The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 28 July 2020 ( Memorize with Pictures )

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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary with Pictures is a New Initiative By Dream Big Institution. These New Initiatives Can We Very Helpful for the Candidates who are preparing for Bank, SSC, Insurance & Other Competitive Exam.

In This Article, You Will Get Daily Top 10 The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist With Hindi Meaning. Candidates can Improve There English Section Easily If They Memorize Vocabulary Daily from here.

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Importance of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary for Competitive Exam

English Section Play an Important Role in Every Competitive Exam. If You Are Preparing for Competitive Exam Like Bank, SSC, LIC & Other the competition and the difficulty level are getting tighter. So you have to work hard in the English language section. Grammar and vocabulary are the base points in this section.

Aspirants Who Wish to Score Full marks in Reading Comprehension Have to Learn Vocabulary Very Thoroughly.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 28 July 2020 (Memorize with Pictures )

Redo, Restart, Retry, Arrows, Green

1) Resumption (Noun) – पुनरारंभ

Meaning: the action of beginning something again after a pause or interruption.

Synonyms: restart, restarting, recommencement

Antonyms: suspension, abandonment

Usage: “with peace came the resumption of foreign imports”

Write, Plan, Desk, Notes, Pen, Writing

2) Diligence (Noun) – लगन

Meaning: careful and persistent work or effort.

Synonyms: conscientiousness, assiduousness, assiduity

Antonyms: laziness, carelessness

Usage: “few party members challenge his diligence as an MP”

Hourglass, Time, Hours, Clock, Egg Timer

3) Mitigating (Verb) – न्यूनीकरण करना

Meaning: make (something bad) less severe, serious, or painful.

Synonyms: alleviate, reduce, diminish

Antonyms: aggravate, increase, intensify

Usage: “drainage schemes have helped to mitigate this problem”

Cyber Security, Internet Security

4) Vulnerable (Adjective) – भेद्य

Meaning: exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

Synonyms: in danger, in peril, in jeopardy

Antonyms: well protected, invulnerable, resilient

Usage: “we were in a vulnerable position”

Sale, Reduction, Discount, Business

5) Curtailment (Noun) – कटौती

Meaning: the action or fact of reducing or restricting something.

Synonyms: reduction, cut, cutback

Antonyms: increase, expansion

Usage: “the curtailment of human rights”

Model, Little Girl, Child, Portrait

6) Modest (Adjective) – विनयपूर्ण

Meaning: unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities or achievements.

Synonyms: self-effacing, self-deprecating

Antonyms: boastful, conceited

Usage: “he was a very modest man, refusing to take any credit for the enterprise”

Meditation, Spiritual, Yoga, Meditating

7) Ethos (Noun) – लोकाचार

Meaning: the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

Synonyms: spirit, character, atmosphere

Antonyms: abstract, exterior

Usage: “a challenge to the ethos of the 1960s”

Checkmate, Chess, Resignation, Conflict

8) Engulfed (Verb) – घिरा हुआ

Meaning: sweep over (something) so as to surround or cover it completely.

Synonyms: inundate, flood, deluge

Antonyms: unflooded, uninundated

Usage: “the cafe was engulfed in flames”

Cartoon Character, Idea, Scammer, Fraud

9) Thugs (Noun) – ठग या गुण्डा

Meaning: a violent person, especially a criminal.

Synonyms: ruffian, hoodlum, bully boy

Antonyms: law, police

Usage: “he was attacked by a gang of thugs”

Thanos, Guante, Comic, Comics, Gauntlet

10) Inevitable (Adjective) – अवश्यंभावी

Meaning: certain to happen; unavoidable.

Synonyms: unavoidable, inescapable

Antonyms: avoidable, uncertain

Usage: “war was inevitable”

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