The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 25 July 2020 ( Memorize with Pictures )

Learn The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 25 July 2020. Useful for Bank and SSC Exam The Hindu Editorial vocabulary Today

About The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary With Pictures

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary with Pictures is a New Initiative By Dream Big Institution. These New Initiatives Can We Very Helpful for the Candidates who are preparing for Bank, SSC, Insurance & Other Competitive Exam.

In This Article, You Will Get Daily Top 10 The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist With Hindi Meaning. Candidates can Improve There English Section Easily If They Memorize Vocabulary Daily from here.

So Candidates Boost Your Preparation & Start Memorizing The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary From Today.

Importance of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary for Competitive Exam

English Section Play an Important Role in Every Competitive Exam. If You Are Preparing for Competitive Exam Like Bank, SSC, LIC & Other the competition and the difficulty level are getting tighter. So you have to work hard in the English language section. Grammar and vocabulary are the base points in this section.

Aspirants Who Wish to Score Full marks in Reading Comprehension Have to Learn Vocabulary Very Thoroughly.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 25 July 2020 (Memorize with Pictures )

Coffee Cup, Coffee, Cup, Coffee Beans

1) Fillip (Noun) – उत्तेजना

Meaning: something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.

Synonyms: stimulus, stimulation

Antonyms: curb

Usage: “the halving of car tax would provide a fillip to sales”

Woman in Red T-shirt Looking at Her Laptop

2) Becalmed (Verb) – फंसे हुए असहाय

Meaning: leave (a sailing ship) unable to move through lack of wind.

Synonyms: stranded, stuck, marooned

Antonyms: active, mobile, moving

Usage: “both boats hung on before the whole fleet was becalmed south of Rampholme”

Money, Coin, Investment, Business

3) Tumbled (Verb) – राशि या मूल्य में तेजी से गिरावट

Meaning: fall rapidly in amount or value.

Synonyms: plummet, plunge, dive

Antonyms: rise, soar

Usage: “property prices tumbled”

Action, Adult, Checkered Shirt, Falling

4) Slump (Verb) – भारी और सीमित रूप से गिरना

Meaning: sit, lean, or fall heavily and limply.

Synonyms: flop, flump, collapse

Antonyms: stand up, sit up

Usage: “she slumped against the cushions”

Road Sign, Town Sign, Training, Skills

5) Tinkered (Verb) – सुधार करने का प्रयास।

Meaning: attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way.

Synonyms: try to mend/improve, work amateurishly on

Antonyms: broke, brake

Usage: “he spent hours tinkering with the car”

Soldier Giving Red Fruit on 2 Children during Daytime

6) Benign (Adjective) – कोमल और दयालु

Meaning: gentle and kind.

Synonyms: kindly, kind, warm-hearted

Antonyms: unfriendly, hostile

Usage: “his benign but firm manner”

Chart, Analytics, Woman, Young, Startup

7) Accrued (Verb) – प्रोद्‍भूत होना 

Meaning: be received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time.

Synonyms: result, arise, follow

Antonyms: declined, dropped

Usage: “financial benefits will accrue from restructuring”

Adventure, Height, Climbing, Mountain

8) Ascent (Noun) – आरोहण

Meaning: a climb or walk to the summit of a mountain or hill.

Synonyms: climb, scaling, conquest

Antonyms: descent

Usage: “the first ascent of the Matterhorn”

Millpond, Cypress Swamp, Kayak

9) Quagmire (Noun) – दलदल

Meaning: a soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot.

Synonyms: swamp, morass, bog

Antonyms: advantage, agreement

Usage: “torrential rain turned the building site into a quagmire”

Summer, Sunset, Meadow, Nature

10) Acerbic (Adjective) – तेज, व्यंग्यात्मक 

Meaning: sharp and forthright.

Synonyms: sharp, sarcastic, sardonic

Antonyms: mild, kind

Usage: “his acerbic wit”

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