RRB ALP Stage 2 Exam Analysis 2019: 21st January [1st Shift]


RRB ALP Stage 2 Exam Analysis


RRB ALP Stage 2 Exam Analysis 2019: 21st January [1st Shift]


The government of India, Ministry of Railways is conducting RRB ALP Stage-II Exam today. And it will also conducted from 21st to 23rd January 2019. Lets get straight to the analysis of today’s exam.


Computer Based Test (CBT)

Subjects No. Of Questions No. Of Marks Duration
Mathematics 25 25 90 min
General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 25
Basic Science & Engineering 40 40
General awareness on current affairs 10 10
Total 100 100
Trade Test 75 75 60 min
  • Part-A: Minimum percentage of marks for eligibility in various categories: UR -40%, OBC-30%, SC-30%, ST -25%. 
  • Negative Marking: For every wrong answer 1/3 marks will be deducted.
  • Qualifying Mark for Part- B: 35 % (This is applicable to all candidates and no relaxation is permissible).

RRB ALP Stage-II PART-A Exam Analysis

In RRB ALP Stage-II Exam 2018, Quantitative Aptitude was of Easy-Moderate Level. Most of the questions were based directly on Formulas and some were calculative.


Topic No of Questions
S.I, CI, Profit/Loss 3-4
Simplification 5-6
Ratio & Proportion 1
Geometry 3-4
Time and Work 2-3
Number System 1-2
Speed and Distance 3-4
Average & Percentage 2
Mensuration 4-5
Mean, Median & Mode 3
Total 25


General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability

In RRB ALP Stage-II Exam 2018, General Intelligence(Reasoning) questions were of Easy-Moderate level. There were only 1 question from seating arrangement. One question form Assumptions. In one questions you have to count number of straight lines.


Topic No of Questions
Statement & Conclusion 4-5
Blood Relation 2
Non-Verbal (Mirror Image) 1
Coding-Decoding 2
Seating Arrangement [Adjacent sitting] 1
Series 3-4
Total 25


Basic Science & Engineering

  • What is the SI unit of acceleration?
    One question from the Auxiliary line.
    Power based question.
    What is the SI unit of power?
    formula based question from speed & velocity.
    Find heat, if specific heat & temp was given.
    2 resistance given in series & In 2 in parallel. then find the value of current?
    Which of the following is 3 level machine?
    First aid: what is the full form of “E” in RICE
    Processing takes place in?
    One question from Hard Disk
    Questions from projections
Topics No. Of Questions
Engineering Drawing (Projections, Views, Drawing Instruments, Lines, Geometric figures, Symbolic Representation) 10-11
Units & Measurements 1
Mass Weight and Density
Work Power and Energy 4
Speed and Velocity 2-3
Heat and Temperature 2
Basic Electricity 4
Levers and Simple Machines 2-3
Occupational Safety and Health 1
Environment Education 1
IT Literacy 2
Total 40


  • General Awareness On Current Affairs
    Check Questions which were asked in Today’s RRB ALP Stage-II Exam 2018:-
    Who is the New President of IBF 2018?
    Who got first Bharat Ratan Award?
    India’s rank in happiness index?
    “Unforgettable memories” autobiography of which minister?
    Militry exercise held between india and us- Vajra prahar
    Jammu kashmir dance- Rauf
    Angorwat temple-cambodia

RRB ALP Stage-II PART-B Exam Analysis

RRB ALP Stage-II Part-B “Physics”

  • Find the value of force, if mass & acceleration given?
    What is the SI unit of Force?
    Mass was given, then find the value of distance.
    One question from projectile.
    Numerical based questions from Work & Energy.
    How current will flow Paramagnetic substance?
    Which colour gets Dispersed maximum?
    Find the value of power, if focal length was given.
    Eye lens is made of which lens?
    Ration of Uranium in nuclear fusion?


Physics Topics No. Of Questions
Force and laws of Motion 3-4
Gravitation 2-3
Kinematics 2-3
Work and Energy 2-3
Sound 2-3
Current Electricity:-Electric Current , Electric Currents in Conductors, Ohm’s law , Limitations of Ohm’s Law, Drift of Electrons and the Origin of Resistivity, Resistivity of various Materials , Temperature Dependence of Resistivity, Electrical Energy, Power Combination of Resistors Series and Parallel , Cells, emf, Internal Resistance , Cells in Series and in Parallel , Kirchhoff’s Laws , Wheatstone Bridge, Meter Bridge, Potentiometer, Current Electricity 3-4
Heating Effect of Current 1
Magnetic Effect of Current 1
Reflection of light 1-2
Dispersion of Light 4-5
The Human Eye 2-3
Sources of Energy 2-3
Units and Dimensions 3-4
Total 38


RRB ALP Stage-II Part-B “Mathematics”

Angle of Elevation was given then find the value of height of shadow?
Questions form terminating decimals


Topics  No. Of Questions
Surface Area And Volume : Area of different types of triangle ,
Surfaces areas and volumes of – cube , cuboid , right circular cone,
cylinder , prism , pyramid,tetrahedron, frustum.
Circle 3-4
Co-ordinate Geometry : – Distance b/w two given  points , angle b/w 2 lines, different equations of line , slope of a line 3-4
Trigonometric Ratios 4-5
Quadratic Equations 3-4
Arithmetic Progression 2-3
Similar Triangles 2
Pythagoras Theorem 1-2
Bodmas Rule 2
Linear Equations 1-2
Height And Distances 2
Rational and Irrational Numbers 2-3
Number System 2
Statistics And Probability 3-4
Total 37


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