The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 3 April 2020 For All Competitive Exam

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 3 April 2020 For All Competitive Exam

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 3 April 2020 For Bank SSC Insurance & Other Exams

Important of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: In this competitive, ‘Vocabulary’ assumes an essential job in each test. A few banking and Government tests are round the corner like IBPS PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level tests, Other Exams and so forth. gives you 10 new words From The Hindu Editorial on the regular schedule which will profit you in up and coming assessments.

The Hindu Editorial vocabulary incorporates the word with the significance, equivalent words, antonyms alongside the model given in “THE HINDU” Editorial pages. As we as a whole Know in English area the vocabulary originates from THE HINDU Newspapers in the most bank and aggressive tests and it is extremely fundamental to peruse and recollections vocab from The Hindu Vocab day by day. You can test your vocabulary and assess yourself as to your separate tests. gives you The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary on a regular schedule to upgrade vocab power and causes you in your readiness for Govt work. You can likewise download Pdf of Hindu Vocab so you can clear your questions before a test.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 3 April 2020

1.CADGE (VERB): to beg

Synonyms: scrounge, sponge
Antonyms: donate, give

Example Sentence:
She asked me to cadge help in the hour of need.

2. BEHEST (NOUN): order

Synonyms: instruction, command
Antonyms: reply, answer

Example Sentence:
The behest of our boss has to be followed by all.

3. AUSTERITY (NOUN): severity

Synonyms: acerbity, gravity
Antonyms: calmness, mildness

Example Sentence:
The austerity of the parties is well renowned.

4. WREST (VERB): take violently

Synonyms: extract, wring
Antonyms: bestow, give

Example Sentence:
During the election, every party tries to wrest the initiative from opposite parties by hook or crook.

5. CONVOKE (VERB): to cause to assemble in a meeting

Synonyms: gather, muster
Antonyms: scatter, disperse

Example Sentence:
The committee was assured that they intended to convoke the electors.

6. EXHORT (VERB): encourage to do something

Synonyms: admonish, persuade
Antonyms: dissuade, discourage

Example Sentence:
They always exhorted me to use that laptop.

7. GAINSAY (VERB): contravene

Synonyms: disagree, disprove
Antonyms: accept, concur

Example Sentence:
It cannot be gainsaid that most people wish that they had more time and money.

8. ABRADE (VERB): scrape

Synonyms: itch, efface
Antonyms: imprint, implant

Example Sentence:
The rough rock had abraded her skin.

9. ACUMEN (NOUN): ability to understand

Synonyms: wisdom, ingenuity
Antonyms: ineptness, obtuseness

Example Sentence:
Jeff’s business acumen, along with his computer skills, made him an asset to the software company.


Synonyms: optimistic, buoyant
Antonyms: despairing, pessimistic

Example Sentence:
Although unemployment is rising, economists still have a sanguine view of the next decade.


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