SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis 2020 (31 OCT All Shift Review)


SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis 2020

State Bank of India (SBI) conducts objective type exams every year for the recruitment of clerical cadre. SBI Clerk Mains exam shift-1 is Will be Over Soon. Students must be waiting for the analysis and review to prepare for the upcoming banking exams.  has covered every minute detail of the SBI Clerk mains exam 2020 (31 OCT ) to help the banking aspirants to make their careers.

We will provide you with the types of questions asked, level of difficulty, and if there was any change introduced in the exam. So students stay tuned on this page for the SBI Clerk mains 31 OCT 2020 exam analysis of both the shifts and check the section-wise details of it.   Mail us the state for which you have appeared in this year’s SBI Exam and your good attempts to [email protected]

SBI Clerk Mains Shift Timings 2020

Mentioned below are the mains shift details and exam schedule:

SBI Clerk Mains Shift 1SBI Clerk Mains Shift 2
Reporting Time: 09:00 AM; Exam Time: 10:00 AM – 12:40 PMReporting Time: 02:00 PM; Exam Time: 03:00 PM – 05:40 PM

SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis 2020 Shift-1 (OVER-ALL):

Check the section-wise difficulty level of the SBI Clerk Mains 2020 31st October 01st shift in the below table:

SectionsDifficulty level   
English LanguageModerate
Reasoning & Computer AptitudeModerate to Difficult
Quantitative AptitudeModerate
General AwarenessModerate
Overall Difficulty levelModerate

Let’s have a look at the types of questions asked, level of difficulty and changes seen in the exam.

English Language 22-27
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 26-30
Quantitative Aptitude28-32
General/Financial Awareness30-35

SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2020: Subject Wise Analysis

Quantitative Aptitude (Moderate)

As per the review shared by the aspirants who appeared in the SBI Clerk Mains exam held today, i.e. on 31st October, the questions asked in the Quantitative Aptitude section was quite lengthy and time-consuming. Questions in this section were asked from Profit and loss, Time and work, Average, Boat and stream, Mixture and allegation, Mensuration, Probability, Percentage, Ratio and proportion, Simple interest and Compound Interest.

The  following are the distribution of topics in SBI Clerk Mains 2020:

TopicNo. of QuestionsLevel
Data Interpretation19Moderate
Data sufficiency6Moderate
Wrong number series7Moderate
Miscellaneous (Arithmetic)18Moderate

Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude (Moderate to Difficulty)

This section had 50 questions and the level of reasoning was moderate to difficult level. Following were types of puzzles asked in reasoning section of SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2020:

  • 10 Seats- 8 people inside and 2 Vacant seat
  • 7 Box- colour
  • 9 Letters Arrangement- West to East
  • 30 Stairs- 3 people standing and moving according to conditions.

English Language (Moderate)

Like every year this year too in the SBI Clerk Mains Exam, the English section was comprised of many reading Comprehension. Different topics like word arrangement, cloze test/fillers, inference based questions, passage-based questions all are clubbed into various short passages of reading comprehensions.

2 Reasoning Comprehension was asked 1st on plastic waste & 2nd on a sleeping routine topic

TopicNo. of QuestionsLevel
Reading Comprehension12Moderate
Vocabulary Based (Identify Synonym/Antonym)5Moderate
Error Detection5Moderate
Sentence & Phrase Rearrangement5Moderate-Difficult
Cloze Test6Moderate

General Awareness (Moderate)

This section had 50 questions and a time limit of 35 minutes. Overall the level of this section was  Most of the questions were from the current affairs

Most of the questions were from Our Super current affairs PDF

  1. ACE credit Card launched by bank?
  2. Atal Pension yojna works under which Department
  3. TRAI Chairman
  4. Serum Inst. of India Location
  5. Rajat bhatia associated with which sports?
  6. Ten Rules of Successful Nation Book authored by?
  7. RIL stakes in Jio Payment bank?
  8. Shagun Scheme launched by whom?
  9. Karmyogi schme for whom?
  10. S.Korea currency
  11. Governor, Duputy Gov of RBI
  12. Minimum Paid up capital for Umbrala entity
  13. 2nd April which day-
  14. India Ranking in Global Economic Freedom Index
  15. 8th October Indian Air force Anniversary
  16. Tasla Chairman
  17. Federal bank HQ
  18. Axis Bank Tie-up
  19. IPPB Established in which Year
  20. SBI Titan
  21. Prime Minister of Japan
  22. September Retain Inflation
  23. Home Utsav
  24. Charity day
  25. RRB- Centra Govt share?
  26. Instaclick Saving Account
  27. MUDRA is a subsidiary of?
  28. NSDC agreement with whom for Skill Training
  29. Third Reachest Person based on Huren India Rich List
  30. Shaurya KGC Card
  31. Insta Flexi Account
  32. White Label ATM
  33. Harley Davidson Plant
  34. UNDP HQ
  35. Fortune 500- only Indian Company in top 100
  36. Autism Awareness Day
  37. Fiscal Deficit Formula?
  38. Chambal Project
  39. 2+2 Dialogue
  40. JSE Energy Plant Set-up
  41. CBSE Related
  42. Parliament standing Committee

SBI Clerk Mains Shift 2nd Exam Analysis and Review

SBI Clerk Mains Exam Analysis 2020 Shift-2 (OVER-ALL):

English Language 20-25
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 22-24
Quantitative Aptitude21-23
General Awareness30-35


Difficulty Level: moderate-diffiicult 

 As per the aspirants who appeared for the SBI Clerk Mains this section was quite time consuming as well as lengthy and there were three sets of DI  based on the following topics :

1.Pie Chart+Tabulation
2.Bar graph
3.Tabular DI

Let us now discusss the types of questions that were asked in this section and along with their diffficulty level as per the aspirants who gave the SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2020 in Shift-2

QuestionsNumber of questionsDifficulty level
Data Interpretation5Easy to Moderate
Data sufficiency5Easy to Moderate
Miscellaneous (Arithmetic)17Easy to Moderate
Caselet13Easy to Moderate
Quantity Based5Easy to Moderate
Bar Graph5Easy to Moderate
Total50Easy to Moderate

In the Miscellaneous (Arithmetic) type of questions there were some topics that were seen frequently, let us look at those topics:

  •  Profit and Loss-3
  • Time and WOrk-1
  • Probability 
  • Mensuration-2
  • Approximation-5
  • Percentage-2

English Language

Difficulty Level: moderate-diffiicult 

Many asirants love this ssectionn becausee they sstetch the chance of scoring marks in this section. The English section was comprises of many reading Comprehensions. Different topics like word arrangement, cloze test/fillers, inference based questions, passage-based questions all are clubbed into various short passages of reading comprehensions which either can be a boon for the aspirants to score marks and if the aspirants havent practiced this section it might prove to be a bane for them.

TopicNo. of QuestionsLevel
Reading Comprehension 15-16 moderate-diffiicult
Word Usage3moderate-diffiicult
Passage including 2 inference based question and 3 fillers2moderate-diffiicult
Passage with word replacement and inference based questions2moderate-diffiicult
Double Fillers6-7moderate-diffiicult
Phrase Replacement5moderate-diffiicult


Difficulty Level: moderate-diffiicult 

Logical Reasoning and Computer Aptitude is one of the most crucial scoring section and some aspirants find this to be a section where they can cover the chance that they missed in the other sections to score maximum. Following are the types of questions that were asked in the reasoning section:

S.NoTypes of questionsNo. Of questions asked
1.Logical Reasoning5
3.Data Sufficiency1-2
4.Letter arrangement5
5.Coded Blood Relation3
6.Machine Input5

General/Financial Awareness

A total of 50 questions were asked. As per the aspirants who appeared for the exam today for SBI Clerk Mains 2020 this year’s general awareness section was of easy to moderate level. Let us see the questions that were asked in today’s exam:

  1. Dudhwa National Park
  2. Rani Laxmibai University location
  3. BASEL II guidelines
  4. C used in CFT
  5. Question on SEBI
  6. IPL Edition in South Africa
  7. AMRUT Yojna
  8. Rana Pratap Sagar Dam
  9. Tribal Day
  10. Second Cleanest City above 1 Lakh
  11. Noble prize in Physics
  12. Garb/Dandiya Dance
  13. Summer Olympic in 2024
  14. Budget Total Amount
  15. Capital of Brazil
  16. BOB MD & CEO
  17. Bharat Net Budgetary allocation or How many Grama Panchayat
  18. connected-1lkh grama Panchayat
  19. Stars yojna
  20. Fisharies Export
  21. Bhimrao Ambedkar Airport
  22. Davos in which country
  23. Make my Trip Chairman
  24. Rafel nadal first Granslam
  25. Milk Processing Target
  26. Private Terminal on which airport
  27. CRR Section
  28. CHUNAUTI launch
  29. EASE Project
  30. Book By Karan johar
  31. Positive Pay
  32. SARFAESI Act 2002
  33. P K Mohanthy
  34. RBI Surplus related
  35. Merger Related
  36. Boeing Apache
  37. H R Bhardwaj
  38. P2P Platform
  39. FEMA Act
  40. No. of Unemployment population
  41. Question on Chess
  42. 3rd Gulf coutry with Israel
  43. How many SBI Associates merged with SBI

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