The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 4 December 2021 (Improve Your Vocabulary)


The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 4 December 2021

Eventful: घटने वाला

  • Meaning: marked by interesting or exciting events.
  • अर्थ: दिलचस्प या रोमांचक घटनाओं द्वारा चिह्नित।
  • Synonyms: momentous, memorable, significant, noteworthy
  • Antonyms: uneventful, dull, insignificant, trivial
  • Usage in a Sentence: It was an extremely eventful period in American history.

Discard रद्द करें

  • Meaning: get rid of (someone or something) as no longer useful or desirable
  • अर्थ: (किसी या कुछ) से छुटकारा पाएं क्योंकि अब उपयोगी या वांछनीय नहीं है
  • Synonyms: throw away, dump, reject, dismiss, waste
  • Antonyms: keep, retain, embrace, cherish
  • Usage in a Sentence: Hilary bundled up the clothes she had discarded.

Stereotype : श्रेणीबद्ध करना

  • Meaning: a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
  • अर्थ: किसी विशेष प्रकार के व्यक्ति या बात का व्यापक रूप से आयोजित लेकिन निश्चित और सुस्पष्ट चित्र या विचार।
  • Synonyms: categorize, pigeonhole, cliché, archetype
  • Antonyms: differentiate, disorganize, dissimilate,
  • Usage in a Sentence: It’s not fair to stereotype a whole group of people based on one person you don’t like.

Temporal : लौकिक

  • Meaning: relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular.
  • अर्थ: आध्यात्मिक मामलों के विपरीत सांसारिक से संबंधित; धर्म निरपेक्ष।
  • Synonyms: temporary, worldly, earthly, terrestrial
  • Antonyms: spiritual, permanent, lasting, endless
  • Usage in a Sentence: The devout villagers, in their appeal for spiritual aid, did not forget the importance of temporal weapons.

Downturn : मोड़

  • Meaning: a decline in economic, business, or other activity.
  • अर्थ: आर्थिक, व्यावसायिक या अन्य गतिविधि में गिरावट।
  • Synonyms: decline, slump, recession, drop, slowdown
  • Antonyms: upsurge, recovery, improvement, betterment
  • Usage in a Sentence: Some economists say a recession is possible in 2022, while others believe an economic downturn may not begin until the following year.

Retaliation : प्रतिशोध

  • Meaning: the action of returning a military attack; counter-attack.
  • अर्थ: एक सैन्य हमले की वापसी की कार्रवाई; जवाबी हमला।
  • Synonyms: revenge, vengeance, reprisal
  • Antonyms: mercy, forgiveness, acceptance
  • Usage in a sentence: He, in retaliation, has launched against them the most concentrated onslaughts that he has been able to devise.

Stalled (verb) : ठप

  • Meaning:Stopped or Stilled
  • अर्थ:रुका हुआ या भरा हुआ
  • Synonym: Halted, Heldup
  • Example: Endless complaints stalled the process of selecting the winning design for the memorial 

Curbs (noun) : प्रतिबंध

  • Meaning:Restrict 
  • अर्थ: प्रतिबंध
  • SynonymRestraint, Bridle
  • Example: Regulations will help to curb bad behaviour and improve research integrity

Detention (noun) : नज़रबंदी 

  • Meaning:Hold back or imprisonment
  • अर्थ:वापस पकड़ या कैद
  • SynonymCustody, Incarceration 
  • Example: The fifteen people arrested were still in police detention

Subservient (adjective) : अधीन

  • Meaning:Obedient to the authority
  • अर्थ:अधिकार के लिए आज्ञाकारी
  • SynonymSubmissive or Subordinate
  • Example: Japan is overly subservient to U.S. Policy, which just breaks our heart

Reverting (verb) : लौट आना

  • Meaning:Returning
  • अर्थ:लौटना
  • SynonymBacksliding, Lapse
  • Example: We may also be ageing in reverse, reverting to youthful behaviour

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