The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 1 December 2021 (Improve Your Vocabulary)


The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 1 December 2021

Sojourn : डेरा डालना

  • Meaning: a temporary stay., stay somewhere temporarily.
  • अर्थ: एक अस्थायी प्रवास। कहीं, अस्थायी रूप से रहें।
  • Synonym: stay, visit, stop, stopover, residence;
  • Sentence: The film is about only a very brief sojourn in Gauguin’s otherwise racy biography.

Vanquish : विजय प्राप्त करना

  • Meaning: defeat thoroughly.
  • अर्थ: अच्छी तरह से हार।
  • Synonym: conquer, defeat
  • Antonym: surrender
  • Sentence: She wouldn’t be as easy to vanquish as she had been outside the Feelgood Saloo

Amicable : मैत्रीपूर्ण

  • Meaning: Friendly
  • अर्थ: मित्रवत
  • Synonym: Cordial, Harmonious
  • Antonym: impolite, uncivil
  • Sentence: The two parties have reached an amicable settlement.

Imbibe : सोखना

  • Meaning: absorb or assimilate (ideas or knowledge).
  • अर्थ: अवशोषित या आत्मसात (विचारों या ज्ञान)।
  • Synonym: assimilate, absorb, soak up, take in, digest
  • Antonym: abstain, fast
  • Sentence:  It was advantageous to animals digest and imbibe soybean’s nutrition composition.

Banter (noun) : मज़ाक

  • Meaning: the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.
  • अर्थ: चिढ़ाने वाली टिप्पणियों का चंचल और मैत्रीपूर्ण आदान-प्रदान।
  • Synonym: wisecracks, crosstalk, wordplay, ribbing.
  • Antonym: flattery, praise, work
  • Sentence: If the banter between the award presenters is not exciting, no one will watch the show.

CYNICAL : मानवद्वेषी

  • Meaning: doubtful as to whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile.
  • अर्थ: संदेह के रूप में कि क्या कुछ होगा या क्या यह सार्थक है।
  • Synonyms: sceptical, doubtful, distrustful, suspicious
  • Antonyms: optimistic, credulous
  • Example: She may be cynical about the film industry, but ultimately she has no intention of biting the hand that feeds her.

MIRACULOUS (Adjective) : चमत्कारपूर्ण

  • Meaning: of the nature of a miracle or having the power to work miracles.
  • अर्थ: चमत्कार की प्रकृति या चमत्कार काम करने की शक्ति होना।
  • Synonyms: supernatural, preternatural, superhuman, inexplicable, unaccountable
  • Antonyms: average, believable, credible, common
  • Example: It was a miraculous talk with a stranger that stopped Jim from ending his life.

BITTERSWEET(Adjective) : मीठापन जिसके अंत में कटूता हो

  • Meaning:tinged with a feeling of sadness
  • अर्थ: दुःख की अनुभूति से घिर जाना
  • Synonyms:tangerine
  • Antonyms:happiness
  • Example:The ending of the romance movie was bittersweet.

Protege (Noun) : आश्रित

  • Meaning: A person who is guided and supported by an older and more experienced or influential person.
  • अर्थ: एक व्यक्ति जो एक बड़े और अधिक अनुभवी या प्रभावशाली व्यक्ति द्वारा निर्देशित और समर्थित है।
  • Synonyms: Pupil, student, trainee.
  • Antonyms: Guardian, adult
  • Example: Ram submitted his protege name to the elections.

ENCRUST (Verb) : ढकना

  • Meaning: cover or decorate (something) with a hard surface layer.
  • अर्थ: एक कठोर सतह परत के साथ (कुछ) को कवर या सजाते हैं।
  • Synonyms: cover, fill, stuff
  • Antonyms: strip
  • Example: The mussels encrust navigation buoys.

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