The Hindu Editorial (Count on democracy) 20 May 2019


The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary

The Hindu Editorial With Vocabulary (Count on democracy) 20 May 2019

Count on democracy

With the seventh phase of polling for the 17th general election over, the anxious wait is now for counting day. The election dates were announced on March 10, and the first phase of polling took place on April 11. The entire process will take 11 weeks to complete; polling itself was spread over six weeks. The consolidated turnout till the sixth phase was 67.37%, as against 66.4% in 2014, and there were 8,049 candidates. The compulsions on the Election Commission of India to stretch the exercise into a painfully long-drawn process are unclear. Given the absence of a rationale for such a prolonged schedule, doubts were raised whether it was designed to help Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaign in the widest possible manner.

That was the first instance of the EC’s impartiality and integrity coming under doubt during this election season, but not the last. A series of lapses that followed accumulated into a crisis of credibility for the commission. By being reluctant to hold Mr. Modi to standards set in the past, the EC has bruised its reputation. The process of decision-making in the three-member commission itself was called into question, with one member notifying the others that he would not participate in meetings on complaints regarding violations of the Model Code of Conduct unless his dissent, when made, is recorded in the final order. The wisdom of holding elections over stretched phases needs to be revisited in light of this year’s experience and feedback from stakeholders. And restoring its reputation and integrity must be the commission’s immediate priority.

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The Hindu Editorial (Count on democracy) 20 May 2019

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Some self-reflection is called for as the country concludes a bitterly fought election during which boundaries of civil public debate have been crossed and norms breached. What makes 2019 unprecedented is not that inappropriate words were used and misinformation spread, but the fact that India witnessed an increasing tendency to normalize these. In the 2019 campaign, the leaders of the government preempted a fact-based debate on its performance of five years by blocking or contaminating official data on job generation and other parameters and successfully pushed electioneering into a fact-free zone filled with emotive and divisive issues.

This was a double whammy for democracy. On the one hand, informed discussions have become difficult, and on the other, social tensions have risen. The outcome on Thursday remains suspense, but the incoming Prime Minister, whoever that will be, must take the initiative to rally all Indians around a truly inclusive and secular national agenda as soon he or she takes over.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist

1) ANXIOUS (Adj) = Nervous, ( उत्सुक )
Synonyms = worried, uneasy
Antonyms = calm, carefree

2) CONSOLIDATED (Verb) = amalgamated, ( समेकित )
Synonyms =  combined, merged
Antonyms = divided, decreased

3) ACCUMULATED (Verb) = Amassed, ( जमा  )
Synonyms = collected, gathered.
Antonyms = decreased, dispersed

4) INTEGRITY (Noun) = honesty, ( अखंडता )
Synonyms = uprightness, morality.
Antonyms = dishonesty, corruption

5) PREEMPT  (Verb) = commandeer, ( रोकना  )
Synonyms = arrogate, seize.
Antonyms = forfeit, give

6) DIVISIVE (Adj) = factious, ( विभाजक  )
Synonyms = factious , dissentious.
Antonyms = accordant.

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