The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 26 August 2020 ( Memorize with Pictures )

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The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 26 August 2020 (Memorize with Pictures )

Teamwork, Together, Objectives, Create

Apportioned (Verb): विभाजित
Meaning: To give or share out something
अर्थ: किसी वस्तु को देना या बाँटना
Synonyms: Allocate, Distribute, Serve, Divide.
Antonyms: Misallocate, Decline, Deny, Deprive.
Example: The power should be apportioned as per the requirement.

Fields, Tree, Hill, Landscape, Nature

HIATUS (Noun): ख़ाली जगह
Meaning: a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity.
अर्थ: एक अनुक्रम या गतिविधि में निरंतरता में विराम या विराम।
Synonyms: pause, break, interval, interruption, suspension
Antonyms: closure, juncture, misfortune
Usage: The professor will take his family on a long vacation during his hiatus.

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 26 August 2020 ( Memorize with Pictures )

COZEN (verb): छलना
Meaning: to deceive, win over, or induce to do something by artful coaxing and wheedling or shrewd trickery.
अर्थ: छल-कपट करना, जीतना, या कृत्रिम मनोदशा और घरघराहट या चतुर चालबाजी द्वारा कुछ करने के लिए प्रेरित करना।
Synonyms: bamboozle, beguile, bluff, deceive, delude, dupe, gaff, gull, hoax, hoodwink, humbug, juggle, misguide.
Antonyms: debunk, expose, reveal, show up, uncloak, uncover, unmask, disclose, divulge, unveil
disabuse, disenchant.
Usage: Dicing-houses, where cheaters meet and cozen young men out of their money.

Guitar, Classical Guitar

MELLOW (adjective) : मधुर
Meaning: (especially of a sound, flavour, or color) pleasantly smooth or soft; free from harshness.
अर्थ: (विशेषकर ध्वनि, स्वाद, या रंग) सुखद रूप से चिकना या नरम; कठोरता से मुक्त।
Synonyms: dulcet, euphonious, melodious, mellifluous, mellifluent.
Antonyms: rugged, abrading, gruff, abrasive, harsh.
Usage: His mellow voice and his qualitative speech made everyone applaud him.

Workplace, Team, Business Meeting

PRATTLE (verb): बकबक करना
Meaning: talk at length in a foolish or inconsequential way.
अर्थ: मूर्खतापूर्ण या असंगत तरीके से बात करना।
Synonyms: chatter, babble, prate, blather, ramble, gabble, jabber, maunder, drivel, patter, jibber-jabber, blabber, natter, waffle.
Antonyms: quiet, silence, clamor, enunciate, articulate, pronounce.
Usage: To make others envious, Reena likes to prattle on about her great job.

Pollution, Trash, Degradation

DEBASE (Verb): मूल्य घटाना
Meaning: reduce (something) in quality or value; degrade.
अर्थ: गुणवत्ता या मूल्य में कमी (कुछ); नीचा।
Synonyms: degrade, demean, disgrace, undermine
Antonyms: enhance
Usage: The politician tried to debase his rival’s good reputation by spreading false rumors about him.

Depression, Voices, Self-Criticism

SETBACK (noun) : नाकामयाबी
Meaning: A reversal or check in progress.
अर्थ: प्रगति में उलट या जाँच।
Synonyms: difficulty, mishap, hitch, complication.
Antonyms: advance, breakthrough, assistance, headway.
Example: But in order to win a war, you have to have the vision and determination to fight it despite setbacks and political difficulties.

Motorcycle, Speed, Helmet

ACCELERATE(Verb): तेजी लाना
Meaning: to happen or make something happen sooner or faster
अर्थ: जल्दी या तेजी से कुछ घटित होना या होना
Synonyms: advance, expedite
Antonyms: block, cease
Example: Inflation is likely to accelerate this year, adding further upward pressure on interest rates.

Handshake, Regard, Cooperate, Connect

BOLSTER (verb): समर्थन
Meaning: support or strengthen.
अर्थ: सहारा देना या मजबूत करना।
Synonyms: strengthen, support, reinforce, boost
Antonyms: undermine
Example: In order to bolster its profits, the computer company is cutting its workforce.

Protest, Protesters, Women, Office

DEMUR (Verb): आपत्ति
Meaning: raise objections or show reluctance.
अर्थ: आपत्तियाँ उठाना या अनिच्छा दिखाना।
Synonyms: object, protest, cavil, dissent
Antonyms: accept, agree
Usage: Because the DA decided to demur the low bond, it was set at a higher fee.

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