SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam Questions Asked 2018-19:


SSC CGL Tier 2  Questions Asked

SSC CGL Tier 2 Questions Asked

SSC CGL Tier- 2 Exam Analysis: Questions Asked in The Exam

Dear Aspirants,
SSC CGL Tier-II exam has been commenced and many candidates have already appeared for the same. The exam will conclude on 14th September and we hope that the appeared candidates gave their best in the exam. To give you an idea of the type of questions asked in the CGL Tier II exam and help all the students in the upcoming shifts, this post will include the questions from Quantitative Aptitude & English Section of CGL Tier-II exam. The questions given below are based on the reviews received by the students who appeared in the exam and the values may vary to the original content. Candidates can also share the questions in the comment section below.

Questions Asked In SSC CGL Tier-II Quantitative Abilities

Questions Asked on 13th September 2019

  • DI [Pie chart, Histogram & Bar Graph]
  • The radius of Height & radius of cone was given and CSA was given. Then find the volume of cone?
  • 1 bar graph (production-demand)
  • A number was given with 2 digits(x and y) missing, if digit number is divisible by 72. Then find the possible value of X & Y.
  • In a hollow hemisphere, inner radius & thickness was given, then find its TSA?
  • 5 root 5 x^3 + 2 root 2 y^3 = [ax + 2y] [bx^2 + 2y^2 + cx^y], find a^2+b^2-c^2=?
  • In a triangle PQR, S is the incentre and value of angle PSR=125 degree then find angle P?
  • Cylinder radius increased by 12%. Find the % decrease in height.
  • If a sum is divided into A & B. Ratio of A & B = 2:3, B & C = 1:2, C & D = 3:4. If B gets 648 more than A, then find the value of sum?
  • A, B & C invest in a business, investment of thrice of A is equal to double of B equal to four times of C. If C gets 4863 profit, then find the profit of A?
  • If the exterior angle of a polygon 51(5/7) degree, find the difference between no. of diagonals to the no. of sides?
  • In a triangle ABC, lind DE is parallel to BC, Point D & E are on side AB & AC resp. If AD*AC = AE*AB & angle ACB+30 degree= ADE & ABC=78 degree. Find angle A?
  • If A sold an article at 32% profit and after giving a discount of 12%. then find the ratio of CP: MP?
  • 35% of article is sold at 65% profit and remaining are sold x% loss. if overall he gets 12% loss then find the value of X?
  • The value of A is 10% more than B, the value of B is 20% more than C, value of D is 32% more than C. If the difference between A & C is 272 then find the value of D?
  • In a triangle ABD, C is the midpoint of BD and if AB=10, AD=12, AC=9, find the value of BD?
  • SecA + tanA = P, find the value of cosecA + 1/(cosecA-1)?
  • 5x+2y : 10x+3y = 5 : 9 , then find the value of (2x^2 + 3y^2) : (4x^2 + 9y^2) =?
  • x+y=3 & 2x+5y=12, the find the area enclosed by these 2 lines with x-axis?
  • In a triangle, ABC, BE perpendicular on AC and CD perpendicular on AB, and cuts each other at point O. If angle bisector of angle OBC & angle OCB makes angle 148 degrees. Find the value of angle A?

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Questions Asked on 12th September 2019

  • Find the volume of Pyramid, Base was made of equilateral triangle and height & side were given.
  • Advance part was easy as compared to arithmetic.
  • A sphere is melt into cylinder. then find its curved surface area?
  • Ratio of share of A, B & C was 2:3:4. And ratio of months A, B, C was given. Difference of A & C share. Then find B’s Share?
  • If A works 40% in 10 days and B done 60% work in some days. If A & B work together only for 5 days, then remaining work was done by C in some days. Then find the 28% of work done by A, B & C?
  • Pie chart was asked from company sale
  • Bar graph was asked from import & export
  • Find the Circumference of circum-circle, if sides of triangle were given.
  • If an angle of incentre in a triangle was 107, then find the angle of triangle?
  • Sum of all interior angle was 1260, then find the difference between exterior & interior angle?
  • 11 digit number was given with 2 digits missing and if 11 digit number is divisible by 72. Then find the possible value of X & Y and then find the value of equation.
  • Renu sitting in a train A moving at 50 kmph finds another train B from opposite side travelling at 58 kmph cross in 15 sec. If length of B is three times of A. Find length of A.
  • 2 digit no. (XY) when multiplied by the sum of its digit = 424 when digits are reversed and multiplied by the sum= 280 find the digits
  • A cylinder makes 24 rolls. how much area does it cover?
  • Speed of boat 18 kmph n stream 6 kmph. Find time taken to cover 90 km in upstream as well in downstream
  • x + y + z = 2, xy + yz + xz = –11, xyz = –12, Find out √(x^3+y^3+z^3 )=?
  • (x+1)/16=3, then 16x^3+1/(256x^3)?
  • In a quadrilateral, some of angle bisector of ∠C & ∠D = 71. And third angle A = 49 then find fourth ∠B = ?

Questions Asked on 11th September 2019

  • 2 DI were asked [Bar Graph & Pie Chart]
  • 11 digit number was given with 2 digits missing, then find the possible value of X & Y, if 11 digit number is divisible by 72.
  • If a right triangle is given, & 3 sides were given then find the circumradius of triangle?
  • If a circle is inscribed in a triangle, and then a-b= , b-c= & a+b+c= 32, Then find the value of 1 side of triangle.
  • Interior angle of polygon (128)2/7 degree, find the sum of number of sides of polygon & diagonal of polygon?
  • A trapezium ABCD, AB & CD was parallel side, If AB=12 & CD=7.2, then find the distance between 2 mid points of diagonals?
  • There are 2 trains started from 2 stations X & Y toward each other after crossing each other, they reached their destination in x & y hours. If the speed of first train is given. then find the ratio of speed of trains.
  • In a triangle ABC, if AB= 6, BC= 9 & AC= 8, then find the lenth if the median AD?
  • In a triangle ABC, AD was median, ratio of AD: AC= 6:7, BC=10 cm, Then find the length of BD?
  • One question from Apollonius theorem.
  • The angle of depression from tower are 60 degree & 30 degree and the distance between 2 points is 400 √3 metre, find the height of tower?
  • What is the 1000th digit of the number which when divided 12, 18, 20_ _ , remainder is 4, but when divided by 7 then remainder is 0.
  • 312500 what is the CI on 312550 at the rate 12% per annum for 2 years compounded 2 month annually.
  • If radius is increased by 2x, height is reduced by 1/2. find the change in volume of cylinder
  • Find the value of 1-tan^2 A / 1-cot^2 A = ?
  • Area and height of a cylinder are given then find the volume of the cylinder?
  • A = 30 Days , B = 40 Days, C = 60 Days , A+B+C = x (given) , then find how much work was done by c alone?
  • 2(1/3) * 5(1/2) Simplify?
  • More questions were asked from CI
  • 3-4 questions were asked from discount.
  • 1 question based on incenter
  • 1 question on orthocentre

Questions Asked In SSC CGL Tier-II English Language

Questions Asked on 12th September 2019

One word substitution

  • Irrevocable,
  • Etiquette,
  • Radiology,
  • Cultivation of grapevines,
  • Integrity,
  • Fear of heights,
  • Causing no harm
  • Altitude


  • Persist,
  • Cogent


  • Turbulent,
  • Alluring
  • Empathy

3 cloze test – [20 questions]
Idioms & phrases

  • in the dark,
  • talked over,
  • pie in the sky,
  • in the same boat
  • at their wits end

Miss spelt Words-

  • Lethargic,
  • Mechanic
Questions Asked on 11th September 2019

One word substitution

  • Person who is good at classical music
  • What is fear of water called
  • Catastrophic
  • One who is never satisfied
  • Someone who knows this conversation will lead to an argument


  • Stoic,
  • Serendipity,
  • Philanthropist
  • Impoverished
  • Serendipity

Antonym- Flourishing
Topics Of 4 Reading Comprehension –

  • Tiger Reserve,
  • American Study on Exercise,
  • Standup Comedian

3 cloze test – [15 questions]
Idioms & phrases

  • Eye to eye
  • Nip in the bud
  • One in a blue moon
  • Put the best foot forward
  • Green fingers – good at gardening

Miss spelt Words-

  • Prophecy
  • Illiterate
  • Aesthetic

SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam Questions Asked 2018-19

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