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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist

Avoidable boat tragedy: on Godavari boat capsize

There is a familiar ring to boat tragedies in Andhra Pradesh. Unsuspecting tourists, mostly from cities, craving to capture a bewitching river view and meeting with a watery grave. The government of the day announces a hefty ex-gratia, promises deterrent action against all those responsible and initiates steps to prevent such tragedies. But the wheel is not broken, and very soon another tragedy strikes. The latest boat tragedy on the Godavari in which eight tourists drowned and 37 are still missing, is no different. The private operator took on board over 70 tourists who were hoping to see the scenic beauty of Papikondalu, without any permission and ventured into the river that has been in spate for days now. Apparently the inexperienced crew could not cope with a sudden current of water at Kachuluru, one of the most dangerous spots enroute. The boat tilted and capsized within minutes and only those wearing life jackets could save themselves. Among the reports that came from the accident spot, there was one that suggested that some tourists removed their jackets as it was sultry, some wanted to have lunch and some more thought it would come in the way of taking selfies. Only a thorough investigation will bring out all the facts.

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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary and Analysis 17 September 2019

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Police records show over 100 people perishing in boat mishaps during the last three years, the major one being on the Krishna in November 2017 when 22 tourists lost their lives. And all of these tragedies were avoidable if simple precautions were in place — having only experienced crew with valid licences, provision of life jackets for all and not setting out when the river is in full flow. Were any lessons learnt from these recurring mishaps? The accident on the Krishna jolted the N. Chandrababu Naidu government into action and a committee was formed to formulate preventive steps. The committee highlighted the multiplicity of the departments concerned — ranging from irrigation to director of ports — with permitting rides and monitoring and checking illegal ones. It pointed to lack of coordination. For instance, when the river touches the danger mark, the irrigation department should send out a warning to all concerned not to allow any rides. Without a single regulatory body, the result was this typical bureaucratic phenomenon of passing the buck. The committee suggested making the directorate of ports as a nodal agency and the AP Inland Vessel Rules were brought into effect. Nobody knows what happened to these rules and other decisions. To prevent such man-made tragedies, the government must pin responsibility on officials instead of resorting to mere palliative steps

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist

1) TRAGEDIES (Noun)  = catastrophes, ( त्रासदियों )
Synonyms = tragedy, miseries
Antonyms = humor,advantages

2) DETERRENT (Noun)  = impediment, ( डराकर रोकने वाला )
Synonyms = hindrance, disincentive
Antonyms = encouragement, incentive

3) APPARENTLY (Adv)  =  ऊपरी तौर से/आभास से
Synonyms = evidently, obviously
Antonyms = actually, aimlessly

4) PERISHING  (Verb) = expiring, ( बेकार  )
Synonyms = passing, scary
Antonyms = appearing, existing

5) DIRECTORATE  (Noun) = management, ( निदेशालय )
Synonyms = direction, executive
Antonyms = employee, employees

6) PALLIATIVE  (Adj) = lenitive, ( प्रशामक उपचार )
Synonyms =  sedative, mitigative
Antonyms = painful, dreadful


The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary and Analysis 17 September 2019


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