The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary For All Competitive Exam 25 January 2020


The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary for Bank SSC Insurance & Other Exams

Important of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: In this competitive, ‘Vocabulary’ assumes an essential job in each test. A few banking and Government tests are round the corner like IBPS PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level tests, Other Exams and so forth. gives you 10 new words From The Hindu Editorial on the regular schedule which will profit you in up and coming assessments.

The Hindu Editorial vocabulary incorporates the word with the significance, equivalent words, antonyms alongside the model given in “THE HINDU” Editorial pages. As we as a whole Know in English area the vocabulary originates from THE HINDU Newspapers in the most bank and aggressive tests and it is extremely fundamental to peruse and recollections vocab from The Hindu Vocab day by day. You can test your vocabulary and assess yourself as to your separate tests. gives you The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary on a regular schedule to upgrade vocab power and causes you in your readiness for Govt work. You can likewise download Pdf of Hindu Vocab so you can clear your questions before a test.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist

1. PERCH (VERB/NOUN): (बसेरा) to sit on near the edge of something.

Synonyms: branch, lounge
Antonyms: whole

Example Sentence:
The budgerigar shuffled along with its perch.

2.BATON (NOUN/VERB): (छड़ी) stick passed from one runner to another

Synonyms: stick, rod
Antonyms: spread, divide

Example Sentence:
Most political parties pass the baton from one generation to another.

3.COHESION (NOUN): (एकजुटता) the action or fact of forming a united whole.

Synonyms: adherence, attachment
Antonyms: animosity, hatred

Example Sentence:
The lack of cohesion within the party lost them votes in the election.

4. SPHERE (NOUN): (क्षेत्र) an object shaped like a ball, subject or area of knowledge.

Synonyms: round, circle
Antonyms: straight

Example Sentence:
This changes the shape of the cornea from a spoon like a form to a sphere.

5. BRETHREN (NOUN): (भ्राता) connected with profession, not blood.

Synonyms: relative, kin
Antonyms: sister

Example Sentence:
We are brethren of the same profession.

6. FIDDLE (VERB/NOUN): (सारंगी) act dishonestly to get something, move or touch things.

Synonyms: fidget, interfere
Antonyms: alone, reserve

Example Sentence:
Put your papers down and stop fiddling with them.

7. ANONYMOUS (ADJECTIVE): (गुमनाम) not identified by name, incognito

Synonyms: unknown, nameless
Antonyms: named, identified

Example Sentence:
The money was denoted by an anonymous benefactor.

8. INTRIGUING (ADJ+): (पेचीदा) arousing one’s curiosity, fascinating

Synonyms: absorbing, engross
Antonyms: bore, bother

Example Sentence:
She has a very intriguing personality.

9. ELUSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (मायावी) difficult to find, catch, or achieve

Synonyms: evasive, slippery
Antonyms: definite, stable

Example Sentence:
The elusive thought he had had moments before.

10. PAN (VERB): (कटु वचन बोलना ) criticize severely.

Synonyms: criticize, pummel
Antonyms: praise, applaud

Example Sentence:
The movie was panned by the critics.

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