraction. Then, the Ratio’s specified is not the exact value and it is the multiples of the value specified.

Ratio compares 2 numbers and they should be of the same unit

The reciprocal of the same number is not the same ie (4/3) is not equal to(3/4)


4        The value is Multiples  of 4
3        The value is Multiples of 3

# 1.TYPE  1:


This is Basic type of questions in Ratio and Proportion,In this type Question contains Individual Ratio/Total Ratio and Individual Value/Total Value then,you will be asked to find the Ratio or Value.Since these type of questions are basic questions,and they can used in any other topic

1.If a certain sum of money is distributed among  A and B in the ratio 4:3 and B gets Rs.3000,then what is total money distributed?

4x 3x 7x

3x=3000                 x=1000

Total money distributed =7x=7*1000=Rs.7000

2.If a certain task is distributed among A,B,C and D in the ratio 2:5:7:9 in 1 day then D performs 1800 task in 1 day. Then how many task is completed for 2day when A and B works?




A and B when combines in 1 day they does =  2x+5x=7x


For 2 days they complete 1400*2=2800 task.

 # 2.TYPE 2:


In this type efficiency of the Person is given and the ratio were also given we have to find the new ratio.Tricks and Tips to solve the Problem based on Efficiency.

1.Seats for mathematics, physics and biology in a school are in the ratio 5:7:8.There is a proposal to increase these seats by 40%,50% and 75% respectively. What will be the ratio of increased seats?


The ratio’s are 5x:7x:8x let x=10 then,

Mathematics=50  Physics =70   Biology=80

Then Increased Percentage be 40%,50% and 75%:

10% of 50=5 then 140% of 50=70

10% of 70=7 then 150% 0f 70=105

10%of  80=8 then 175% of 80=140

Mathematics=70  Physics =105  Biology=140

Their increased ratio=2:3:4

# 3.TYPE  3:


This type of Problem consists of two Ratio’s and we asked to find  a new ratio.These type of questions can be asked in Partnership Problems

1.If a:b=2:3   and b:c=2:4 then a:b:c=?



Ratio and Proportion

Therefore the new Ratio=2:3:6

2.If a:b=2:3  and  b:c=  2:4   and   c:d=  4:2 then a:b:c:d=?

Ratio and Proportion

Therefore, the new Ratio is 2:3:6:3

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