The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 16 May 2022 (Improve Your Vocabulary


The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 16 May 2022

ALACRITY (noun) तत्परता

  • Meaning: cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness.
  • अर्थ: हंसमुख तत्परता, शीघ्रता, या इच्छा।
  • Synonyms: alertness, avidity, briskness, cheerfulness, dispatch, eagerness
  • Antonyms: apathy, coolness, discouragement, indifference
  • Usage:  His alacrity of manner and quick step justified this opinion.

PATRONAGE (noun) संरक्षण

  • Meaning: a condescending manner or attitude in granting favors, in dealing with people.
  • अर्थ: लोगों के साथ व्यवहार में, एहसान देने में एक कृपालु तरीका या रवैया।
  • Synonyms: aegis, auspices, backing, encouragement, financing.
  • Antonyms: attack, blockage, disapproval, discouragement, harm.
  • Usage: There were hundreds of other things in the great city, but they had their share of patronage.

ATROCITIES (noun) अत्याचारों

  • Meaning: the quality or state of being extremely or shockingly wicked, cruel, or brutal.
  • अर्थ: अत्यंत दुष्ट या दुष्ट, क्रूर, या क्रूर होने की गुणवत्ता या अवस्था।
  • Synonyms: barbarity, horror
  • Antonyms: good behavior, kindness, pleasantness
  • Usage: In the popular drama of Punch, we observe a perfect climax of atrocities and horrors.

Verbosity(Noun) शब्दाडंबर

  • Meaning: wordiness, the quality of using more words than needed.
  • अर्थ: शब्दशक्ति, आवश्यकता से अधिक शब्दों के प्रयोग की गुणवत्ता।
  • Synonyms: garrulous, prolixity
  • Antonyms: brevity, taciturnity
  • Usage: He found his tribe in politics, a profession where his verbosity was an asset.

Resurge (Verb) पुनरुत्थान

  • Meaning: To rise again.
  • अर्थ: फिर से उठना।
  • Synonyms: Revival, rebirth
  • Antonyms: lapse, breakdown
  • Usage: If you have lost your inner motivation, do not worry, hopefully, it will resurge.


  • Meaning: to indicate (something, such as a future event) by signs
  • अर्थ: संकेत द्वारा (कुछ, जैसे भविष्य की घटना) संकेत करना
  • Synonyms: augur, forebode
  • Antonyms: ignorance, thoughtlessness
  • Usage: Poor sales do not bode favorably for the success of the new store.

SEMINAL (adjective)  लाभदायक

  • Meaning: Strongly influencing later developments.
  • अर्थ: बाद के घटनाक्रमों को दृढ़ता से प्रभावित करना।
  • Synonyms: Influential, Formative, Important, Primary.
  • Antonyms: Dull, Inessential, Minor, Unsubstantial.
  • Usage: Faraday’s law is seminal in the field of chemistry.

MUSTER (Verb) संग्रह

  • Meaning: collect or assemble (a number or amount).
  • अर्थ: इकट्ठा या इकट्ठा (एक संख्या या राशि)।
  • Synonyms: assemble, collect, congregate, convene
  • Antonyms: avoid, destroy, disperse, dodge
  • Usage: The two cricket teams muster in their respective huddles before each play.

Punctilious (Adjective) समयनिष्ठ (पाबंद)

  • Meaning: showing great attention to detail or correct behavior.
  • अर्थ: विस्तार या सही व्यवहार पर बहुत ध्यान देना।
  • Synonym: meticulous, conscientious, careful, diligent, attentive,
  • Antonym: careless, easy-going, slapdash
  • Usage: He was punctilious in providing every amenity for his customers.

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