The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 19 November 2021 (Improve Your Vocabulary)

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 19 November 2021

Progenitor(Noun) पूर्वज
Meaning: a person or thing from which a person, animal, or plant is descended or originates; an ancestor or parent.
अर्थ: कोई व्यक्ति या वस्तु जिससे कोई व्यक्ति, पशु या पौधा उतरता या उत्पन्न होता है; पूर्वज या माता-पिता।
Synonym: ancestor, a forefather
Antonym: descendant
Usage: Medus was regarded as the eponymous hero and progenitor of the Medes.

Incredulous(adjective) बदगुमान
Meaning: (of a person or their manner) unwilling or unable to believe something.
अर्थ: (किसी व्यक्ति का या उनके ढंग का) किसी बात पर विश्वास करने में असमर्थ।
Synonym: disbelieving, unbelieving,
Antonym: credulous
Usage: I made an expression to show that I was as incredulous about this as he was.

Banishment(Noun) निर्वासन (संज्ञा)
Meaning: the punishment of being sent away from a country or other place.
अर्थ: किसी देश या अन्य जगह से दूर भेजे जाने की सजा।
Synonym: deportation, displacement,
Antonym: repatriation, return
Usage: He regretted the banishment imposed on him, five years ago.

Conundrum(Noun) पहेली
Meaning: A difficult problem
अर्थ: एक कठिन समस्या
Synonym: quandary, a dilemma
Antonym: proposition, solution
Usage: She faced the conundrum of finding a job without having experience in the desired field.

Inviolable(Adjective) पवित्र
Meaning: Secure from the violation or profanation
अर्थ: उल्लंघन या अपवित्रता से सुरक्षित
Synonym: unchallengeable, unbreakable,
Antonym: partial
Usage: Everyone has an inviolable right to protection by a fair legal system.

COMPENSATE(Verb) क्षतिपूर्ति
Meaning: to pay someone money in exchange for something that has been lost or damaged or for some problem
अर्थ: किसी चीज़ के बदले किसी को पैसे देना या खो जाना या किसी समस्या के लिए
Synonyms: pay, refund
Antonyms: lose, fine
Example: Victims of the crash will be compensated for their injuries.

Meaning: belonging or relating to the home, house, or family
अर्थ: घर या परिवार से संबंधित
Synonyms: private, family
Antonyms: alien, foreign
Example: Most domestic hobs have four gas or electric rings.

Meaning: to refuse to accept something or someone
अर्थ: किसी चीज़ या किसी चीज़ को स्वीकार करने से मना करना
Synonyms: disdain, despise
Antonyms: accept, admire
Example: She spurned my offers of help.

HECKLE(Verb)सवालों से बात काटना
Meaning: to interrupt a speaker with insulting or rude comments
अर्थ: अपमानजनक या असभ्य टिप्पणियों के साथ एक वक्ता को बाधित करने के लिए
Synonyms: bully, ridicule
Antonyms: please, praise
Example: The crowd began to boo and heckle the comedian as he bombed his comedy set.

SHUNT(Verb)अलग धकेलना
Meaning: to push or shove something
अर्थ: किसी चीज को धक्का देना या धक्का देना
Synonyms: avoid, deter
Antonyms: aid, allow
Example: It’s unfortunate that our society tends to shunt older workers to retire before they are ready.


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