The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 26 February 2021 (Improve Your Vocabulary)

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 26 February 2021
The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 26 February 2021

The Hindu Editorial VOCAB 26 February 2021 (Improve Your Vocabulary)

CAPACIOUS (adjective) : विशाल
Meaning: having a lot of space inside, roomy.अर्थ: अंदर बहुत जगह है, विशाल। Synonyms: roomy, commodious, spacious, ample.
Antonyms: limited, restricted, narrow, exclusive.
Usage: The Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium is very capacious.

BENIGN (adjective) : सौम्य
Meaning: gentle and kind.अर्थ: कोमल और दयालु।

Synonyms: kind, warm-hearted, good-natured, friendly.
Antonyms: cruel, unkind, ungenial, malignant.
Usage: I always fell God’s benign presence.

ANNIHILATE (verb) : संहार करना
Meaning: to destroy something completely so that nothing is left.अर्थ: किसी चीज़ को पूरी तरह से नष्ट करने के लिए ताकि कुछ भी न बचा हो।
Synonyms: destroy, wipe out, obliterate, eliminate.
Antonyms: construct, create, guard, promote.
Usage: The massive earthquake annihilated many towns and villages.

ALACRITY (noun) : तत्परता
Meaning: brisk and cheerful readiness.अर्थ: तेज और हंसमुख तत्परता।
Synonyms: eagerness, willingness, readiness; enthusiasm.

Antonyms: apathy, dullness, lethargy, hesitation.
Usage: He solved the puzzles with alacrity and in no time.

FITFUL (adjective) : चंचल
Meaning: often stopping and starting and not happening in a regular or continuous way.
अर्थ: अक्सर रोकना और शुरू करना और नियमित या निरंतर तरीके से नहीं होना।Synonyms: sporadic, spasmodic, broken, disturbed.
Antonyms: constant, equable, regular, even.
Usage: There was much noise and so I had a fitful sleep.

Rambunctious (adjective) : हुल्लड़बाज़
Meaning: uncontrolled in a way that is playful or full of energyअर्थ:
 एक तरह से अनियंत्रित जो चंचल या ऊर्जा से भरा है
Synonym: hell-raising, knockabout, boisterous, unruly.
Antonym: noiseless, peaceful, placid, quiet.
Usage: Our new puppy turned out to be more rambunctious than we bargained for.

Opulent (adjective) : धनी
Meaning: ostentatiously costly and luxurious.अर्थ: आडंबरपूर्वक महंगा और विलासी।
Synonym: luxurious, sumptuous, palatial, lavish.
Antonym: penniless, poor, impoverished, penurious.
Usage: The couple spent over eighty thousand dollars on opulent kitchen appliances.

Amicable (adjective) : मैत्रीपूर्ण
Meaning: Friendlyअर्थ: मित्रवत
Synonym: Cordial, Harmonious, amiable, polite.
Antonym: impolite, uncivil, rude, unfriendly.
Usage: Most customer service agents are amicable people who are good at settling disagreements.

Lackadaisical (adjective) : नाजुक
Meaning: lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.अर्थ: उत्साह और दृढ़ संकल्प की कमी; लापरवाही से आलसी।
Synonym: unenthusiastic, half-hearted, uninterested, lukewarm.
Antonym: enthusiastic, excited, energetic, active
Usage: Mary is so lackadaisical she will not get out of bed most mornings.

Banter (noun) : मज़ाक
Meaning: the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.अर्थ: चिढ़ाने वाली टिप्पणियों का चंचल और मैत्रीपूर्ण आदान-प्रदान।
Synonym: wisecracks, crosstalk, wordplay, ribbing.
Antonym: flattery, praise, work
Usage: If the banter between the award presenters is not exciting, no one will watch the show.

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