The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 2 December 2020 (Improve Your Vocabulary)

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 2 December 2020 (Improve Your Vocabulary)

STODGY (adjective) :उबाऊ, घिसा पिटा 

  • Meaning: Dull and uninspired; lacking originality or excitement
  • अर्थ : सुस्त और उदासीन; मौलिकता या उत्साह की कमी     
  • Synonyms: uninteresting, dreary, uninspired, monotonous.
  • Antonyms: exciting, creative, breathtaking, enthralling.
  • Example: Most of my students used informal, asymmetrical balance, as formal balance can seem stodgy and dull.

TEDIOUS (adjective) : थकाऊ, अरोचक

  • Meaning: too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous.
  • अर्थ : बहुत लंबा, धीमा, या सुस्त; थकाऊ या नीरस।
  • Synonyms: dull, unexciting, unvaried, mundane
  • Antonyms: exciting, interesting
  • Example: The meeting was so long and tedious, he was ready to climb the wall.

COUP (noun) : अप्रत्याशित सफलता

  • Meaning: an instance of successfully achieving something difficult.
  • अर्थ : सफलतापूर्वक कुछ कठिन हासिल करने की एक मिसाल।
  • Synonyms: success, triumph, feat,
  • Antonyms: failure
  • Example: There have been seven coup attempts against the beleaguered government.

WREST (Verb) : मरोड़ना  

  • Meaning: forcibly pull (something) from a person’s grasp.
  • अर्थ : किसी व्यक्ति की मुट्ठी से कुछ जबरन खींचना।     
  • Synonyms: wrench, snatch, seize, grab
  • Antonyms: give
  • Example: Sita felt she had to wrest the weapon from the hostage-taker for the sake of her safety.

BRAZEN : निर्लज 

  • Meaning: obvious, without any attempt to be hidden
  • अर्थ : स्पष्ट, किसी भी प्रयास के बिना छिपाए जाने के लिए
  • Synonyms: blatant, bold
  • Antonyms: humble, meek
  • Example: In a brazen assault, the gang fired their weapons at the policeman.

OBSTREPEROUS (Adjective) : उपद्रवी

  • Meaning: difficult to deal with and noisy
  • अर्थ : शोरगुल करने वाला     
  • Synonyms: loud, blusterous
  • Antonyms: calm, silent
  • Example: Only a few highly publicized cases have been manipulated to give the impression of obstreperous owners.

Slammed (Verb) : आलोचना

  • Meaning: Shut or criticize forcefully or loudly.
  • अर्थ: चुपचाप या ज़ोर से या ज़ोर से आलोचना करना।
  • Synonyms: Smash, Slap, Criticize, Beat, Knock, Strike.
  • Antonyms: Praise, Aid, Assist, Open.
  • Sentence: The news channel slammed politicians role in India’s development.

ECHELON (noun) : श्रेणीबद्ध करना, सोपानक

  • Meaning: a level or rank in an organization, a profession, or society.
  • अर्थ: किसी संगठन, पेशे या समाज में एक स्तर या पद।
  • Synonyms: status, rank, grade, stratum.
  • Antonyms: slope, unemployment, unsettle.
  • Usage: The prominent college ranks among the top echelon of schools in the nation.

TACIT (adjective) : उपलक्षित

  • Meaning: understood or implied without being stated.
  • अर्थ: बिना बताए समझा या निहित।
  • Synonyms: implicit, inferred, insinuated, unspoken.
  • Antonyms: blatant, evident, manifest, explicit.
  • Usage: In my business, all that is needed for a tacit understanding is a handshake between men.

INTRANSIGENT (adjective) : सैद्धांतिक

  • Meaning: unwilling or refusing to change one’s views or to agree about something.
  • अर्थ: किसी के विचारों को बदलने या किसी बात पर सहमत होने से इनकार या इनकार करना।
  • Synonyms: uncompromising, resolute, inexorable, inveterate.
  • Antonyms: submissive, tractable, acquiescent, subservient.
  • Usage: John remained intransigent in restricting his gift to the rescue children.

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