The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 11 December 2020 (Improve Your Vocabulary)

 The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 11 December 2020
The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 11 December 2020

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 11 December 2020 (Improve Your Vocabulary)

Dilemma(noun) : दुविधा
Meaning: a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially ones that are equally undesirable.
अर्थ: एक ऐसी स्थिति जिसमें दो या दो से अधिक विकल्पों के बीच एक कठिन चुनाव करना पड़ता है, विशेष रूप से वे जो समान रूप से अवांछनीय हैं।
Synonym: quandary, predicament
Antonym: benefit, a boon
Usage: Prodding Martha to talk out her dilemma helped

Droves(noun) : रेवड़
Meaning: a herd or flock of animals being driven in a body.
अर्थ: एक शरीर में जानवरों के झुंड या झुंड को खदेड़ा जा रहा है।

Synonym: herd, flock, pack, fold
Antonym: trickle
Usage: He drove to their house in some agitation.

Sanguine (Adjective) : आशावादी
Meaning: optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.
अर्थ: आशावादी या सकारात्मक, विशेष रूप से एक बुरी या कठिन स्थिति में।
Synonyms: optimistic, bullish, hopeful, buoyant, positive
Antonyms: pessimistic, gloomy
Usage: They are less sanguine about the company’s long-term prospects.

DISCERN (verb) : पहचानना
Meaning: recognize or find out.
अर्थ: पहचान या पता लगाना।
Synonyms: perceive, learn, verify, deduce.
Antonyms: disregard, ignore, neglect, overlook.
Usage: From the annals of Indian history, it can be discerned that the role of women in the society is no less than men.

FACET (noun) : पहलू
Meaning: a particular aspect or feature of something.
अर्थ: किसी वस्तु का कोई विशेष पहलू या विशेषता।
Synonyms: feature, factor, dimension, characteristic.
Antonyms: drivel, rear, fence, generality.
Usage: All the facets of the business environment were deliberated, to shed new light on the working of corporates.

MACHINATIONS (noun) : साजिश
Meaning: crafty schemes; plots; intrigues.
अर्थ: चालाक योजनाओं; भूखंडों; साज़िश।
Synonyms: conspiracy, intrigue, ploy, ruse, stratagem
Antonyms: frankness, honesty, ignorance
Usage: The con artist’s victims quickly fell for his easy money machination.

Blatant (Adjective) : ज़बरदस्त
Meaning: (of bad behavior) done openly and unashamedly.
अर्थ: (बुरे व्यवहार का) खुलकर और निर्दयता से किया।

Synonym: flagrant, glaring
Antonym: inconspicuous, subtle
Usage: The blatant defiance was so sweetly uttered, he didn’t know how to respond.

Genocide (Noun) : नरसंहार
Meaning: the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group
अर्थ: लोगों के एक बड़े समूह की जानबूझकर हत्या, विशेष रूप से एक विशेष राष्ट्र या जातीय समूह के लोग
Synonym: racial killing, massacre
Antonym: Peace, toleration

Glossary (Noun) : शब्दकोष
Meaning: an alphabetical list of words relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations; a brief dictionary.
अर्थ: स्पष्टीकरण के साथ एक विशिष्ट विषय, पाठ या बोली से संबंधित शब्दों की एक वर्णमाला सूची; एक संक्षिप्त शब्दकोश।
Synonym: Dictionary, vocabulary
Antonym: Roughness
Usage: A small glossary of some of the more common component words is appended below.

protagonists(noun) : मुख्य पात्र
Meaning: the leading character or one of the major characters in a play, film, novel, etc.
अर्थ: किसी नाटक, फिल्म, उपन्यास आदि में प्रमुख चरित्र या प्रमुख पात्रों में से एक।
Synonym: supporter, upholder
Antonym: opponent
Usage: The most adamant opposition to my argument is likely to come from protagonists of secular reason.

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