The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 11th August 2020 ( Memorize with Pictures )

Dear Aspirants Learn The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 11th August 2020 For Bank SSC and LIC Exam

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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary with Pictures is a New Initiative By Dream Big Institution. These New Initiatives Can We Very Helpful for the Candidates who are preparing for Bank, SSC, Insurance & Other Competitive Exam.

In This Article, You Will Get Daily Top 10 The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist With Hindi Meaning. Candidates can Improve There English Section Easily If They Memorize Vocabulary Daily from here.

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Importance of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary for Competitive Exam

English Section Play an Important Role in Every Competitive Exam. If You Are Preparing for Competitive Exam Like Bank, SSC, LIC & Other the competition and the difficulty level are getting tighter. So you have to work hard in the English language section. Grammar and vocabulary are the base points in this section.

Aspirants Who Wish to Score Full marks in Reading Comprehension Have to Learn Vocabulary Very Thoroughly.

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 11th August 2020 (Memorize with Pictures )

Magic Cube, Patience, Tricky, Hobby

1)  Conundrum (verb) – पहेली

Meaning: A confusing and difficult problem or question; A hidden problem or

disadvantage in an apparently ideal situation

Synonyms: puzzle enigma problem mystery hitch snag drawback

Antonyms: confidence simplicity solution

Usage:  At the last GST Council meeting in June, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said the Council would convene again in July just to discuss the possible alternatives to deal with this particular conundrum.

Poland, Politics, Protest, Women

2) manifested (verb) – प्रकट

Meaning: To have demonstrated to be true based on facts; To have expressed or

conveyed one’s thoughts or feelings

Synonyms: evoked elicited raised exposed revealed disclosed

Antonyms: disproved challenged contradicted repressed suppressed withheld

Usage: The protection is manifested mainly in the willingness of the public to cooperate with the drive against the disease by using masks and adopting social distanc­ing  in public.

Miser by Maya

3) niggardliness (verb) – कंजूस

Meaning: an extreme unwillingness to spend money; excessive or inordinate desire of gain

Synonyms; miserliness parsimony meanness stinginess grudgingness thriftiness

Antonyms– benevolence generosity extravagance spending

Usage: Not all of this necessarily reflects the niggardliness of the public health infras­tructure in the richest parts of the country.

Man, Board, Drawing, Muscles, Strong

4) coercive (verb) – बलपूर्वक

Meaning: Relating to or using force or threats; Overbearing, dictatorial or

authoritarian; Done against someone’s will

Synonyms: domineering involuntary compulsory bullying forced forceful

Antonyms:  gentle soft humane benevolent altruistic compassionate

Usage:  Russia’s Foreign Minister  Sergey  Lavrov  criticized unilateral  coercive measures  to settle scores with geopolitical rivals and topple regimes

Mindsets, Experiences, Gender

5) Dissonance (noun) – मतभेद

Meaning: a lack of harmony or agreement between two or more groups

Synonyms: accord agreement concord

Antonyms: discord dissension variance conflict

Usage:  Such dissonance among experts is unacceptable especially when they all have access to the same evidence

Wire, Wires, Structure, Waste, Metal

6)  Embroil (verb) – उलझाना

Meaning: To draw into a situation; To be relevant or important to

Synonyms: concern, involve, affect, entangle, involve, enmesh, ensnare, implicate

Antonyms: arrange, assist, calm

Usage:  She forbade them, I understand, because they were likely to embroil her in unnecessary wars.

Confused, Muddled, Illogical

7) Wanton (verb) – प्रचंड

Meaning: Having a strong carnal desire ; Recklessly wasteful or extravagant

Synonyms: indecorous, improper, Meaningless, pointless, whimsical reckless, careless, cruel, vicious

Antonyms: justified, legitimate, chaste, clean,, decent, cautious, circumspect, guarded

Usage: The incident had caused national outrage as the public saw these as wanton killings, inasmuch as the circumstances indicated no attempt by the fishing vessel at piracy.

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 11th August 2020 ( Memorize with Pictures )

8) Notoriety (verb) – कुख्याति

Meaning: The state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed; Lack

of moral principles; bad character; Having the power or authority to affect change

Synonyms: depravity, meanness, immorality, disrepute, infamy

Antonyms: esteem, honor, rectitude, integrity

Usage: The notoriety that he has enjoyed in his home city over the past decade appears to be spreading nationwide.

Meeting, Business, Architect, Office

9) harmonise (adj) – मिलाना

Meaning: make consistent or compatible; produce a pleasing visual combination; to

bring into harmony or accord; 

Synonyms: coordinate balance blend reconcile conciliate accommodate match accord

Antonyms: attack discouragement opposition conceal differ

Usage: While avoiding advocacy of zero  sum  solutions  on  crucial  issues,  both

countries must seek to harmonise strategic and other interests in line with common values and socioeconomic compulsions

Rocket Launch, Rocket, Take Off, Nasa

10) accentuate (verb) – दबाव का चिह्न

Meaning: Make more noticeable or prominent; To draw special attention to; To

increase in degree, amount, size, or value

Synonyms: boost intensify enhance accent highlight stress emphasise

Antonyms: cloak hide veil conceal undermine annul cancel

Usage: There is immense potential to accentuate or create complementariness

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