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RRB NTPC CBT 2 Exam Analysis 9 May 2022: RRB NTPC 2022 CBT 2 exam is around the corner and is scheduled to be conducted on the 9th and 10th May 2022 for the posts of Level 4 and Level 6. In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth and comprehensive RRB NTPC CBT 2 exam analysis 2022 and what to expect from the RRB NTPC 2022 CBT 2 exam.

We have also shared with you RRB NTPC CBT 2 Previous Year Paper Analysis. The previous year’s paper analysis would help you understand the question trend and comprehend what can be expected from the RRB NTPC 2022 CBT 2 exam. Candidates must go through the insights provided and make the most out of the remaining time.

RRB NTPC CBT 2 Exam Analysis

This post contains the subject-wise exam Analysis for RRB NTPC 2022 Shift 1 held on 9th May From 10:30 AM to 12 Noon so that all other aspirants can get an overall and clear idea about exam pattern and difficulty level. The RRB NTPC was an online examination with 3 sections that contains 120 questions for 120 marks, the time duration of the exam is 90 minutes. A negative marking of 1/3 mark for each wrong answer was there.

The RRB NTPC CBT 2 2022 exam conducted by the railway on 9th May in 1st Shift is over now. Exam Analysis is the crucial aspect that candidates look forward to after the examination. Many candidates are eyeing the RRB NTPC exam analysis 2022 for Shift 1 as it provides an insight into the questions asked in the first shift of the exam.

RRB NTPC Exam Analysis: Shifts – 2 of 9th May 2022

The overall difficulty of the exam held on the 9th of May 2022 was Easy to moderate. The total number of good attempts raged from 93-105. The difficulty level for each section and the corresponding number of good attempts as per questions asked on 9th May 2022 is as follows:

SubjectGood Attempts
General Awareness37-44
General Intelligence and Reasoning29-32

RRB NTPC Exam Analysis Subject – Wise: Shift 2 9th May 2022 


Candidates can go through the RRB NTPC Exam Analysis Mathematics Shift – 2 number of questions and Level of difficulty level was moderate. 

TopicNo of Questions
Ratio & Proportion
2D and 3D4
Number System
Time and Work1
Time, Speed and Distance
DI (Tabular)1

General Intelligence and Reasoning 

Candidates can go through the RRB NTPC Exam Analysis General Intelligence and Reasoning Shift – 2 number of questions and Level of difficulty level was moderate. 

TopicNo of Questions
Seating Arrangements2
Question & Statement
Venn Diagram
Blood Relation4
Statement & Assumptions
Statement & Conclusion
Mathematical Operations
Odd one out

General Awareness 

Candidates can go through the RRB NTPC Exam Analysis General Awareness Shift – 2 number of questions and Level of difficulty level was moderate. Given below is a list of question asked in the Shift – 2: 

  • World Forest Day – 21st March 2022
  • 2018 FIFA Winner – France
  • Where will be FIFA Women World Cup 2023 organized? – Australia or New Zealand
TopicNo of Questions
Static GK16-18
Current Affairs (Last 1 year)7-8

RRB NTPC Exam Analysis CBT 2 9th May Shift 1

As per the review obtained from students, the level of the RRB NTPC exam was easy-moderate. A total of 120 questions were asked to be attempted in 90 minutes.

Examination SectionNo. of QuestionsGood Attempts
General Awareness5036-39
General Intelligence & Reasoning3531-33

RRB NTPC Section Wise Details Exam Analysis for 9th May Shift 1

Here we are giving you a detailed analysis for RRB NTPC Shift 1 Exam 2022. The exam consists of 3 sections i.e. mathematics, general awareness and general intelligence and reasoning.

RRB NTPC Shift 1 Exam Analysis 2022 for 9th May of General Awareness [Easy-Moderate]

The general awareness section generally gives a tough time to aspirants. Questions from Current affairs are mainly asked in the exam covering the majority of the portion. Check out the distribution and level of questions asked in this particular section. Some questions asked in today’s RRB NTPC general awareness exam analysis are given below.

  • One question from Champaran Movement.
  • Bhadra Kaali Temple is located at?
  • Coulomb is the SI unit of?
  • Oldest unit of Railway?
  • Who got 2 medals in Para Olympic?
  • What is the full form of IPCC?
  • One question asked from MS Excel.
  • When did jail tourism begin in Maharashtra
  • What is the full form of MSP?
  • Which element has Atomic number-> 30
  • Alla Rakha is famous for?
  • One question from Vitamin
  • acidic and alkaline control (element used)
  • Which hormone is present in Cork Cell?
  • One question from periodic table
  • One question asked from plant hormone
  • One Question from animal kingdom
  • Automatic toolbar invented by whom
  • Desert location
  • Pawan hans acquired by whom
  • Peshawar protest (INM)
  • Amendment (st/sc act)
TopicNo of QuestionsLevel
Current Affairs (Last 1 year)8Easy-Moderate

RRB NTPC Shift 1 Exam Analysis 2022 for 9th May of Mathematics [Easy-Moderate]

The mathematics section is generally lengthy comprising questions from arithmetic and advanced maths. The level of this section in the exam was easy to moderate and questions were asked from the same topics that were asked in previous shifts. The topic-wise distribution of questions has been provided below.

TopicNo of QuestionsLevel
SI/ CI3Moderate
Ratio & Proportion3Easy
Number System5Easy-Moderate
Time and Work3Easy-Moderate
Time, Speed and Distance3Easy
DI (Tabular)4Easy-Moderate

RRB NTPC CBT 2 Exam Analysis 9th May for General Intelligence & Reasoning [Easy]

The reasoning section tests the thinking abilities of the candidates and comprises a total of 35 questions for 35 marks. The level of reasoning section was easy and questions were asked from the same topics that were asked in previous shifts. The subject-wise distribution of questions asked along with the level has been provided below.

TopicNo of QuestionsLevel
Question & Statement3Easy-Moderate
Venn Diagram2Easy-Moderate
Blood Relation3Moderate
Statement & Assumptions1Moderate
Statement & Conclusion2Easy-Moderate
Mathematical Operations3Moderate
Odd one out4Easy-Moderate

RRB NTPC 2022 CBT 2 Shift Timings

RRB NTPC CBT 2 exam will be conducted in two shifts on 9th and 10th May 2022. Let us check the table given below for reporting time and shifts timing:

ShiftsReporting TimeDate Closure TimeExam Start TimeExam End Time
Shift-18:30 AM10:00 PM10:30 PM12:30 PM
Shift-21:30 PM3:00 PM3:30 PM5:30 PM

Before moving on to the RRB NTPC CBT 2 Previous Year Paper Analysis, let us have a quick look at the RRB NTPC CBT 2 Exam pattern.

RRB NTPC CBT 2 Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for 2nd Stage of CBT is given below in detail:

General Awareness5090 Minutes
General Intelligence and Reasoning35
Total Marks120
  • The examination duration will be 120 Minutes for eligible PwBD candidates accompanied by Scribe.
  • The section-wise distribution given in the above table is only indicative and there may be some variations in the actual question papers. There will be negative marking and a 1/3 mark shall be deducted for each wrong answer.

What to Expect from RRB NTPC 2022 CBT 2?

Based on the RRB NTPC CBT 2 Exam Analysis of previous years papers, we can expect the following things

  • We can expect the difficulty level of the RRB NTPC CBT 2 exam to be easy-moderate.
  • We can expect the majority of questions can be asked based on current affairs. 
  • Analogy and puzzles are important topics in the reasoning and can account for 4 – 5 questions
  • For Quantitative Aptitude, students must practice solving statistics questions and Data interpretation questions quickly to save time. 
  • Candidates must prepare each topic with quantitative aptitude and Reasoning and do not skip any topic without practice. 
  • Practicing previous years’ papers is a must as many questions of general awareness were repeated.

RRB NTPC CBT 2 Previous Year Paper Analysis (Section-wise)

General Intelligence and Reasoning:

  • General Intelligence and Reasoning Section had been easy
  • This had been the scoring section for the candidates.
  • Questions were easy and could have been solved with the use of logic.
  • Important Topics include Analogy, Direction, Puzzles, etc.
TopicTopic-wise Question – weightage in RRB NTPC 2016 CBT 2
17 January 201718 January 201719 January 2017
Blood Relations222
Analogy8-10 6 – 77 – 8 
Directions3-43 – 43 – 4
Statement and Conclusion3-41 – 21 – 2
Coding and decoding2-32 – 32 – 3
Number series2-31 – 2 2 – 3 
Odd One Out 11 – 2
Letter Arrangement 1 – 21 – 2 1 – 2
Ranking2 – 3
Venn Diagram 2 – 32 – 3 2 – 3

Quantitative Aptitude

  • The difficulty level of the Quant section remained Moderate
  • Questions were easy but a bit calculative which led to more time consumed in lengthy calculations
  • Mensuration Questions asked were easy and formulae based
  • DI questions were mainly based on the Table chart.
  • Candidates must brush up on the basics of Mean, median, and mode along with standard deviation for covering the Statistics portion of this section as statistics based questions were asked
  • Important Topics include: CI and SI, Data Interpretation, Mensuration, Ratio Proportion, and Arithmetic
TopicsTopic-wise Question – weightage in RRB NTPC 2016 CBT 2
17 Jan 201718 Jan 201719 Jan 2017
SI and CI5-63 – 4 3 – 4 
Profit and Loss2–  1 – 2 
Mensuration3-43 – 43 – 4
Statistics2-32 – 32 – 3
Mixture Allegation2-3–  –
Data Interpretation71 – 21 – 2
Time and Distance1-21 – 21 – 2
Ratio Proportion2-32 – 32 – 3
Number System111

General Awareness

  • General Awareness had been moderate in the difficulty level
  • Most of the questions were asked from the current affairs
  • From the environment and computer, questions were easy and were repeated. 
  • Questions were repeated from previous years papers
  • Static GK questions include folk dances and festivals of states, international boundaries, etc.
  • Important Topics: History, Polity, Geography, Science
TopicsTopic-wise Question – weightage in RRB NTPC 2016 CBT 2
17 Jan 201718 Jan 201719 Jan 2017
Physics3-41 – 21 – 2
History4-55 – 65 – 6
Current Affairs~1010 – 1410 – 14
Static GK4 – 5 5 – 65 – 6
Computer2-32 – 32 – 3
Geography2-33 – 43 – 4
Polity3-43 – 43 – 4
Biology1-23 – 43 – 4
Chemistry– 1 – 21 – 2
Environment2-31 – 2

Hope the above information was useful to you. Stay tuned for the RRB NTPC CBT 2 exam analysis 2022. 

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