SSC CGL 2018-19 Tier 1: Questions Asked in the Exam



SSC CGL 2018-19 Tier 1: Questions Asked in the Exam


Dear Aspirants,
SSC CGL Tier 1 exam has commenced from 4th June giving a golden opportunity to aspirants all over the country awaiting the job of their dreams. The one thing that every student demands after the exam is the questions asked from various sections. Getting acquainted with the questions will give a fair idea and one can analyze their performance. DreamBiginstitution has always believed in helping our readers in the best way we can. In this post, we are providing you the questions asked in various shifts of SSC CGL Tier 1 exam.

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Awareness

  • JJ Thomson got Nobel prize for?
  • Bima river is the tributary of which river?
  • One question on IND-INDO CORPAT 2019.
  • One question on Badampahar mines.
  • Lady who fought during the Mughal period
  • Sundari tree situated in?
  • One question about sport dance.
  • Which the reform took place from March to April 2019 in Andaman Island
  • One question on catenation.
  • Who is the Woman Director General of Police Pondicherry?
  • One question on Methylpropane isomer.
  • Helsinki Finland bee boxing 2019 winner only gold for India?
  • Who is the Chief of INA?
  • Who was called with nickname nagercoil krishnancoil Ramki?
  • Dance of Himachal Pradesh.
  • One question on Malimath Committee.
  • One question related to “Motion of Independent”
  • Which country first introduced GST?
  • One question on the Wadiyar Dynasty.
  • TISCO established in which year?
  • One question on dry ice.
  • Who was the first Judge of Supreme Court?
  • One question on Somnath Temple.
  • Who is the founder of Facebook?
  • Which of the following is the metalloid? [Phosphorus, silicon,tin bismuth.]
  • Residuary powers of parliament of India has been taken from which of the following? [
  • US, Japan, Canada, Uk]
  • Who is the founder of Jainism?
  • Which of the following is aldehyde? [Propanol, Propanone, Ptopanal, Propanine]
  • Which acid tastes sweeter
  • Which hormones control other hormones?
  • State which passed real house amendment?
  • Which state won Ranjhi Trophy 2017?
  • Constitutional Remedies was borrowed from which country?
  • Question-based on article 41\43?
  • Chalukya dynasty was founded by?
  • First female General Secretary of SAARC countries?
  • The olympic 2018-19 ceremony was held in which country?
  • Which was the first Biodiversity plant approved by the Government of India?
  • Winter special Olympics 2019?
  • Who was the Father of Tuglakh dynasty?
  • What is the Capital of Kazakhstan?
  • Who founded Vikramshila?
  • One question on the Sultanate period?
  • One question About Fatima Bibi
  • Who wrote rajtaringini?
  • Which of the following is known as a fighter of Human Body?
  • Mihir bhoj belongs to which Dynasty?
  • 2nd time champions trophy winner?
  • Carnot Award 2019 was given to?
  • Which state celebrates day in memory of kuwar singh for his role in 1867 uprisings ?
  • Mithun breed cattle is found in which state
  • Baglihar dam on which river
  • Vpl (volley ball premier league) winner
  • Hormone to propel milk out of mammary glands
  • Theme of World Down Syndrome day?
  • Which part of eye controls light
  • Raj babbar’s political party at present?
  • Nanda devi is situated in which state?
  • First female high court judge
  • Right to property abolished in which amendment?
  • Delhi sultanate period 1206-1526
  • Marbat is celebrated in which city?
  • Which is a communicable disease?
  • Which country first implement GST
  • Who was the first women president of the world?
  • Who was the founder of chalukya dynasty
  • Relation between center and state in which section/shedule
  • which cell known as solider of human body.
  • Marbat bagdya festival observed in??
  • Which gland is called master gland????
  • When market supply becomes more than demand then situation is called?
  • First computer network of the world?
  • Sugar Industry price regulation committee

SSC CGL Exam Questions : English Language

  • Idioms- At daggers drawn
  • Spelling correction- calendar
  • Synonym/ Antonym- Chronic & coerce
  • Idioms- To play ducks & drakes
  • Synonyms- Garrulous
  • Antonyms- Tilt
  • Antonym of Pardon was asked
  • Synonym of Remarkable
  • Idiom was “Actions speak louder than words”

SSC CGL Exam Questions : Quantitative Aptitude

  • If X2 -22x+11=0 then find (x-8)2 – 1/(x-8)2 = 0?
  • The total surface area of the hemisphere is 41.58 square cm Find its curved surface area?
  • ABC is a right angle triangle with sides 20, 21, 29, find the inradius?
  • For an article CP is 170 % of profit. If CP is increased by 20 % but SP remains same then find the new profit percentage?
  • If in any language LUCK is written as L2U1C3KI , Then Xerox will be written as?
  • 2 + tan A + cotA/cosec A * sec A =?
  • If x+y+z = 19 , X2 + y2 + z2 = 133 , xz = y2
  • 1875 is distributed in such a way that A’s share is equal hal of B and C , B ‘s share is one forth of A and C . Then find the value of C?
  • If O is the center of the circle and PQ and PR ne two chords of equal length of each 12 cm .PO intersects QR at S . The find the length of OS
  • An article is sold at loss of 15 percent if it is being sold at 30.60 Rs more he would have gained 10 %. To earn profit of 9 % at how much it should be sold?
  • The average of 12 no is 42 , if 1st 4 numbers average is _ and the average of last 5 numbers is and relation between 5th , 6th and 7th is given, Then find the sum of 5th and 7th number?
  • Simplify sin ^2 A -2 sin ^2 A / (2 cos ^2 A – cos ^2 A)^2 + 1 ?
  • Two circles intersect each other at P & Q if distance of the common cord between them is 20, and radii of two circles are 10 and 8 respectively find the distance between them?
  • if ratio of efficiency of A,B,C is 4:5:3 , if they can complete a job in 25 days, then in how many days 35 % of total work will be completed by A & C?
  • the income of Raju is 20 percent more than his expenditure …and if his income is increased by 60 percent and expenditure by 50 percent …then the percentage change in his saving
  • 10 years before Ram fathers age is 3 1/2 x than his age…and in 10 years hence his father age will be 3 1/4 than his age…then find the sum of the present age of ram and his father
  • ABC and DEF are similar triangles. If the area of ABC is 100 and DEF are 49 ..altitude of ABC is 10 then find the altitude of DEF?
  • If 4cos^2 A = 3( cot ^2 A – Cos ^2 A) , Find the value of A?
  • If x will be subtracted from 23,32 , 45 and 64, Then they LL be in a proportion then find the difference of (3x+2):((7x+3)….
  • 3 faces of a cuboid are given. Find the volume of the cuboid?
  • Area of triangle 15 cm sq and radius of circle 3 then the perimeter of the triangle?
  • A:B:C efficiency 7:5:4 they can complete a work in 35 days… A+B work for 28 days remaining work done by C in how many days?
  • 800 sp after 20% discount than find sp if article sale at 25% profit?

SSC CGL Exam Questions: General Intelligence & Reasoning

  • Venn Diagram- Uncle, relative or rich
  • Analogy- 4:35 :: 9 : ??

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