The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary For All Competitive Exam 3 March 2020


The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary for Bank SSC Insurance & Other Exams
The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary for Bank SSC Insurance & Other Exams

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary for Bank SSC Insurance & Other Exams

Important of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: In this competitive, ‘Vocabulary’ assumes an essential job in each test. A few banking and Government tests are round the corner like IBPS PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level tests, Other Exams and so forth. gives you 10 new words From The Hindu Editorial on the regular schedule which will profit you in up and coming assessments.

The Hindu Editorial vocabulary incorporates the word with the significance, equivalent words, antonyms alongside the model given in “THE HINDU” Editorial pages. As we as a whole Know in English area the vocabulary originates from THE HINDU Newspapers in the most bank and aggressive tests and it is extremely fundamental to peruse and recollections vocab from The Hindu Vocab day by day. You can test your vocabulary and assess yourself as to your separate tests. gives you The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary on a regular schedule to upgrade vocab power and causes you in your readiness for Govt work. You can likewise download Pdf of Hindu Vocab so you can clear your questions before a test.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist

1. INVECTIVE (NOUN): verbal abuse:(निंदा करना)

Synonyms: denunciation, tirade
Antonyms: exculpation, exoneration

Example Sentence:
The invective he faced for his actions were of no effect.

2. SERENE (ADJECTIVE): calm:(शांत)

Synonyms: laid-back, placid
Antonyms: clamorous, turbulent

Example Sentence:
Afghan refugees have never been given space in India nor should Baloch political dissident.

3. ABSOLVE (VERB): To forgive; to free from guilt:(मुक्त करना)

Synonyms: exculpate, pardon
Antonyms: accuse, blame

Example Sentence:
Marta felt greatly relieved after her mother absolved her for breaking the vase.

4. BUFFOONERY (NOUN): Foolish behavior:(मसखरापन)

Synonyms: jocularity, clowning
Antonyms: tragedy, seriousness

Example Sentence:
Clarence, an irrepressible comic, was held after class for his buffoonery.

5. GARISH (ADJECTIVE): offensively bright:(भड़कीला)

Synonyms: gaudy, loud
Antonyms: plain, simple

Example Sentence:
The garish wallpaper offended Jerome, who preferred subtle colors.

6. BALK (VERB): hesitate:(टाल जाना)

Synonyms: resist, shirk
Antonyms: accept, face

Example Sentence:
He balked at such a drastic solution.

7. CASTIGATE (VERB): berate:(दुर्वचन कहना)

Synonyms: chastise, criticize
Antonyms: praise, laud

Example Sentence:
She was castigated by the teacher.

8. SURGE (NOUN): growth:(बढ़त)

Synonyms: deluge, upsurge
Antonyms: decline, decrease

Example Sentence:
A sudden surge can be seen in the dollar in the stock exchange today.

9.PORTLINESS (NOUN): overweight:(मोटापन)

Synonyms: adiposity, corpulence
Antonyms: slimness, thinness

Example Sentence:
They adopt surgical procedures for portliness.

10. REVELRY (NOUN): merrymaking:(आनंदोत्सव)

Synonyms: debauchery, carousal
Antonyms: sadness, mourning

Example Sentence:
Siddhartha is involved in revelry these days.

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