The Hindu Editorial VOCAB: 4 September 2020 ( Memorize with Pictures )

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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 4 September 2020 (Memorize with Pictures )

Character, Back To Back, Male, Woman

1)  Stigmatize (verb) – अपमानजनक या अज्ञानता के रूप में चिह्नित करना

Meaning:  To characterize as disgraceful or ignominious

Synonyms:  blacken, smear, denigrate, slander, malign

Antonyms: approve, compliment, destigmatize, exalt

Usage:  The routine aim is to disparage and stigmatize activities or sentiments that displease policymakers in Washington.

Hands, Couple, Red X, X, Marked, Stamped

2) metaphor (Adj) – रूपक

Meaning: The word or phrase used in this way: Deliberate or unintentional overstatement, particularly extreme overstatement

Synonyms: analogy, conceit, emblem, image, symbol, allegory

Antonyms: meiosis, compression, decrease, lessening

Usage: In that sense we use the metaphor of the bar code, it’s a unique identifier for each species.

Ufo, Alien, Guy, Pozaziemianin, Ufoludek

3) uncharted (adj) – सर्वेक्षण या मैप नहीं किया गया

Meaning: Not surveyed or mapped

Synonyms: unexplored, unfamiliar, unplumbed, unmapped

Antonyms: familiar, near, explored

Usage: For a professional explorer to stumble upon such uncharted territory can be very chastening.

Waiting, Appointment, Schedule, Time

4) hitherto (noun) – अब तक

Meaning: Up until this or that time

Synonyms: earlier, formerly, hereto, fore, previously, before, so far, theretofore

Antonyms: henceforth, hence, forward, hereafter, thenceforth

Usage: In May of 1985, Simpson and his partner Simon Yates set out to scale the west face of Siula Grande, a hitherto unclimbed peak in Peru.

Adult, Bald, Beard, Corporate

5) countenance (noun) – मुखाकृति

Meaning: . A person’s face or facial expression

Synonyms: semblance, appearance, features, visage, aspect

Antonyms: hindrance, anxiety, uneasiness, nervousness, disquiet, gaucheness

Usage:  He received, and scoursed to every person with a leasant and smiling countenance.

Wash, Hands, Soap, Hygiene, Clean

7) purged (Verb) – शुद्ध करना

Meaning: rid of; clean out

Synonyms: evicted, excluded, exterminated, sacked, absolved, cleared out,  forgave

Antonyms: castigated, charged, condemned, constructed, created, dirtied

Usage:  They were purged from the party.

Landscape, Change, Climate, Nature, Sky

8) metamorphosed (Verb) – कायापलट होना

Meaning: To have become something different

Synonyms: evolved, converted, reformed, turned

Antonyms: stalled, stayed, stayed the same, ,clung, hibernated, clinged

Usage:  The IAC was a heterogeneous(diverse in character or content) crowd

ranging from non-governmental organisations to the RSS; AAP metamorphosed

as majoritarian in instincts and authoritarian in practice. Mr. Kejriwal had figured

the cocktail that sways politics

Danger, Cliff, Edge, Sign, Warning, Risk

9) disenfranchised (Verb)- असुरक्षित, रक्षाहीन होना

Meaning: Lacking sufficient power or strength

Synonyms: vulnerable, defenceless, ineffectual, dependent, feeble, impuissant

Antonyms: strong, mighty, potent, puissant

Usage: He could harvest the sentiments of those disenfranchised and brutalized

by the market

Result, Excuse Me, Failure, Inability To

10) Feign (verb)  – बहाना करना

Meaning: To make a false show or pretence of

Synonyms: counterfeit, devise, dissemble, forge, fabricate, masquerade, play-act,

pose, posture, profess

Antonyms: reveal, be original, show, disclose, divulge

Usage: He feigns humility and claims to listen to the peopleClick Here for More The Hindu Editorial

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