RRB NTPC Arithmetic Practice Set in Hindi And English


RRB NTPC Arithmetic

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RRB NTPC Arithmetic Practice Set in Hindi And English

RRB NTPC Preparation For Arithmetic

This section again contains questions of high school-level Mathematics. Most of the topics included here need the application of formulas to solve. However, the calculations might be tricky at times. What you need to master this section is sufficient to practice. Also, the theory behind each of the concepts should be understood. Otherwise, you might get confused at times and not be able to identify the concepts tested in a particular question.
Start off with easy chapters like Percentage, Ratios & Proportion, Average, Profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, etc. which are absolutely formula-based. Make sure all the formulas are at your fingertips.
Slowly, move on to difficult topics like Problems on Ages, Boats & Cisterns, Mixtures & Allegations, Time, Distance & Speed, Time & Work, etc. which, along with the application of formulas, need a logical and analytical approach to solve.
Remember that this section is all about practice. Just memorizing the formulas won’t be enough. Here too, you shouldn’t try to learn the tricks or shortcuts directly.

General Tips For RRB NTPC Preparation

Some general tips for RRB NTPC preparation are tabulated below:

  1. Understand the theory behind every single concept.
  2. Practice enough number of questions for every topic.
  3. Develop reading habits.
  4. Keep formulas, steps to solve problems, etc. at your fingertips. Practice and revise them regularly.
  5. Solve questions in a time-bound manner. Time management is very important.
  6. As you prepare, work on to maintain a balance between speed and accuracy.
  7. Revise regularly, not just the topics you feel you are weak at but also the ones which you are absolutely confident about.
  8. Take RRB NTPC mock test or any other mock test (for any government job) as the syllabus is more or less same.
  9. Analyze your performance in the test and identify your weaknesses and mistakes. Work on them.

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How to prepare for Arithmetic Ability Section of RRB NTPC

RRB NTPC Arithmetic Ability
To enable you to set up the best, we have begun a progression of articles on RRB NTPC Exam readiness. In this arrangement, we will disclose to you the example/prospectus, consider plan, readiness tips and expected shorts of individual areas viz, Arithmetic Ability, General Intelligence, General Awareness, and General Science. Today we will take up the Arithmetic Ability segment of RRB NTPC Stage I (Prelims).
RRB NTPC will lead Stage I (CBT) from June 2019 (conditional). This infers there are 3 months approx. to arrangement and expert the test. The quantity of opportunity is 32,000 and around 92 lakhs hopefuls are relied upon to show up for the test. Considering the most recent example discharged by the RRB, the Mathematics Section comprises of 30 percent of the complete paper weightage. Experience the techniques proposed by our MockBank specialists and endeavor to copy the equivalent so you can cover every one of the themes under number juggling area inside the rest of the time. As this area can separate the hopefuls clearing to the following Stage and the applicants who don’t.

RRB NTPC Stage I (Prelims) Arithmetic Ability: Pattern

No. of questions 30
Total marks 30
Marks per correct answer 01
Negative Marking for an incorrect answer 0 .33

RRB NTPC Arithmetic Ability Syllabus

Arithmetic Ability Topics Name Expected Number of questions
Number System 2-3
Decimals and Fractions 1-2
Ratio and Proportions 1-2
Percentages 1-2
Mensuration 2-3
Time and Work 1-2
Time and Distance 1-2
Simple and Compound Interest 2-3
Profit and Loss 1-2
Elementary Algebra 3-4
Trigonometry 1-2
Geometry 2-3
Elementary Statistics 1
Heights and Distance 1
Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Pie Chart, Bar Chart 1
Missing DI 1-2

How to prepare for arithmetic ability section of RRB NTPC: Topic Wise Preparation Tips.
Number System, Decimals, Fractions

  • It is really easy to figure out from previous paper’s analysis that questions from Number System, Decimals, Fractions constitute a major chunk of quantitative aptitude section. This is unlikely to change for this year’s paper too.
  • In these type of questions, You have to find out the number, solve the fraction A series of numbers is given,
  • The best part is that once you identify the pattern, solving the question becomes a cakewalk.
  • There can be many patterns. viz.
    • Prime Numbers.
    • Squares/ Cubes.
    • Patterns in differences.
    • The pattern in alternate numbers.
    • Geometric series.
    • Odd one out.
    • Cube roots/ square roots.
  • Don’t rush through solving these type of questions. Give some time and you have 100% accuracy.
  • Beware, if you do not practice for these type of questions, you will end up spending 10-15 minutes and still not get any answer. This will not only cost you marks but will also result in poor time management for the other parts of the paper.
  • So the mantra here would be practice, practice, and practice.
  • Start by going through the basic questions of series.
  • Solve 20-30 questions daily for the next 1 month. This will increase your speed, your exposure to various series combinations and moreover you will be prepared for the toughest

RRB NTPC Arithmetic Ability Study Plan

  • Try not to attempt to think about everything in such a case that you attempt and study all that you will finish up packing your timetable and at last hazard being under arranged.
  • Exactness and Speed are the keys to scoring the greatest in this segment.
  • Give 1 hour day by day for Arithmetic Ability preparation.
  • For the following 2-3 days, experience fundamental ideas and questions for subjects expressed previously.
  • At that point take up every theme for 3 days and settle most extreme inquiries conceivable on that subject.
  • While doing the above exercise, explain at any rate 50 addresses each day.
  • Begin giving Mock Tests. Recognize subjects you are frail in and again endeavor those themes.
  • Mock Tests will likewise enable you to set up a planning system.
  • Converse with specialists about those points and get your questions settled.
  • Practice. All the BEST.

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