The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 10 July 2021 (Improve Your Vocabulary)

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 10 July 2021
The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 10 July 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 10 July 2021

STRIDE (noun) : छलाँग

  • Meaning: A long step or stage in making progress.
  • अर्थ: प्रगति करने में एक लंबा कदम या चरण।
  • Synonyms: clump, tramp, stomp, stalk.
  • Antonyms: amble, meander, ramble, wander.
  • Usage: In two bounding strides the woman was in the street, kneeling over her friend.

VEXATIOUS (adjective) : कष्टकर

  • Meaning: Causing or tending to cause annoyance, frustration, or worry.
  • अर्थ: गुस्सा, हताशा या चिंता का कारण या प्रवृत्ति।
  • Synonyms: annoying, irksome, infuriating, exasperating.
  • Antonyms: pleasing, soothing, aiding, assisting.
  • Usage: This vexatious problem was resolved, incompletely, by civil war and secession.

STODGY (adjective) : मैला-कुचैला

  • Meaning: Dull and uninspired; lacking originality or excitement.
  • अर्थ: सुस्त और उदासीन; मौलिकता या उत्तेजना की कमी।
  • Synonyms: uninteresting, uninspired, monotonous, humdrum.
  • Antonyms: exciting, entertaining, breathtaking, enthralling.
  • Usage: Most of my students used informal, asymmetrical balance, as formal balance can seem stodgy and dull.

DODDER (verb) : डगमगाना

  • Meaning: tremble or totter, typically because of old age.
  • अर्थ: कांपना या टोटका, आमतौर पर बुढ़ापे के कारण।
  • Synonyms: stumble, stagger, sway, lurch.
  • Antonyms: steady, fix, stay, still, remain.
  • Usage: The old woman doddered from the bed to the table.

AGAPE (adjective) : भौंचक्का

  • Meaning: (of a person’s mouth) wide open in surprise or wonder.
  • अर्थ:  (किसी व्यक्ति के मुँह में) आश्चर्य या आश्चर्य में खुला हुआ।
  • Synonyms: agog, breathless, enthusiastic, raring.
  • Antonyms: apathetic, indifferent, unimpressed, uninterested.
  • Usage: When I first saw the sunset in the Grand Canyon, I could only stand staring with my mouth agape.

Decimating (verb) नष्ट

  • Meaning:- kill, destroy, or remove a large proportion of.
  • अर्थ: – के एक बड़े अनुपात को मार डालो, नष्ट कर दो या हटा दो।
  • Synonyms:- annihilate, exterminate, obliterate
  • Antonyms:- bear, build, create
  • Example:- You meant to let the royal blood, and to decimate the nobility of France.

Envoy (noun) दूत

  • Meaning:- a messenger or representative, especially one on a diplomatic mission.
  • अर्थ: – एक दूत या प्रतिनिधि, विशेष रूप से एक राजनयिक मिशन पर।
  • Synonyms:- delegate, diplomat, emissary
  • Antonyms:- receiver
  • Example:- This will be confirmed by your official attendant, who will be an Envoy’s Courier.

Confronts (verb) सामना करना

  • Meaning:- come face to face with (someone) with hostile or argumentative intent.
  • अर्थ: –  शत्रुता या तर्क-वितर्क के साथ (किसी के) सामने आना।
  • Synonyms:- accost, defy, encounter
  • Antonyms:- avoid, dodge
  • Example:- Our eyes are shut to the damning facts which confront us on every side.

Unsubstantiated (adjective) निराधार

  • Meaning:- not supported or proven by evidence.
  • अर्थ: –  प्रमाण द्वारा समर्थित या सिद्ध नहीं।
  • Synonyms:- debatable, dubious, unsupported
  • Antonyms:- certain, sure
  • Example:- As yet he could not reveal his unsubstantiated information to another.

Mercenaries (noun) वह सिपाही जो दूसरे मुल्क में लड़ाई के लिए रखे जायें

  • Meaning:- a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army.
  • अर्थ: – विदेशी सेना में सेवा करने के लिए किराए पर लिया गया एक पेशेवर सैनिक।
  • Synonyms:- warrior, hireling
  • Example:- His citizens have no silver or gold of their own, but are ready enough to pay them to their mercenaries.

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