The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 25 October 2021 (Improve Your Vocabulary)


The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 25 October 2021

BERATE (verb) : गाली देना

  • Meaning: cold or criticize (someone) angrily.
  • अर्थ: ठंड या आलोचना (किसी को) गुस्से से।
  • Synonyms: castigate, chastise, lambaste, reprimand.
  • Antonyms: approve, extol, laud, praise.
  • Usage: Every time the referee made a questionable call, the fans would berate him and throw beans on the field.

ARCHETYPAL (adjective) : मूल आदर्श-विषयक

  • Meaning: very typical of a certain kind of person or thing.
  • अर्थ: एक निश्चित प्रकार के व्यक्ति या बात का बहुत विशिष्ट।
  • Synonyms: conventional, exemplary, stereotypical, prototypical.
  • Antonyms: atypical, unorthodox, unusual, odd.
  • Usage: The teacher who won educator of the year is a role model for other teachers and is viewed as the archetype of educators.

FAWNING (adjective) : चापलूस

  • Meaning: displaying exaggerated flattery or affection; obsequious.
  • अर्थ: अतिरंजित चापलूसी या स्नेह प्रदर्शित करना; चापलूस।
  • Synonyms: sycophantic, ingratiating, subservient, cajoling.
  • Antonyms: imperious, domineering, peremptory, opinionated.
  • Usage: Because Larry really wants a promotion, he spends a great deal of time fawning over his boss.

PERJURY (Noun) : मिथ्या शपथ

  • Meaning: the offence of wilfully telling an untruth or making a misrepresentation under oath.
  • अर्थ: शपथ के तहत जानबूझकर असत्य बताने या गलत बयानी करने का अपराध।
  • Synonym: violation of an oath, giving false evidence/testimony, bearing false witness/testimony, forswearing oneself, making false statements, wilful falsehood
  • Usage: The mother who lied about her son’s whereabouts will soon face trial for perjury.

CHRONIC (Adjective) : पुरानी

  • Meaning: continuing or occurring again and again for a long time,  happening or existing frequently or most of the time, always or often doing something specified
  • अर्थ: लंबे समय तक बार-बार जारी रहना या घटित होना, लगातार या अधिकतर समय, हमेशा या अक्सर कुछ किया जाना
  • Synonym: natural; persistent, regular,
  • Antonym: unaccustomed, unused; intermittent, occasional
  • Usage: He suffers from chronic arthritis.

ADJUDICATE (Verb) : निर्णय करना

  • Meaning: to make an official decision about who is right in a dispute
  • अर्थ: किसी विवाद में कौन सही है, इस बारे में आधिकारिक निर्णय लेना
  • Synonym: adjudge, judge, arbitrate, decide, determine
  • Usage: You should never adjudicate a major decision when you are under the influence of alcohol.

WHINE (Noun) : कराहना

  • Meaning:to make a long, high, sad sound
  • अर्थ: लम्बी, ऊँची, उदास ध्वनि करना
  • Synonyms:gripe, moan
  • Antonyms:happiness, pleasure
  • Usage:Leon’s dog was sitting by the door whining, so I thought I’d better take it for a walk.

LOATHE (Verb) : घृणा करना

  • Meaning:to hate someone or something
  • अर्थ: किसी से या किसी चीज़ से घृणा करना
  • Synonyms:despise, detest
  • Antonyms:admire, adore
  • Usage:From an early age the brothers have loathed each other.

ABLUTION (Noun) : स्नान

  • Meaning:a cleansing with water or other liquid, especially as a religious ritual.
  • अर्थ: पानी या अन्य तरल के साथ सफाई, विशेष रूप से एक धार्मिक अनुष्ठान के रूप में।
  • Synonyms:purification, cleansing
  • Antonyms: impure
  • Usage: While the bandaging no longer takes place, the ritual ablutions are still performed.

SUBVERT (verb) : गिराना 

  • Meaning: undermine the power and authority of (an established system or institution).
  • अर्थ: (एक स्थापित प्रणाली या संस्था) की शक्ति और अधिकार को कमजोर करना।
  • Synonyms: destabilize, unsettle, overthrow, overturn.
  • Antonyms: elevate, ennoble, uplift, exalt.
  • Usage: Please reject this underhanded attempt to subvert democracy in Illinois.

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