Seating Arrangement Practice set –

Seating Arrangement

Tough Level Seating Arrangement Practice set – IBPS|SSC|SBI|Insurance|RRB – Dream Big Institution

Reasoning Ability is a cumbersome segment. With the expanding many-sided quality of inquiries, it turns out to be difficult for one to treat it with chilling disdain. The best way to measure up in this specific segment in the imminent keeping money exams is to rehearse constantly with your entire being and soul. Furthermore, to give you a chance to hone with the best of the most recent example questions, here is the Dream Big Institution Practice Set in light of precisely the same of inquiries that are being asked in the exams Like SBI PO IBPS PO SSC INSURANCE RRB RAILWAYS NABARD ETC…

Seating arrangement is one of the easiest topics in reasoning. You will find 3 common types of problems with examples. Read through the tutorial carefully. We strongly recommend you to take the short practice test at the end of this tutorial.


Type Of Seating Arrangement

Type 1: Single Row Type
Type 2: Multiple Row Type
Type 3: Circular Arrangement 

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Seating Arrangement Practice set -


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