The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 6 December 2021 (Improve Your Vocabulary)


The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 6 December 2021

WILY (adjective) : चतुर

  • Meaning: skilled at gaining an advantage, especially deceitfully.
  • अर्थ: लाभ प्राप्त करने में कुशल, विशेष रूप से धोखे से।
  • Synonym: shrewd, clever, astute, canny.
  • Antonym: naive, guileless
  • Sentence: Unfortunately the young chess player was no match for the wily man who had been playing the game for over thirty-five years.

LETHARGIC: निष्क्रिय

  • Meaning:deficient in alertness or activity
  • अर्थ: सतर्कता या गतिविधि में कमी
  • Synonyms:dull, passive
  • Antonyms:active, alert
  • Example:I was feeling tired and lethargic.

TREPIDATION (noun) : घबराहट

  • Meaning: a feeling of fear or anxiety about something that may happen.
  • अर्थ: किसी चीज़ को लेकर भय या चिंता की भावना।
  • Synonyms: fear, apprehension, dread, fearfulness.
  • Antonyms: contentment, bravery, happiness, delight.
  • Usage: As the earthquake bared down, I was overpowered with trepidation.

BAGATELLE (noun) : छोटी बात

  • Meaning: a thing regarded as too unimportant or easy to be worth much consideration.
  • अर्थ: एक चीज जिसे बहुत महत्वहीन या आसान माना जाता है।
  • Synonyms: trifle, frippery, picayune, gimcrack.
  • Antonyms: worth, gargantuan.
  • Usage: The question of who will pick up the coffee is a mere bagatelle in the overall planning of the conference.

CULLING (verb) : चुनाव करना

  • Meaning: select from a large quantity; obtain from a variety of sources.
  • अर्थ: बड़ी मात्रा से चयन करें; विभिन्न स्रोतों से प्राप्त करें।
  • Synonyms: elect, select, choose, pick.
  • Antonyms: reject, disapprove, repudiate, spurn.
  • Usage: In nine months, we as a group, tracked an unknown number of missing children, culling out two hundred and eleven Howie attempted to locate.

THROWAWAY (adjective) : फेंका हुआ

  • Meaning: Denoting or relating to products that are intended to be discarded after being used once or a few times.
  • अर्थ: एक बार या कुछ बार उपयोग किए जाने के बाद अस्वीकार किए जाने वाले उत्पादों से संबंधित या अस्वीकार करना।
  • Synonyms: casual, careless, offhand, ill-considered.
  • Antonyms: adopt, embrace, retain, conserve
  • Usage: She was very upset at what to him was just a throwaway remark.

PRUNE (verb) : काटना

  • Meaning: Trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to encourage growth.
  • अर्थ: विशेष रूप से विकास को प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए मृत या अतिवृद्धि शाखाओं या उपजी को काटकर ट्रिम (एक पेड़, या झाड़ी)।
  • Synonyms: reduce, cut/trim, decrease.
  • Antonyms: elongate, extend, lengthen.
  • Usage: Ideally, you should start pruning your tree to limit its size before it reaches full size.

STODGY (adjective) : घिसा पिटा

  • Meaning: Dull and uninspired; lacking originality or excitement
  • अर्थ: सुस्त और उदासीन; मौलिकता या उत्तेजना की कमी
  • Synonyms: uninteresting, dreary, uninspired, monotonous.
  • Antonyms: exciting, creative, breathtaking, enthralling.
  • Usage: Most of my students used informal, asymmetrical balance, as formal balance can seem stodgy and dull.

 SKIRMISH (noun) : झड़प

  • Meaning: an episode of irregular or unpremeditated fighting, especially between small        or outlying parts of armies or fleets.
  • अर्थ: अनियमित या अनियोजित लड़ाई का एक प्रकरण, विशेष रूप से सेनाओं या बेड़े के छोटे या बाहरी हिस्सों के बीच।
  • Synonyms: Battle, fight, Clash.
  • Antonyms: Peace, Calm, Harmony.
  • Usage: Right before the game’s results were announced, the fans got into a skirmish over whose team was the greatest.

RHETORICAL : आलंकारिक

  • Meaning:relating to using language effectively
  • अर्थ: प्रभावी रूप से भाषा का उपयोग करने से संबंधित है
  • Synonyms:articulate, vocal
  • Antonyms:concise
  • Example:In the end, we have only neutered rhetorical forms to stand as theories, and random design novelties to stand as practice.

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